Googly Eyes Push Pins

There is just something about the cartoony looking googly eyes that we have all come to know and love, where these are sure to elicit a feeling of “How cute!” whenever we see it. Well, you might want to bring a smile to the faces of your clients and co-workers alike with the $5.99 Googly […]


Fist Bump Explosion Sound Effect Ring

When guys get together, they start to think of different ways to “communicate”, and sometimes, a verbal response lacks the kind of “Oomph!”, which is why physical gestures tend to resonate more with guys. The $8.99 Fist Bump Explosion Sound Effect Ring is a prime example to up your fist bump ante in the future. […]


Thumb Tacks take things literally

You know, it took a creative mind to come up with the $8.95 Thumb Tacks, which so happens to comprise of a set of 5. Of course, forking out that kind of money for just 5 thumb tacks might not make much sense, at least not until you take a closer look at them and […]


Chocolate Ammo DIY Kit

I know that war is something serious which should not be trifled with, but this does not mean we cannot perform an act that symbolizes the end of war, as one “eats” bullets from a rifle? This is what the $14.99 Chocolate Ammo DIY Kit is all about, as you will be able to make […]


Plush Peeps Gift Set

All right, I will be among the first to admit that I do not quite get what the $9.99 Plush Peeps Gift Set is all about. Perhaps it is time that my age has started to show, when I start to lose touch with what the younger generation talk about, listen to, and watch. Well, […]


Doodle Placemats

Now, if you are not the kind of person to do a whole lot of talking over at the dinner table, then you might want to find a different way to keep your guests occupied while they eat, or if they are waiting for their next meal. Assuming you have invited over a bunch of […]


Hunny Bunny Honey Jar

Bears love honey, after all, that is where we get the classic Winnie the Pooh caricatures, no? Well, it seems that bears are not the only creatures around with a sweet tooth, as bunnies, too, seem to have substituted their love of carrots for honey. Case in point, this $11.99 Hunny Bunny Honey Jar, which […]


Doodle Tablecloth

For those of you who love this thing known as the traditional English Afternoon Tea, there is no better (and proper, of course) place to have it than at the drawing room. Thing is, you might want to take things a little bit more literal with the Doodle Tablecloth, as it will allow those with […]


Rainbow Dash Earbuds

Having a normal pair of headphones is nothing new, and definitely nothing to shout about, either. Thing is, if you want to bling items up, you might as well go all the way. The $17.99 Rainbow Dash Earbuds does make plenty of sense, actually, where this is an officially licensed collectible from My Little Pony: […]


Star Wars Deluxe Silicone Mold

Are you a huge fan of the sci-fi franchise Star Wars? If you have answered in the affirmative, and would like nothing better than to go big with all the collectibles associated with Star Wars, then you might be interested to check out the $15.99 Star Wars Deluxe Silicone Mold. Yes sir, bigger is better […]


I’m a Douche Prank Coffee Mug

How is your relationship with the rest of your colleagues? Are things running in a hunky dory manner, and you do not have to worry about office politics? If you feel that is the case, then good for you, but for many of us, there is a power struggle at the office, and sometimes, you […]


Balloon Warriors

I am quite sure that many of us have seen our fair share of war themed movies in the past, and sometimes, the director has made the movie so inspiring that we do want to just participate in any battle for the sake of spilling blood and ending up with a victory howl. Well, if […]


Piggy on Potty Soap Dispenser

So we have seen our fair share of soap dispensers in the past, but this particular one might just take the cake – the $12.95 Piggy on Potty Soap Dispenser. Sure, most folks have the mental image that pigs are not exactly the cleanest animals around on earth, often described as filthy, but this one […]


Pet Bow Tie

Dogs are a whole lot more interactive that cats, and our feline friends do seem to function as though we humans are their slaves, and they, the master. It might be time to get back at them by making them look silly with the £7.99 Pet Bow Tie, although chances are a dog would be […]


Folding Spoon Gag

“There is no spoon”, or so that is what we have heard from the first Matrix movie, and we have also seen illusionists work on bending spoons with the apparent power of their mind. Why, you need not have a long list of witches and warlocks in your ancestry to be able to do the […]


Activity Instructions Wall Clock

In a way, you can say that God is fair to everyone – regardless of how rich or poor you are, everyone is given 24 hours to spend each day. Regardless of how many billions you have in the bank account, you cannot even purchase a pico-second for yourself over the next person, although you […]


Plush Unicorn Slippers for Grown Ups

There is some sort of magic that surrounds this mythical beast known as the unicorn, and of course, it goes without saying that wherever there is great power involved, money, surely, will be part of the equation. Which is why the $24.99 Plush Unicorn Slippers for Grown Ups is now made available for the masses, […]


Upgrade Funny Fridge Magnet

I know that the world has fallen on some pretty harsh times, and we are called to be thankful if we have a simple roof over our heads and have a job. Well, when you see your friends and other family members who seem to be ahead of you in life, like really well ahead, […]


Zombie Warning Lunch Box

Hmmm, with the slew of zombie movies and series these days, is it any wonder that the general audience might actually believe that one fine day, there might actually be a zombie invasion or outbreak somewhere that will spread rapidly like wildfire? Some folks have already made the necessary arrangements for potential armageddon scenarios in […]


Scientific Spice Rack

Cooking is a science, some say, while others claim that it is art. I don’t really care which school of thought you belong to, as long as the dish is delicious, I’m all for cooking. Enter the £19.99 Scientific Spice Rack that is the ideal way to spice up your savoury science experiments, not to […]


Temporary Watch Tattoos

So your little girl has been bugging you for a watch, not to mention getting a tattoo so that she can be cool like most of them celebrities out there? It’d be insane to introduce a young kid to the tattoo needles, so this is where the £14.99 Temporary Watch Tattoos solves your dilemma – […]


Rainbow Highlighters

They say that you will be able to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but one thing’s for sure – you will not be able to do so with the set of Rainbow Highlighters. Instead, you will have to fork out $13.49 for it, where it is a surefire way […]


Shark Sucker

Sharks have proven to be quite the fearsome predator, and no thanks to Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, fear of sharks amongst humans shot through the roof, never mind that more folks die from vehicle accidents each year compared to getting bitten to death by a shark. How about turning the tables back on the perception of […]


Tinkle and Turd Salt & Pepper Shakers

We have seen our fair share of obscene salt and pepper shakers in the past, and this time around, it will be no different with the $9.99 Tinkle and Turd Salt & Pepper Shakers. This particular set seems to be more suitable for bachelors who cook on occasion, as your two favorite seasonings will end […]

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