Emergency Inflatable Toast

There is nothing quite like a couple of slices of toast and a piping hot cup of coffee to begin your day with at breakfast, and this is where the $5.99 Emergency Inflatable Toast is bound to frustrate your hungry husband or boyfriend right before he dashes off to work. Thing is, it looks like […]


Forever Alone Statuette

Do you find yourself to be rather different from the rest of the population, in a sense that no one really wants to have lunch with you at work for no apparent reason, and folks give you the cold shoulder when you invite them out for a drink after work? I guess you would be […]


Kebo – The One-Handed Bottle Opener

So you love having a tipple or two before you head home, in particular after a hard day at the office and there is a very strong need to unwind. Well, what do you do then? Other than getting Jim, the friendly neighborhood bartender to keep on opening those bottles for you as you down […]


Katana Bookends are as cutting edge as they come

Reading a whole lot of books would help keep your mind sharp – razor sharp, and this would happen only if you read the right kind of books, of course. I mean, Bruce Wayne did not have the kind of knowledge to be Batman if all day long he read Archie and Superman comics. Well, […]


Douchebag Alert Button

Now here is a gadget that will definitely not sit down well with some folks, especially those who are more sensitive in their emotions, that they would much rather prefer to be hit by sticks and stones so that their bones will break instead of being called names. “Douchebag” is one of those insults that […]


Lipstick Hip Flask

It is not every day that you get to see a hip flask which offers something out of the ordinary in terms of design. In fact, most men who love to have a tipple or two on the go would find this particular hip flask design to be a straight and narrow path to severing […]


Eraser Hats

You know what they say about folks with real guts – they use pens, and not pencils, to write things down. After all, ink is far more permanent than lead, and it is not easily removed, unless you Tipp Ex it or something. Those ink-erasing rubbers? Those do not work, and more often than not, […]


Pluck – Sunny Side Out

For all intents and purposes, the $13.99 Pluck – Sunny Side Out that you see here is a very practical and useful tool to have around the home. Thing is, it would have made its way to our sister site, Coolest Gadgets, if not for one major flaw – not in its design, but rather, […]


Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin

They say that history is written by the conquerors instead of the conquered, and the church certainly has a chequered past especially when you take the Crusades and Inquisition into consideration. Well, why not take a look back in time and laugh at it? Thinkgeek has gone one step further though, by intending to profit […]


Mat the Moustache

If you have always wanted to grow a moustache but never really managed to get around doing so (or lack the necessary genes to do so due to your lineage of ancestors who have skin that simply refuses to grow any facial hair for some strange reason), then perhaps it is time to purchase a […]


Big Head Squirrel Feeder

So, there is a squirrel – or at least, a family of squirrels in the vicinity of your yard, that they tend to come into your kitchen and forage for food. Thing is, you have no heart to shoo all of them away, which is why here is an option for the soft hearted with […]


Switchblade Bottle Opener

So you think that you are pretty cool with a switchblade in hand back when you were a kid? Guns are far more deadly and effective, but regardless of either weapon’s effectiveness, I would surely loathe to see either appear in schools and other public places as they are definitely a menace to society, and […]


Ear Buddies Ear Buds

Owning a pair of in-ear headphones should not come across as a surprise or a luxury in this day and age, especially with the number of devices we have which are more than capable of decent audio playback. Here is taking a second look at the world of in-ear headphones, where you can now wear […]


Bullet Train digital thermometer

Only in Japan do you get the quirky and practical crammed into a single device, and this time around, we have the pleasure of the Bullet Train digital thermometer which evokes the look of Japan’s iconic Shinkansen high-speed trains right up in front, while at the opposite end lies a soft and flexible implement that […]


Eyelash Jewelry looks outrageous

There is a very good reason why we are called Foolish Gadgets over here, simply because there are some “WTF?!” moments in life that we want to share with the world concerning the kind of devices or gizmos that are made available to the masses. One can only think of the conditions where a particular […]


Giant Liquid Cover Up with a Recordable Message

You know something? Life is too short to hold grudges, and if you are going to live with bitterness and unforgiveness in your heart, it is going to take a toll on you sooner or later. If you are the party who has wronged someone, seek for forgiveness. It is understandable that sometimes, it is […]


Potty Shooter keeps the male in your home occupied

Whoever said that men are unable to multi-task? This is where the £7.95 Potty Shooter comes in handy, and as the name suggests, would be useful to keep that neanderthal of yours occupied while he attempts to lay a log or two after the healthy salad that he had the night before. Basically, the Potty […]


Sandals For Your Thumbs

Say it isn’t so! You are not a hobbit, and neither do you walk around on your thumbs. So what the heck is the rationale behind the $3.99 Sandals For Your Thumbs? The simple and direct answer would be this – none, none at all! I suppose that is why the Sandals For Your Thumbs […]


Prank Toilet Squirter

Ah, just when you need to really go and relieve yourself, there is nothing quite like a nice and clean toilet to do so. Which is why I tend to avoid public restrooms as much as possible, unless there is no way I can hold my churning stomach any more than I am able to. […]


Blokz Party Candles

Come on now, even if you are one of the most anti-social folks at the office, surely you do celebrate birthdays with your closest mates or family, and if they happen to be huge fans of LEGO bricks or are pyromaniacs at heart who want to set things on fire all the time, then the […]


Pizza Peddler Rolling Cutter

I had pizza for dinner yesterday with the missus over at Pizza Hut, and the pizza came ready and cut, waiting for our hungry mouths to devour it. Well, if you were to bake a pizza by yourself, it makes perfect sense that you will need to cut it, too. Why not adds some foolish […]


Hard Drive iPhone Case

I am quite sure that you have seen your fair share of cases for the iPhone, and since the device is already at iPhone 5, will there still be new iPhone cases announced for the older generation of iPhones? Surely, as case in point (pun not intended), there is the $12.99 Hard Drive iPhone Case […]


Futurama Knit Hats

Do you love all things that have to do with Futurama? Since we are not quite out of the winter season just yet, although we are at the tail end of things, you might want to consider some knit hats to help keep your precious noggin’ nice and warm when the mercury drops drastically all […]


Hobbit Feet Socks

A hobbit can go about unseen if he chooses to, or at least this is what Gandalf mentioned recently on the silver screen. However, in the presence of creatures and life forms that do have a keen sense of smell, being unseen is not going to do them any good, will it? Still, if you […]

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