The Brain Bank

Saving up for a rainy day is definitely a good practice to inculcate in the younger generation, so how do you engage the mind of a youngling who would not settle for anything less than an iPad when it comes to portable gaming, relegating the Rubik’s Cube to the realm of the dodo? Why, you […]


Mustache Hangers

If you happen to want to grow a mustache, but never got around doing so simply because you are biologically unable to do so, then you might be interested to know that there are other avenues for you to sport a mustache – in your closet, of course! The $12.99 Mustache Hangers would be the […]


Doctor Who Tardis Coasters

Love drinking? Well, whether you are one for hot or cold drinks, do bear in mind that the table which you place your drinks on should be given the proper kind of care and love, so a set of coasters would come across as highly recommended for any home. The next time you are going […]


Squirrel Nut Bowl

Do you remember the computer animated movie series, Ice Age? Well, that was one precious walnut to live for, wasn’t it? Here is a rather zany method of holding all of the nuts that you have purchased and prepared for guests to drop by your home in order to consume them – the $21.99 Squirrel […]


Magic Hat Mug

There is this staple act on any decent magician’s (although certain quarters would prefer to use the word “illusionist”) list of acts, which would include pulling a rabbit out of the magician’s hat. Well, you might want to shrink things down by a few sizes with the mesmerizing $14.99 Magic Hat Mug. Yes sir, the […]


Willy Soap on a Rope

Some stuff are made and then sold simply because they have a point, but seriously, after spending hours on end trying to look at a sales point for the £4.95 Willy Soap on a Rope, I have more or less run out of possible answers, which is why the Willy Soap on a Rope definitely […]


Safe-Sex Sweater

So, it has been a long while since you have had a go at the horizontal hokey-pokey, but here is a tip for you – you would not end that ‘drought’ anytime soon with the £39.99 Safe-Sex Sweater for sure, and it is the perfect way to virginity-proof your kid by getting him this. It […]


Handwarmer Gun

Whenever the mercury drops, the world would then be divided into two different groups of people – one who love the cold, and cannot get enough of it, while the others would be those who would not think twice about escaping far, far away from it. If you happen to fall under the latter, but […]


Heart Mug for Valentine’s Day

The over-rated (IMHO, anyways) Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, and here we are with the £9.99 Heart Mug that will come in a choice of either pink or grey colors. I tell you what, you will most probably be unable to get away with just buying one, as your other half will most […]


Disney Water Bottle Cap Pen

All right, I myself am not quite sure what to make of this when it comes to the name, considering how everything is in Japanese and the words are embedded within an image file, which means Google Translate would be rendered as useless. It is a good thing that a picture speaks a thousand words, […]


Arcade Cabinet Candy

Love video games and munching on candy while you game? Fret not then, as Thinkgeek brings the best of both worlds together in the form of the $3.99 Arcade Cabinet Candy. Yes sir, you get to enjoy delicious classic gaming candies that will be dispensed from an awesome looking retro arcade cabinet tin. Too bad […]


Accoutrements Lunch Lady Action Figure

For those of us who grew up in public schools, I am quite sure that some of the less fond memories would be the kind of food served in cafeterias. There have been plenty of horror stories concerning the food dished out, and more often than not, there is one rather overbearing character at the […]


TARDIS blanket for Dr Who fans

All right, we do know that it is still rather cold in different parts of the world, as the bitter chill of winter has yet to leave the vicinity. Well, an enterprising person with the skills to back it up has decided to come up with a blanket to keep warm when the mercury drops, […]


Googly Eyes Drink Markers

Going to a party is fun, but when it comes to keeping tabs on your own bottle after you have downed your fair share of drinks is a whole lot more challenging. Yes sir, you put on your pair of beer goggles, and things are not what they seem anymore. To make sure that nobody […]


Happy Barfday! Birthday Cup

Celebrating one’s birthday can be a bittersweet experience, as it nudges you one year closer to the grave, and yet you celebrate in thankfulness another day of being alive. Well, why not lighten up the contemplative mood with the $5.99 Happy Barfday! Birthday Cup? Isn’t it time you, er, let the good times roll, after […]


Classic Pen Stylus

There are so many touchscreen devices out there in the market, so much so that even notebooks and Ultrabooks these days come with a touchscreen display. Well, having fingerprints on your phablet or smartphone’s display should be no big deal, but for a notebook or Ultrabook? That really gets my goat. Good thing there is […]


Bendable Mary – Mother of Jesus Toy

Don’t you find it that we humans are extremely prone to disobeying a particular law, only when it is already part of the law? For instance, how many of you have touched a freshly painted wall even though there is a sign that says, “Do not touch”? Well, not taking the Lord’s name in vain […]


Mapnetic lets you rearrange the continents

If you are someone who has megalomaniac tendencies, or think that you are able to do a whole lot better than God himself when it comes to shaping the earth and the rest of its continents, then you will be pleased to hear about the Mapnetic that lets you live out those moments. Being a […]


Lucky Penny Sucker

We all know that those coins in circulation are not the cleanest things around, as you can never quite tell just where those coins have been all this while, especially those that have been in circulation for a few decades already. So, it goes without saying that only someone nutty would place an old looking […]


Grenade Mug

Fire in the hole! Or so, that might just be your battle cry at the office each morning, as you prepare for the day’s “war” ahead with dreaded office politics hanging over your head. The rest of the mugs at the office would surely make way for the extremely manly $16.49 Grenade Mug, although the […]


Bendable Jesus Toy

How many of us can claim that we are able to bend a deity according to our will? Of course, other than your own personal experience, I am quite sure that you will be able to find a kindred spirit with Kratos from the God of War game series fame. Well, here is a ‘deity’ […]


You Complete Me Jigsaw

Do you feel that until you find your loved one, there is this hole in your heart that needs to be closed, and no normal medical procedure would be able to do the trick? I guess it would be best verbalized in the form of the £9.99 You Complete Me Jigsaw, and it might just […]


Sriracha Lip Balm

When it comes to personal care items like lip balms, most of us would want to settle for something that is definitely soothing in the long run, and will offer ample protection without tasting funny. Well, if you happen to carry a cheeky smile at all times, perhaps it would be nice to check out […]


Nessie Push Pins

The ever elusive Nessie, which is a nickname for the Loch Ness monster, remains to be caught, although there has been a fair number of alleged sightings over the years. Why not quell all doubts that the Loch Ness monster is a fake by producing Nessie from your pocket itself? This is what the $12.99 […]

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