404 Error Snack Tray

There is nothing quite like sharing your snacks with other folks, unless you are one who prefers to hoard everything and keep all of the sweets to yourself. If you have a sense of humor, then you can settle for the $17.99 404 Error Snack Tray, and you will be able to let the snack […]


Color Changing Espresso Cups

Now here is a way to sip in style if you are a coffee lover, especially when espressos are your cup of, er, for the lack of a better word, tea. Yes sir, the £14.99 Color Changing Espresso Cups would come in Apple Green, Blue, Green, Lilac and Red shades, and they might very well […]


Golf Club Pens & Bag Set

Do you love all things golf, so much so that your spouse is resigned to the fact that she has married an avid golfer, and she has been consigned to live the life of a golf widow? Well, since you can’t fight them, why not join them? Perhaps it would be interesting to see the […]


Remote Control Snake

Some of us are just plain scared of snakes, as these slippery reptiles with their forked tongues are just plain yucky to behold. If you have someone in the house whom you want to play a prank on as he or she absolutely fears and loathes this crawling creature, then the $29.99 Remote Control Snake […]


E.T. Hand With Light Up Finger

One of ET’s most memorable moments in the movie would be having its finger light up, and I am quite sure that many of us who were little children when we first saw this special effect in the cinemas or on the CRT TV via VHS later on have this image seared in our minds […]


Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

So you happen to have more than a passing penchant for spending time in the kitchen, no? Surely any chef worth his or her salt (or an aspiring one, it does not matter) would need to have the relevant tools in the kitchen before he or she can whip up a meal fit for kings. […]


Shredder Guitar Cheese Grater

Other than rocking out to an air guitar back when you were a kid, how many other ways are there of letting the inner musician in you out loose, like an animal? Well, I guess with today’s themes being closely related to the kitchen, here is another crazy gadget for your fun filled cooking sessions […]


Random Crap Crates

Now here is a cute idea, and as most of us know, anything that is small and miniaturized is always cute, at least until the grow up or become big. Good thing about inanimate objects would be this – they do not, I repeat, never ever grow up. I guess that is the case with […]


iRing Stylus

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I suppose just about any kind of jewelry would also do, and rings tend to weaken the knees of any girl for sure, especially when it has been topped up with the right carats in place. Well, the $12.99 iRing Stylus is anything but, and […]


LED Gloves

Ever wanted a cool pair of gloves? Well, you need not look any further than with the £12.95 LED Gloves, which I guess you could more or less call them to be “handy”, if one wants to be punny, er, funny. If you are one who loves to party and have run out of ideas […]


Gum-Me Bear Teether

Now here is something that you might want to consider getting for your little one, or perhaps the small kid of your friend’s, which would be the $9.99 Gum-Me Bear Teether. Certainly, any parent would know better than to feed a baby actual candy to soothe that gnawing, teething pain, but you might want to […]


Animal Wine Bottle Stoppers

You know that there is nothing quite like a nice bottle of wine to soothe the day’s stress away, and even better when you have something to celebrate with your beloved. Well, sometimes, you cannot finish all of the wine in one sitting, and leaving it uncorked will definitely not do the rest of the […]


Red Cup Party Lights

Whenever you see red cups, chances are you would think of the best party that you have ever attended in the past. After all, these have turned out to be an icon on its own after all this while, and if you know that you are going throw a party in your pad anytime down […]


Murder, Ink Pad and Pen

Having a notepad nearby the phone is always essential, as you can never quite tell just when you are require to write down whatever is being dictated to you, and these will range from phone numbers to a grocery list. Well, instead of using a boring old notepad, perhaps it is time you spruce things […]


Panic Button Desk Bell

Nobody likes to panic, and I suppose folks who tend to suffer from panic attacks have one more thing to worry about in life. Well, keeping calm is always the best course of action, regardless of how the hormones in your body dictate the way you should act, as a level head is always important […]


Freeloader Extendable Fork

Nobody loves a freeloader, but hey, you know how it is like when the situation gets tough. The tough will obviously need to get going, and sometimes, in the scrap for survival, there could very well be tools that can aid you along. Case in point, the $10.99 Freeloader Extendable Fork which more or less […]


Animal Head Hangers

You might be thinking about sprucing up your wardrobe, and since you cannot afford any more new clothes due to an extremely tight budget, how about approaching this wardrobe makeover project from a different angle – that is, by getting a new set of hangers? You might want to consider the £14.99 Animal Head Hangers, […]


T-Bone Steak Spatula

Steak lovers, this is something that you might want to look out for the next time you go shopping, as it would certainly add a dash of laughter into your kitchen. After all, laughter is always more than welcome in any situation, and a home filled with laughter will definitely be a happy home, regardless […]


Retro Cell Phone Case

We have certainly seen how the cell phone revolution has changed over the years. Remember how downsizing and miniaturization proved to be all the rage in the early days? Well, it seems that things have changed, and handsets that were getting smaller and smaller in size, have more or less ended up getting larger and […]


Animal Butt Magnets

While every self respecting fridge would most definitely need a magnet, how about sprucing up the fridge in your home with the £12.99 Animal Butt Magnets? This is one unique collection that would definitely have some folks scratch their head, wondering whether it is a case of Jumanji and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids come […]


Game of Thrones Iron Coin of the Faceless Man

If there is a product name that is especially long for the tongue to spit out, it naturally is not a good candidate to be introduced to the market. However, sometimes, something that is extraordinarily lengthy might just work, case in point the $14.99 Game of Thrones Iron Coin of the Faceless Man. After all, […]


Birdhouse Pencil Sharpener

If you are one of those folks who need the proper tool for just about anything and in every situation, then chances are you won’t go wrong with the $6.99 Birdhouse Pencil Sharpener. Yes sir, the name of the device says it all, as whenever you use the Birdhouse Pencil Sharpener, it will allow your […]


Bogey Man

When you were a kid, did you have your very own bogey man that scared you to your very core? Assuming you have answered in the affirmative, and grown up to realize that the bogey man does not exist apart from being part of your overactive imagination or dreams, here is one way of overcoming […]


Shredder Guitar Cheese Grater

Do you love rocking out to your air guitar, thinking that you have the skills of the like of Santana, or Snake? Well, assuming you happen to lack the kind of agility in your fingers to do all that the great guitar maestros can achieve, do not fret (pun not intended). After all, you might […]

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