12ft Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

It is always good to be prepared in life, and for those who want to spend plenty of time by the beach, you might want to check out the $149.99 12ft Giant Inflatable Beach Ball. That is a crazy amount of money to fork out for a beach ball, no? Since there are always plenty […]


Screwdriver key lets you drive like you stole it

This is a DIY project that is definitely not for the weak hearted. After all, it might even make you look suspicious in the eyes of the law, considering how your car key has been melded into a screwdriver, making it look at first glance as though you were using the screwdriver itself to start […]


Rubber Squeeze Flower Sprinkler

If you happen to have dainty hands and love to indulge in gardening, then might I suggest you take a look at the 10.50 Euro Rubber Squeeze Flower Sprinkler? The name of this particular sprinkler speaks for itself, where it comes in the form of a rubber squeezer at the base that can hold approximately […]


Dinner Is Served Plate Holder

“Dinner is served!” is something that mom or grandma always shouts, and it is a phrase that many of us look forward to each day. Well, if you are one whose movement is dictated by your tummy’s rumblings, then you might want to get the $12.99 Dinner Is Served Plate Holder to adorn your dining […]


Top Banana Wine Stopper

Right, earlier today, we talked about the Wine Bottle Glass and how it is the ideal gift for folks who are more than ready to chug down an entire bottle of wine without giving two hoots. The $8.99 Top Banana Wine Stopper would be the ideal gift for the polar opposite kind of drinker, where […]


Wine Bottle Glass

Wait a minute here, just what the heck is the $14.95 Wine Bottle Glass all about? Is it a wine bottle? Is it a wine glass? How can it be both at the same time? Well, seeing is believing, and the Wine Bottle Glass certainly lives up to its reputation. After all, if you are […]


Glow in the Dark Zombie Finger Puppets

Is it just me, or does the world seem to have this strange obsession about zombies? Zombie movies, zombie TV series, the works. Zombie toys too, might be the next big thing, and here we are with the cute looking $1.99 Glow in the Dark Zombie Finger Puppets. They would fit atop your fingers, where […]


Lemon Shark Juicer

Ever since Steven Spielberg’s Jaws hit the silver screens, sharks, which have far more reasons to be scared of us than we are of them, have been hunted down – mercilessly even in some places. There is no need to be scared of sharks, and of course, boycotting restaurants that serve sharks fin soup is […]


Pacifier Beer Bottle Opener

You know, it is rather ironic to see this $19.99 Pacifier Beer Bottle Opener hit the market. Why, you ask? Well for starters, the pacifier is a symbol of a baby or at least a newborn who needs to suck on something as a form of comfort whenever he or she is stressed out, but […]


Screw You Corkscrew

There is always a good reason to knock back a bottle…or a few. After all, you can never quite tell just when life is going to throw you a curveball, which is why you have decided to take the step to guzzle down as much booze as possible when things turn sour. Well, on the […]


Booze Hat Bottle Stopper

There is nothing quite like having a smashing good time with friends, fantastic food as well as a free flowing amount of booze. Well, sometimes we might open up way too many wine bottles in a night of revelry without realizing that it is impossible to finish all of them in a single sitting, which […]


Mini Classic Star Trek Phaser LED Light

Are you a trekkie who needs more accessories for your upcoming fancy costume party that you have planned later this Halloween? Well, having a phaser in your pocket would definitely come in handy, especially when there are unknown critters around the galaxy and of course, in the bigger scheme of things, universe, The $9.95 Mini […]


Typhoon Mug

Typhoons are extremely destructive forces of nature, but when it is used to describe a drinking instrument, what comes to your mind? The £12.95 Typhoon Mug is basically a self-stirring mug, which means you can let it do all the “hard” work of stirring the contents in your mug while you continue watching TV or […]


Egg Yolk Plucker

Do you love to spend plenty of your time in the kitchen, whipping up a storm for the stomach with your fantastic skills at the wok? Well, some dishes require the use of eggs in them, sans the yolk, of course, which is the bane of many a high cholesterol affected person. The thing is, […]


Adventure Time Finn’s Sword

Let us assume that you love to collect stuff (some might say hoard, but let us play nice with one another now, shall we?), and so happen to be a huge fan of Adventure Time. Well, you might as well get crackin’ and start collecting the wide range of Adventure Time items, starting with the […]


Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos

Actual tattoos are permanent, at least to a certain extent. The thing is, sometimes, we would just wish we could get a temporary tattoo, but those definitely do not look like the real thing right from the get go. However, you might want to have some fun with the $5.99 Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos. Yes […]


Go Dog Plush Zombiez

There are some dogs who absolutely love to play the game of fetch, while others just look at you as you throw that ball away, wondering just when you are going to start feeding it snacks or treats right after. Well, one thing’s for sure – pooches certainly like to chew on things, even more […]


Like Line Picture Hangers

There are some of us who happen to live in a rather weird area, in the way where certain areas of your home allows you to get full signal strength on your smartphone, while moving to a different side of the home would see the signal strength plummet to zero. Nada. Zilch. Well, whether there […]


Condoms for iPads

If you happen to own the iPad 3 or iPad Mini, or even both, then you might want to check out the £17.99 Condoms for iPads. After all, this is a crucial peripheral or iPad accessory that you might want to purchase, especially since it will offer waterproof protection to your device – albeit for […]


Condoms for smartphones

We all more or less know that condoms are something that you purchase as a form of birth control, especially for those who prefer not to have their partner pop the pill or to take the more radical route of undergoing surgery of sorts. Well, whoever would have thought of condoms for smartphones? This is […]


Inflatable Bass

An avid fisherman will always tell you of the one that got away, and for those who prefer to mount their catch on the wall, they would have to find a decent taxidermist. The thing is, taxidermy is definitely hard work, not to mention expensive and being a kind of hobby that is rather difficult […]


Blast Off Espresso Mugs

Getting out on the wrong side of the bed each morning could prove to be a downer, especially when you work in a high pressured job. The thing is, there is nothing quite like a perfectly roasted and brewed cup of coffee to kickstart your day, no matter how terrible the morning was at home. […]


Moustache Glasses

The world is a whole lot better if there were to be plenty of laughter going around, rather than the kind of war-mongering that we have come to read in the papers and watch on the news every single day. Well, you might not be one of those privileged few who are in a position […]


Polar Bear Ice Tray

If you are an ice cool person, then you would definitely want to ensure that the rest of your stuff in the kitchen are also “cool” in nature. How much more cooler do you think you could possibly be, especially when you fork out £12.99 for the Polar Bear Ice Tray? The Polar Bear Ice […]

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