Star Trek Tribble Slippers

Trekkies, here is another crazy thing to buy to annoy your other half, especially when he or she has absolutely no interest whatsoever in the world of Star Trek. Not only is it a ghastly looking pair of slippers, it will also make a whole lot of noise as you walk around while wearing a […]


Nose Aerobics Basketball

Want to look silly like all get out, and do not mind the world laughing at you? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would be pleased to check out the crazy $3.99 Nose Aerobics Basketball. This is one zany toy that you can purchase to exercise your nose, not that you need […]


Marshmallow Bow

Robin Hood might have stolen from the rich to give to the poor, but he is still a thief no matter how noble his intentions might seem to be. Perhaps if he was given a magical bow that can shoot food out, replenishing itself automatically with each shot, it might be able to do the […]


Unicorn and Horse Wedding Cake Topper

There are some rather strange looking things in life, and I suppose that you can classify that under the $16.99 Unicorn and Horse Wedding Cake Topper. Wait a minute here, maybe it is not all that strange after all, with one of the couple being a horse, while the other is the unicorn. You know, […]


Moby Pick Party Picks

So, you love to throw parties and always want to make sure that all of your guests end up having a rocking good time. What do you do then, apart from making sure that the caterer gets the job done correctly, not to mention have varying themes all of the time so that none of […]


The Game of Baloney

“Phooey!” might actually be your response when you hear of something that you think is totally impossible. Well, let me share with you something, how about going all out with the $23.99 Game of Baloney? It would not only be able to help you learn to pick up all of the little nuances that are […]


Flashing Lights Ugly Christmas Sweater

If there is one gift that you would definitely hate to receive during Christmas, chances are it would have something to do with an extremely ugly sweater. What makes it worse is, you would not be able to throw it or recycle it as a gift to someone else, since it was made specially for […]


Pixel Elf Costume Kit

So, Christmas is about to arrive in slightly more than a month’s time. Have you made all of the necessary preparations so that you know you will not end up in a mess when December 25th comes? The $16.99 Pixel Elf Costume Kit will definitely be a purchase to remember for many more Christmases to […]


Pixel Santa Costume Kit

We all know that Christmas will be upon us sooner than we think, and it is always wise to prepare way beforehand so that you need not have to elbow your way through to the checkout aisle with the rest of the residents in your county. Of course, the art of choosing the right gift […]


Wind Up Racing Meerkats

If you have ever watched the likes of National Geographic or The Animal Channel, I am quite sure that you would have seen an episode or two that touches on the meerkat, a creature that has proven itself to be decent comic fodder in some cartoons. They come with four limbs, but do travel in […]


Save Tin

It always pays to save for a rainy day, and it is a good thing to inculcate this particular habit of saving in little ones while they are still young and would listen to you. Since the modern day generation happens to be one that is technologically savvy, the keyboard can be considered to be […]


Inflatable Tongue

We have seen our fair share of inflatable items in the past, but this one is definitely something else. The $3.99 Inflatable Tongue would be a kooky way to freak folks out, despite riding on the wings of an old school novelty, don’t you think so? Unlike a flat tire, this extremely flexible Inflatable Tongue […]


Golf Drinking Game

Drinking games can be a rather tricky minefield to navigate through, even if your liver is able to take in copious amounts of alcohol without you feeling tipsy at the end of the night. Well, it does offer an opportunity to bond with someone over a meal, and with the $19.99 Golf Drinking Game, it […]


Roasted Turkey Hat

Some items do need a lengthy explanation as to what it is all about, while the others basically require nothing to be said. After all, wasn’t it the wise saying that went like this, “A picture speaks a thousand words”? Just take a look at the $8.95 Roasted Turkey Hat above, and you might struggle […]


Critical Hit +5 Stones of Frost

Are you a huge fan of RPGs, so much so that you would love to turn your home, everything from its decoration down to the different ways that the trinkets and furniture would resemble a true blue RPG theme? Well, I am quite sure that your guests who drop by your place would be more […]


Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

When it comes to spending time in the toilet, there are many different ways to keep oneself occupied. Some, who are cleanliness freaks, would prefer to concentrate solely on getting their “business” concluded before resuming or starting any activity that they have had a mind before that. Others think that it is perfectly all right […]


Poppin’ Hot Oven Mitt

I don’t know about you, but I do have this particular weakness when it comes to bubble wraps, as they are just too difficult to resist in popping. Who can forget about the feeling of the bubble wrap when popped? Not to mention the fact that there are hundreds of these on a single wrap, […]


Shark Tea Infuser

There is nothing quite like sipping on a cup of afternoon tea, with a fair number of bites on the side such as sandwiches, a couple of scones with strawberry preserve and cream, and butter cookies to boot. When it comes to infusing the kind of tea of your choice, there are two ways of […]


Squirt Doorbell Prank

Ah, the good ol’ standby squirting prank that never fails to amuse. Most of the time, we would be exposed to a squirting flower that adorns the lapel of a gentleman, but this time around, you will be able to play a prank on just about whoever decides to drop by your place. I am […]


Ammo Lunch box

I am quite sure that some of us have heard of the expression, “A hungry man is an angry man.” If you have not had your meal just yet and have a rumbling tummy by now, the fuse of yours might be rather short at the moment. This means no one should cross your path […]


Color Me Shave

When a boy hits puberty, it would most probably signal a lifetime of razors and shaving cream afterwards, unless he would like to grow a nice mustache or long beard, of course. Well, for those of you out there who would prefer to keep things neat and tidy, how about adding a splash of color […]


Hammered Head Bottle Opener

If there is one particular shark that I was overawed by when I was a kid, it was not the Great White, but rather, the Hammerhead shark. After all, who would resist such a unique form factor? The fact that it made it as one of Davy Jones’ henchmen in the Pirates of the Caribbean […]


Doctor Who TARDIS Soap Dispenser

This is one TARDIS that will not be able to help you travel through time, but this does not mean that it is useless in any way. In fact, it might even save your life without you realizing it. You know how personal hygiene is extremely important in places such as a hospital? Yeah, you […]


Pug Mask looks hilarious

Which particular dog do you think is the best looking, or cutest one? I personally think that a Labrador Retriever has one of the most adorable faces out there, but some others prefer something that has a flatter face, such as a pug. Enter the $39.99 Pug Mask, where it will definitely result in a […]

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