Half (the calories) Spoon

Many of us have grown up with a sweet tooth these days, no thanks to the sugar-laden diet that we indulge in almost every single meal. Most of the time, these sugars are hidden, and so you would not even notice them until you step on the scale and realize you have ballooned by a […]


Oink Oink Ice Cream Scoop

Where ice cream is concerned, pigging out is the way to go – whether you are celebrating a happy occasion, or if you so happen to be on the down and out, and wish that life could be a whole lot better. Regardless, it is highly recommended that you use a decent ice cream scoop […]


Pixel Sunglasses

So summer is more or less here (for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, of course), and you want to look your summer best in terms of style as well as functionality. Having a pair of sunglasses would definitely help stave off the sun’s nasty rays, especially when you are driving on the […]


Mighty Mug

Forget about the Mighty Mouse, here we are with the $14.99 Mighty Mug which is literally capable of standing up on its own. This is the perfect mug that is meant for klutzes in your life, where if will wobble all about when tipped, but it still will not fall down. Of course, there is […]


Dish Wish Scrub Brush

Little girls do wish that they would grow up to be a princess eventually, which could be why they secretly call their dads “king of the house”. After all, aren’t daughters of kings all princesses? Darn you, Disney, for putting such unrealistic thoughts into the minds of young, impressionable little girls out there! Princess or […]


Mr Right and Mrs Always Right Mug Gift Set

So, you have a friend who is about to get hitched, and you have absolutely no idea on what gift to get him. If you know that he is a classic prankster, then you might be pleased to know that here is something nice and cheap to get them, and yet purchases you some brownie […]


Army Guy Mug

Everyone needs a mug that he or she can call their own, especially when you work in an office environment that has plenty of people, so much so that a generic mug from IKEA is not going to cut it, since you might have to share saliva with other folks. Why not make things more […]


Death Star Ice Mould

The Death Star is an imperious looking piece of engineering, definitely one which will inflict fear into the hearts of many. After all, how many items do you know out there are capable of annihilating an entire planet with a single blast? It is rather strange, then, to have a weird engineering loophole where a […]


Movie Night Accent Pillows

Watching movies on your own is no fun at all, but if you so happen to be the epitome of the Forever Alone meme, then you would do well to arm yourself with a pretty decently stocked fridge on your movie nights, not to mention having a pillow that you can hug or hold on […]


Tuxedo Dog Collar

I am not quite sure why there is a need for folks to dress up pets in the first place, as they are meant to be pooches in the first place, being companions instead of someone whom you dote over like your very own kid. Well, the £4.95 Tuxedo Dog Collar is something that only […]


Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar

Are you a huge fan of the Doctor Who series? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would surely know that only those who are true blue fans would not mind forking out the extra bits of cash to bring home different kinds of Doctor Who stuff to decorate their homes with, much […]


Shocking Slot Machine

There is nothing quite like a slot machine that gets your hope up, especially when your financial situation is far from ideal at the moment. Assuming that birds of a feather happen to flock together, then not only you, but your friends as well, might be interested in picking up the £3.58 Shocking Slot Machine. […]


Panic Pacifier

Don’t press the panic button when you see this, otherwise baby might grow up with a face that is flatter than it is supposed to be. The $9.99 Panic Pacifier is just there for fun and some laughs, especially when you have friends over, or if you want to indulge in a little photo shoot […]


La Queefer

Now this is something for the naughtier ladies out there, with the $2.99 La Queefer that ought to offer your fair share of laughs, or if you want to embarrass another girlfriend of yours in front of her crush, this is something you could toy around with. The La Queefer’s sole purpose of existence would […]


ZD-101 Apocalypse Machete

You can never quite tell just when the end of the world is about to happen – no one knows, and all predictions in the past have proven to be wrong. It could all come to an end with a meteorite hurtling down and smashing the earth, knocking up a dust cloud so vast, that […]


I Miss Drugs Mug

If there is a mug that you might not want to bring to the office simply because the more uptight bosses that happen to lord it over the rest of the company are not that open minded and judge people based on their past (or non-past), then you would do well to keep the £6.99 […]


Feed Me! Ducky Spoon

When it comes to feeding time for your newborn, things can get rather tricky if he or she is a fussy eater, and it takes virtually forever for the feeding time to be over. Perhaps it is time to get a little bit of outside help, something that is out of the ordinary and a […]


Human Chair is a hoot and a sight to behold

Now what you see above is certainly something that looks extremely disturbing, as though one of those house of horrors have had its exhibit take off. Upon closer inspection, you realize that this is actually a piece of artwork thanks to artist Jamie Isenstein. It looks like a chair, but it is not complete until […]


Whizdom Personal Urinary Device

Anyone who has kept their urine in the bladder for the longest time would know the sense of urgency that accompanies the situation. Each stop of the elevator is excruciatingly longer than normal, and the relief that you feel when you manage to unzip your pants and let it all loose is joy unspeakable. Well, […]


Power Up Battery Travel Mug

Everyone needs a pick-me-up from time to time, and when you fail to get that kind of verbal encouragement from family members as well as colleagues at the office, perhaps it is time to turn to a more basic method – by taking the chemical route. I am not referring to mind altering drugs, but […]


Doctor Who Deluxe TARDIS Journal

If you are a fan of the Doctor Who series, then you would certainly know what the TARDIS is all about. It is said that folks who keep a journal would be able to better recall their past when the situation calls for it, and it also serves as a reminder whenever we forget something […]


Zombie Dog Collar

Have you watched Frankenweenie? That was one cute dead dog, although I do admit that it was cute even before it died (spoiler alert!) Well, if you feel that the world is about to be plunged into a zombie apocalypse anytime soon, and you cannot bear the thought of Fido leaving your side, then you […]


Desktop Drum kit

Ever wished that you would have had the musical acumen to be a rock star instead of where you are right now, seated in a cubicle with colleagues who bore you to death with their tales of family and adventures in the library. You know the saying – when the going gets tough, the tough […]


Creepy Creature Cups

Our earth does not have that much land compared to water, and 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. The thing is, there is still plenty of the ocean depths that we do not know of, and we have heard numerous stories regaled by sailors over the centuries on unimaginable monsters, although some […]

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