Cold Hard Cash Ice Cube Tray

Yes sir, there is nothing quite like cold, hard cash to hold in your hands, even more so when banks around you are failing like nobody’s business. Well, why not take things a whole lot more literally with the $8.99 Cold Hard Cash Ice Cube Tray? In this way, you can tell your friends that […]


Ninja Sword Sound Effects Pen

You might want to get to work with gusto, ditching the keyboard and computer but rather, write down the entire report with your hand, never mind that the last person who did that in the office retired 20 years ago. I know how it feels like writing something down in length, as most of us […]


Bum Bag Drinks Cooler

Live out the hobo lifestyle with the £6.99 Bum Bag Drinks Cooler. After all, you can never quite tell how a person is like until you walk a few miles in his moccasins, or something to that particular effect. With the Bum Bag Drinks Cooler that is made out of sturdy Tyvek construction and boasts […]


Marshmallow Single Shot Popper

Mom always said not to play with your food, but I guess such advice was dispensed back in the day when there was no such thing as the $9.99 Marshmallow Single Shot Popper. After all, you only had your hands to fling food across the table back then, or to use a spoon as leverage […]


Undead Fred Zombie Cookie Cutters

I personally felt that the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead did not manage to live up to what it could have been, as the entire build up to the prison invasion proved to be quite a disaster, with just a couple manning the fort on behalf of Team Prison, managing to scare off […]


Suzi the Housewife Hologram

Holograms are cool, especially when they are able to communicate with you and to a certain degree, interact with a real life person, such as the one shown in I, Robot. Well, here we are with our final April Fool’s joke, which would be the £3,000 Suzi the Housewife Hologram. Some men might wonder why […]


Windows Phone Locket

I know, I know, April Fool’s Day officially ended yesterday, but this does not mean that there are no gems out there that should not be shared with the masses. What you see here is the Windows Phone Locket, where it has been described to be the only device which is capable of taking the […]


Creeper Body Pillow

Do you find yourself suffering from an acute lack of sleep, simply because you decide to spend your free time at night playing too much Minecraft instead of hitting the sack? Well, perhaps it is time to change such a mindset, and the $69.99 Creeper Body Pillow might just help you get the job done. […]


Oil Shower Gel

Shower gel is something that is supposed to help us stay nice and clean, especially when one scrubs down after a particular long and hard day at work, no? Well, apparently that is not quite the case when you fill up your bathroom with the £4.99 Oil Shower Gel. It would definitely turn the traditional […]


Teatanic Tea Infuser

I am quite sure that everyone has heard about the “unsinkable” Titanic in the past before, and how it was boasted that even God Himself could not sink it, only for the luxury ocean liner to be sent to its watery grave on its maiden voyage. Well, the Titanic has more or less made a […]


Glow in the Dark Zombie Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are nice to play with, but what happens when you introduce a more adult slant to it? Something that is far more mature, and perhaps even terrifying, and as such, it might cause years of nightmares and untold fears to the little ones when you relate a story using the $1.99 Glow in […]


Screaming Scream Wallet

Who can forget Edvard Munch’s classic painting that is simply known as “The Scream”? It has cast an iconic pall over the collective consciousness of mankind over the years, and here is a creative way of making use of this unique piece of art – by coming up with the $17.95 Screaming Scream Wallet. Yes […]


Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball

We are all creatures who have plenty of questions. Why are we here? What is truth? What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? Well, as Dr. Freud might say, the answers are right there in front of you, you just need to search harder. You can play the role of a quack […]


Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set

Once a gamer, always a gamer, or so the saying goes. Well, if you are one who grew up playing video games all day long, cooped up in the living room when your parents have asked you for the umpteenth time to go out and enjoy some sunshine, it is time to deck out your […]


Remote Control Walking Zombie

Zombies seem to be the next big ticket item whether we are talking about movies such as the Resident Evil series, or in TV series like the hugely successful The Walking Dead. Well, you might even wish to fall in love with an introspective zombie assuming they are anything like the ones found in Warm […]


Toe Plow makes ladies’ high heels practical

How many of you out there think that a pair of gorgeous high heels are beautiful to look at, a pain to wear, and has not practical value as a pair of footwear compared to a comfortable pair of sneakers? Well, I guess sometimes, we do the darndest things to look “good”, which is all […]


Invisibility Soap

It would certainly be nice to turn invisible upon your whim and fancy, wouldn’t it? This would then allow you to eavesdrop on some of the juiciest conversations in the room, provided you do not do silly stuff like clear your throat or sneeze, which would definitely freak out the folks in the same room […]


Upgrade Fridge Funny Magnet

I know that times are hard for many of the folks out there, but this does not mean that you have to mope around the home the entire day, do you? No sir, you can still have your fair share of laughter, and even when you visit the homes of your friends who seem to […]


Karoto Peeler

If you think that you are one who loves dabbling around in the kitchen, carving out masterpieces from time to time, then you might be interested in the £9.99 Karoto Peeler, which has a rather Japanese slant to the name itself, don’t you think so? With the Karoto Peeler, you are able to curl, swirl […]


Home Cooking Lid

Ahhh, the sweet, sweet smell of home cooked food surely beats all the degustation menus out there, no matter how pricey or exclusive it is! After all, better a meal of vegetables with love, than having to eat slabs of juicy meat when there is strife under the same roof! Mother’s Day is coming up, […]


Minecraft Foam Gold Sword

There are times in life when you just want to pamper yourself with that little extra bit of goodies, which is a way of rewarding yourself for a job well done. Well, if you are a huge fan of all things Minecraft, then surely you would want to pick up this unique $24.99 Minecraft Foam […]


Latke Larry Singing Hanukkah Doll

There is this common belief that a happy cook churns out delicious dishes, while a sad one, well, you can more or less taste the sorrow in the cooking, never mind that everything was done according to the recipe. Well, you know for sure that whatever Latke Larry churns out, it would be delicious, especially […]


Darth Vader Stress Squeeze

Who is your latest squeeze? Well, if Senator Amidala were to still be alive in the Star Wars universe today, she would have said that Anakin Skywalker is it – never mind that doing so would have caused an upheaval among the Jedi Council. Good thing Anakin is no more, as he has turned over […]


Constellation Mug

You might be rather starry eyed after a particularly long day at the office, and wish that you could get a good night’s rest. The thing is, you continue to toss and turn throughout the whole night, leaving you as a zombie the next day – which means a cup of coffee is just what […]

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