Knocked-Up Nancy Pregnant Doll

If you are a lady, would you prefer to go through a C-section or to go through a natural childbirth? Regardless, the way toys are made these days tend to be extremely high tech, but with the $11.99 Knocked-Up Nancy Pregnant Doll, it is definitely something out of the ordinary. Heck, it is far from […]


Coq Au Vin Wine Bottle Stopper

Not everyone is able to finish an entire bottle of wine by his or herself, so it would be prudent to make sure that there is a wine bottle stopper of sorts, allowing the remaining content to remain as fresh as possible. Not all wine bottle stoppers are the same though, and if you want […]


Titanic Gravy Boat

The unsinkable Titanic did not manage to complete its maiden voyage, as it ironically sank halfway through despite the boast that even God Himself is unable to sink it. Famous last words, but with the $59.99 Titanic Gravy Boat, you definitely have nothing to worry about such as dead bodies which are frozen, floating in […]


Teeth Magnets

How are your pealy whites like? Are they in pristine condition, so much so that you are the envy of your friends whenever you smile? Or do you happen to have a poorly managed set of teeth, that it can be a pretty daunting trip over to the dentist? Regardless, you would still fall in […]


Chocolate Bar USB Hub

Do you have a sweet tooth, or happen to know someone who does? Then this coming Christmas, you might want to shortlist the $9.99 Chocolate Bar USB Hub as a gift from you. Sure, it looks delicious and all, but you sure as heck would not want to bite into it. Even better news is, […]


Talking Mustache Keychain

I am someone who is far from hirsute, and have been trying (unsuccessfully) to grow a mustache. Well, I guess that I have my ancestry to blame, and life does throw me some curve balls once in a while. Thankfully, there are always opportunities to make up, and the $5.99 Talking Mustache Keychain could very […]


The Bacon Scarf

Do you get hungry whenever you see something that is associated with food? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to check out the $15.99 Bacon Scarf, which looks crispy and delicious, although it will not emanate any kind of smell to whet your appetite. The thing is, the Bacon Scarf […]


Mustache Luggage Tag

If you ever want to check out how some people are like (such as their personality), just see how they tag their luggage whenever you are waiting for yours at the carousel. Some folks protect their luggage as though it is the crown jewels, all wrapped up in plastic at each departure point. Others could […]


Giant Lobster Claw Gloves

Halloween’s come and gone, but this does not mean you no longer need to purchase any more fancy costumes or props. After all, the Christmas holiday season is coming right up ahead of us, and before you know it, you would have received a fair number of invitations from different friends and family members to […]


Cupcake Express Baking Cups

Do you like to bake stuff? Read on then, if you have answered in the affirmative. I cannot quite remember the name of the TV series, (is it Cupcake Wars?) bt the series concentrates on a cupcake shop meeting a set of challenges, be it from difficult customers or the race against time to bake […]


The Fail Button

If you are a huge fan of the Star Wars movies, then you would have most probably memorized most of the famous lines that made up part of the space opera. For instance, you know how Darth Vader informed the officer in charge of constructing the Death Star to double his efforts during a site […]


iGlam Lipstick Stylus

Most of us do own some sort of tablet or touchscreen device, and before using fingers alone on a touchscreen device was popular, having a stylus was more or less mandatory. Aren’t you glad that you no longer need to tote around a stylus to make use of your tablet? For those who feel that […]


Ham ‘n’ Eggs Kitchen Set

If you are an avid cook, then the kitchen is definitely your domain, and you loathe anyone who might come up to take over your place, never mind that their cooking skills are on par with yours. Of course, having a sense of humor in a place where things could get hot pretty quickly would […]


Turn Your Photos Into Wooly Willy

Let us take a quick survey here, how many of you actually remember playing the Wooly Willy game back in the days when you were a wee lad? You know, the particular game with the bald guy who looked like the poor man’s Kojak, where you would then make use of a “magic” wand in […]


Whiskey Barrel Ice Cube Tray

Having a drink of whiskey can be done in two ways – on the rocks, or to mix it with other coolers. Well, just to make sure that your drink of whiskey remains ice cold no matter which particular route you take, then $13.99 Whiskey Barrel Ice Cube Tray would come in handy, for sure. […]


Phil’ Up Chuck Game

In life, there are many different kinds of people who hail from all walks of life. This would mean that various people have different needs and likes, and for some of us, we like the idea of eating way too much to the point of overfeeding ourselves. Well, it is a serious medical condition in […]


Finger Spoons make for good table manners

I know that the idea of eating with your hands might not sound too hygienic to you, but somehow for folk like me, it makes the food taste a whole lot more tasty. After all, there is nothing quite like some finger lickin’ good fried chicken from Colonel Sanders, is there? The next time you […]


Dynamite and Cherry Bomb Candles

A candle is the same as any other, am I right? Apparently not, as candles do come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to date, not to mention the various kinds of fragrances and colors that will appeal to just about anyone even if they do not have the mind to purchase a candle […]


Salami Notes allows you to leave a meaty memo

Despite living in an age where we are all used to having memos ping us via our smartphones, tablets and computers, there are times when you will miss the normal sticky note. Those are useful to remind others of a particular task or an action item, and they tend to arrive in a form that […]


Penguin Pinfest Inflatable Bowling

When you see a penguin, what comes into your mind? Most of the time, we would think that they are extremely cute in nature, waddling about without a clue, and for some of the younger generation out there, they might actually think that penguins are able to dance – at least one of them, and […]


Inflatable Beer Bucket

Drinking beer from a beer bucket is an experience that most people go through as a ritual when they are growing up, unless of course, they have sworn off alcohol right from the very beginning. It is something like a social bonding experience when a group of good friends get together to talk and fellowship […]


Heart of Gold metallic plush

Do you like idioms? The next time someone tells you that you have a heart of gold, or if you feel that you would like to say that to a person who is close to your heart, then why not do it literally? That is possible with the £24.99 Heart of Gold metallic plush. This […]


Doodie Darts

Sarcasm might be the lowest form of wit, but it is still some sort of wit. The thing is, it can be pretty difficult trying to wean off from a diet of sarcasm after having it for quite some time already. Fart jokes as well as other juvenile humor are also turn offs for certain […]

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