Rainbow In My Room Machine

There is just something promising about rainbows, as it was God who used the rainbow as a sign that He will never attempt to drown the earth in water again, but then again the world will most probably end up in a fiery apocalypse sometime down the road. Rainbows, being a natural occurrence, can also […]


Gun Shot Glasses

Instead of shooting other people mindlessly, why not shoot some hard liquor? Assuming you have a designated driver, or choose to take the cab back home, at least you won’t be harming anyone (other than your liver and brain), all the while contributing to the economy by enriching the local pub’s owner. For folks who […]


World’s Largest Coffee Cup

The world is divided into two groups – one that loves coffee, and the other could not care less whether there is such a thing as coffee beans or not. For folks who cannot get their internal engines revving before they begin work in the morning without their daily cup of coffee (which delivers the […]


Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

There is just something magical about unicorns, as these mythical beasts which are said to be pure that only a virgin can ride on it, but what happens when all of that marketing jazz gets to your little one, and she wants a unicorn of her own? Perhaps it is time to pull up Google […]


Tipsy Vase

Most vases that you see out there come in a uniform design, and a symmetrical one at that. After all, who would want a disjointed vase that is difficult to look at for long periods of time, especially when there is this bunch of flowers up there for you to admire? Well, you can push […]


Fortune Telling Bacon

Do you want to be a fortune teller? Well, some of us might figure out that that could very well be another avenue of making a quick buck, assuming you have the kind of astute observational powers that the legendary Sherlock Holmes has, or you can always drop $9.99 for a set of Fortune Telling […]


Soldier Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

So all of the King’s men and horses could not put Humpty Dumpty back again. What do you expect? Soldiers are not engineers nor biologists, and neither do horses have the necessary tools (read: hands, they have hooves instead) to piece together delicate broken eggshells. Well, I guess with soldiers being more prone to the […]


i-Wipers are windshield wiper eyeglasses

If you are ever in need of a wacky and crazy costume accessory, then you would not go wrong with the i-Wipers, where they have been described to be windshield wiper eyeglasses. Sure, there is nothing quite like a pair of polarized sunnies whenever the sun comes out in full strength, but what about those […]


Trash Can Shot Glass Set

Some might describe getting drunk like nobody’s business as “being trashed”, and you can now do your bit in living up to such lingo with the $9.99 Trash Can Shot Glass Set. Yes sir, these mini trash can shot glasses will definitely elevate the term “being trashed” to a totally new level, and best of […]


R2-D2 Pizza Cutter with Sound Effects

If there ever was a droid or robot that more or less saved the galaxy from the tyranny of a few, then R2-D2 would clearly be right at the very forefront of things. Well, he is not only Princess Leia’s only hope of reaching the elusive Obi Wan Kenobi, he is also the person whom […]


Arcadeans Plush Arcade with sound

Have you finally run out of things to purchase for your little one, that nothing much excites him or her any more? Well, you can always introduce the tyke to something from your own childhood, when you continued to feed quarters into the arcade machine because you just had to complete the game before the […]


R2D2 Bottle Stopper

R2D2, the little astromech droid that could, is more or less a celebrated hero among droid circles, and sure, it has managed to get itself out of a tight spot more than once with its ingenuity, but how else can he be useful around the home? Perhaps the answer comes in the form of the […]


Snowball Underwear keeps the family jewels nice and cool

One of the reasons cited for lower rates of fertility among men would be the stifling underwear that they use to carry their family jewels, so here is a rather funny attempt at ensuring things remain nice and cool down there – with the Snowball Underwear, where it sports a removable gel-pack known as the […]


Minecraft Foam Sword and Pickaxe

If you love all things Minecraft, then you would definitely want to check out this $39.98 Minecraft Foam Sword and Pickaxe. You can play the role of Conan the Barbarian in the comfort of your home without harming anyone or any animal, holding a Minecraft tool in each hand that comprises of the Iron Sword […]


Massive Cosplay Titan Sword

Have you ever wondered just how those anime characters wield unbelievably large swords that defy the law of physics and gravity? If you have answered in the affirmative and wanted to feel how carrying one around is like, then you would not go wrong with the $79.99 Massive Cosplay Titan Sword. The name itself more […]


Sukatto notebook loves being torn up

Some people live to eat, while others eat to live. If you happen to be part of the former, more passionate group, then surely you would be able to identify with this unique notebook, again, only from Japan, a country that has brought about great technological achievements in the past and even until now, and […]


Bomb Shot Glasses

Sometimes at work, things can get really stressful, which is why some folks tend to take to the bar or local pub at times in order to drown their sorrows in their favorite brand of poison. Well, some folks prefer to drink by the pint, while others would much rather take shots, and if you […]


Slicey The Pig Dashboard Wiggler

What do you have on your dashboard? Nothing but a bald patch? Well, you might want to add a dash of style to it, with the $8.95 Slicey The Pig Dashboard Wiggler. Slicey the Pig must be a cannibal with a twisted mind, as he could very well have realized recently as to how delicious […]


Pirate Leg Pencil Sharpener

Arrr! Shiver me timbers, my pencils are all too blunt for me to sign the death warrants of the mutinous men aboard my ship, whom I want to send to their watery graves below at untold depths. Is there any respite for an old man to get those pencils sharpened? Good to know that there […]


World’s Largest Whoopee Cushion

Most manufacturers would love to have some kind of superlative used to describe a particular product of theirs, simply because being the biggest or the best out there does seem to have a strange attraction for the masses. Well, if you always need to have the latest and greatest out there in the market, perhaps […]


Epic Win/Epic Fail Stamps

If you are a teacher or a lecturer whom your students think that you are way too serious, then it is time to shake things up a bit whenever you mark their papers or assignments. You would definitely find favor with them when you use the $17.99 Epic Win/Epic Fail Stamps, never mind that some […]


Farting Pen Holder

If you want to lighten up the mood at the office, then you would do well to check out the $9.95 Farting Pen Holder, which makes for the ideal desk accessory. After all, there is nothing quite like a farting gag to get things going and laughs all about the place. This pen holder surely […]


Ninja BBQ Set

There is nothing quite like a good meal to cement a recent business deal, or to celebrate a relationship that has gone through plenty of ups and downs. Well, here is the $27.99 Ninja BBQ Set which will definitely showcase your dazzling skills in battle, er, I mean, in culinary arts. Of course, the fork […]


Sarcastic Ball

They say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but I say that at least it is wit, which some folks do not even possess. Well, if you want to be sort of a smart ass and have no idea on getting started, how about learning from the best and by example? This is […]

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