Birdie Back Scratcher

You scratch my back, and I will scratch yours. While this expression could innocently take on the literal meaning, there is also the more devious bit of it where it would mean spiraling downwards to a world of shady corruption deals. Having said that, there are times when your back is literally itchy, and you […]


Mousa Lisa Cat Toy

Forget about Mona Lisa and her enigmatic smile! Here is the $5.99 Mousa Lisa Cat Toy that might be able to help you get some laughs into the mix, where you can bring the spirit of the Louvre right smack into the comfort of your home, while keeping your kitten entertained with the classic Mousa […]


Laundry Punching Bag

Normally, when you say that you would take something to the cleaners, it would mean a total wipeout – and that can be said to be the case when you want to describe a drubbing that your favorite sports team dishes out to their most fierce rivals. Well, we all know just how frustrated life […]


Pizza Chopper

What is the definition of a chopper? Those who love the free-wheeling lifestyle on two wheels would definitely love the idea of whizzing down the freeway with the wind flying against your face. Well, what happens when you love fast choppers and munching on some piping hot pizza? Why, you end up with the awesome […]


R2-D2 Bottle Stopper

So, you are a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise, and there is nothing quite like eating pizza, enjoying some decent munchies while sipping on your favorite wine on the side? I am quite sure that you can sit through the entire marathon of six Star Wars episodes back-to-back if you are a true […]


Cowgirl Drinking Hat

Do you have the hots for a cowgirl? Well, a cowgirl who does not have the devil’s workshop for her mind would definitely need to keep her hands free for life’s more important things, including roping and branding, and of course, fending off them cowboys who get too fresh. I guess she would definitely get […]


8-bit Sleeves for iPad

There is nothing quite like a throwback to the good old days, and for those of us grew up with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in our living rooms, surely those 8-bit sprites toyed with our imagination more than you can believe. Fast forward to this day and age of Full High Definition imagery, and […]


Shark earbuds

Do you remember when you were young, and someone came up to you as though he had an arrow shot through his head? Well, that was most definitely a prank headpiece which should have seen you drop your heart when you were a wee lad. Well, now that you are all grown up and can […]


DCI Morse Code Wall Clock

When you were a kid, I am quite sure those of us with friends (yes, Forever Alone types might want to take a minute or two to mourn their loneliness) would have toyed around with the idea of secret messages, and learning the Morse Code or Pig Latin, or even writing down messages in invisible […]


Royaltees, the Queen Golf Tees

The Queen is a much respected figure, but she herself is more than open to ridicule and being the butt of jokes – respectable ones, that is, and to a certain degree to boot. For those who want to literally take a swing at the queen, you can do so by picking up the £6.95 […]


Googly Eyes Luggage Tag

If you were to purchase a piece of luggage for your travels, then surely picking the color black might not be such a good idea after all. Sure, black is stylish and it will definitely ensure that minor scratches and damage done to the luggage retains a minimal level of visibility, but that would also […]


Thumb Sucker

Sucking your thumbs, that is a rather disgusting habit when you are a grown up, although when you were a wee lad, your parents as well as all the other adults who crossed your path thought of that as adorable. Isn’t life strange in this manner? Of course, no one would want to grow up […]


Venice Gondola Ice Cube Tray

Have you paid a visit to the casino hotels like the Venetian in Las Vegas? Surely you would have sampled a faux gondola ride in a fake environment, but it sure as heck is a whole lot more affordable compared to heading out to Venice on your own, right? Well, you can bring a little […]


Dumpster Keepsake Box

Some of us are hoarders, and we love to keep plenty of our old stuff just in case we “might need it someday”, but chances are pretty high that we will not need it in the first place anyways. Well, the $9.99 Dumpster Keepsake Box is a hoot when you think about it, especially when […]


Giant Remote Control Pillow

Remote controls have proven to be the bane in many a home, especially when you have more than one armchair general – and they both have different favorite shows that so happen to be shown at the same time, leading to frequent “fights” as to who will get their turn with the remote. Enter the […]


Images You Should Not Masturbate To

Getting off by yourself should be something that the Forever Alone types are familiar with, but the £7.99 Images You Should Not Masturbate To is not the gift you should purchase for your friends who have been looking out for a partner for the longest time, but somehow or rather, their luck has deserted them. […]


Sushi Doormat

Do you love all things Japanese? One thing about Japan would be its food, and sushi is a national dish that has its fair share of fans regardless of where you are across the world. You know for sure whether the person whom you are visiting is a huge fan of Japan when you see […]


Handwarmer Gun

It pays to be prepared at all times, and during the bitter cold of winter, you would do well to have a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm. Of course, some of us prefer to rely on a nice hot water bottle, but why bother with something so traditional when you have something […]


RX Beer Bottle Opener

When your favorite sports team wins, it is time to pop open the bubbly and celebrate. When they lose a dream final that you have been waiting for several decades in a competition that they last won, then it is also a good reason to drown your sorrows in booze. Heck, you can think of […]


Cold Hard Cash Ice Cube Tray

We have seen our fair share of ice cube trays in the past, and here is yet another one that would definitely tickle your fancy. Whoever thought it up is a genius, and we are referring to the $9.99 Cold Hard Cash Ice Cube Tray. After all, drinking can be an expensive hobby, especially when […]


Ham Dogger makes hot-dog shaped hamburgers

There is nothing quite like a hot dog that makes life a whole lot better, especially at classic ball games. This one though, the $7.95 Ham Dogger, is extremely brilliant. It would be able to churn out hamburgers that are shaped like hot dogs, allowing you to eat them on a hot dog bun. Of […]


Chit Chat Drink Markers

So, you are a pretty quiet person, and having some drinks to break the ice is not an effective tool to use as well. Perhaps you might have something else from the outside to help you kick off a conversation? The $9.99 Chit Chat Drink Markers makes plenty of sense, as it will not only […]


One Lump or Two? Sugar Bowl

Fans of the classic English afternoon tea would want to have a nice sugar bowl to go along with the entire set, and you can get creative with the $14.99 One Lump or Two? Sugar Bowl. The use of a camel is very apt, as these are extremely hardy animals that store nutrients within their […]


Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar

Do you happen to have a sweet tooth? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to check out the $44.99 Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar, which certainly makes resisting temptation all the more difficult while giving the game away right at the first glance. The thing is, you might want to deter […]

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