Desk Egg is a unique paper clip holder

Some folks are absolutely serious in their work, so much so that their desk itself remains uncluttered all of the time, and if you were to ask them to pull out a particular file from whatever date, they can do so in a jiffy. Well, this would also mean that the rest of their stationery […]


War on Error Army Men Erasers

Forget about the war on terror, here are the $5.29 War on Error Army Men Erasers who intend to make sure that no mistakes or errors will ever live to see the light of day, and it is the ideal troop to get rid of them pesky Grammar Nazis, too. It is definitely an interesting […]


Killer Bunny Slippers

Aren’t bunnies supposed to be cute like all get out, that you cannot bear the thought of eating them? Hey, don’t recoil in disgust, rabbit meat that has been skewered is a delicacy in places like Malaysia and Indonesia, especially when it is dipped in honey-sweet peanut sauce. Well, there are also some bunnies which […]


Floating Mug

No it is not magic that ensures the $29.99 Floating Mug remains “floating” at first glance, but just plain old physics. The Floating Mug comes in a unique design that makes it look as though it is floating, but in reality, it is being held up by one side of the handle which on the […]


Roller Notes

Now this is definitely a novel way of approaching just what a roller would look like in an office environment, in the form of the $9.49 Roller Notes. It definitely allows you to capture all of those fancy ideas as well as comments from your snappy colleagues in a “coat” of bright pink “paint”. Yeah, […]


Pam’s Dolphin Puppet Plush

Working in the Human Resources department can prove to be rather challenging at times, especially when you need to play the role of a mediator when two strong personalities clash against one another. Well, perhaps it is time for you to soften things up by approaching the delicate (but potentially explosive) situation in this humorous […]


Bottle Capper Bottle Stopper

For those of you who love to have plenty to drink regardless of the occasion, then it would be best that you are the host of your party, or to take a cab to the venue so that you need not have to worry about knocking into something, or even worse, into someone, on the […]


Social Sticky Notes

I am quite sure that just about everyone has had some sort of dealing with social networks before. Well, with the $5.99 Social Sticky Notes, you will be able to bring what is virtual into the real world, and do bear in mind that a whole lot fewer people will have a look at it. […]


1-Up Cake Molds

The world of video games have certainly brought about a new dimension when it comes to creating new products for the market, especially where merchandise is concerned. In fact, you can more or less say that video games has already entered our mainstream consciousness, and one of the ways to know this would be to […]


Squeaky Clean Screen Mouse

When it comes to video games, you know that one can actually get so engrossed in them, that you start to lose your sense of time. In fact, I have played video games throughout the entire night, skipping my sleep, and surviving on Coke as well as pizza alone as my sustenance. This has, of […]


Bloody Towel

“Bruised and bloodied” is not a phrase that any mother would want to hear, especially when it involves their kid in a playground scuffle. Well, growing up in certain areas can be a whole lot tougher than the others, but getting into such sticky situations is also good since it would allow one to pick […]


Like It Pacifier

It goes without saying, there is absolutely no way that we can avoid social networks in this day and age, other than the fact that you were to go and live like a hermit somewhere, or in an extremely secluded area that has absolutely no kind of telephony connection and power plug at all. Well, […]


Creepy Doll Heads Salt & Pepper Shakers

I don’t know about you, but meal times are meant to be pleasant affairs. Instead, you might end up with a rather macabre set of results with no one conversing at the table, while some others might actually lose their appetites when they see this set of $10.95 Creepy Doll Heads Salt & Pepper Shakers. […]


Tentacle Pen

They say that everyone has a good book in them, but what about you? Of course, most folks would prefer to write down their thoughts in this day and age using a computer, and one would hardly use a pen any more unless you happen to be old school or simply want to maintain a […]


Earth Tape Measure

Just how large and vast is our planet that we call earth? Huge enough to accommodate a whopping 6 billion plus people and counting, of course. Well, you might want to check out the zany $10.49 Earth Tape Measure that will literally allow you to have the world at your fingertips. Whenever the urge to […]


Screaming Flying Sock Monkey

Socks are meant to be worn to keep your feet from smelling too bad, not to mention making sure that your toes remain nice and warm especially when the mercury falls. However, with the $8.95 Screaming Flying Sock Monkey, you would have an opportunity to really go nuts. The name of the Screaming Flying Sock […]


Here Kitty Cat Paw Doorstop

I would like to think that this world is a very inclusive one, but apparently, that is not the case. Some folks do not mind having cats and dogs around, while others feel that they have to choose a side, and only one. Depending on where your allegiance lies, the $10.49 Here Kitty Cat Paw […]


Cardelier adds a touch of class to your ride

Whenever we stroll into some place that is posh, most of the time, there would be a chandelier that is hanging around literally, right at the top in the middle of a vast hall, resplendent in its beauty. How about when the entire event is over, and you try your very best to make your […]


Pizza Chopper Motorbike Pizza Cutter

Some superbikes are known as “choppers”, so why not take such terminology and apply it to something that will be able to keep peace at the dining table? I am referring to the Pizza Chopper Motorbike Pizza Cutter, where £7.99 will net you a trio of these puppies. Not only do they ensure that the […]


Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

I clearly remember back in the day when I had my very own Game Boy that I could call my own. Yeah, all the dot matrix goodness that came with a Tetris Gamepak, now those were sweet memories as I burned through quartets of AA batteries each time the holidays beckoned. Well, the years of […]


Atheist Stocking

All right, Santa Claus is nowhere to be found in the Bible, so he is more or less a Christmas tradition and has nothing to do with religion whatsoever. Still, everyone loves a generous person, don’t they? While it is better to give than to receive, or so the saying goes, I do not mind […]


Yeti Oven Mitt

Yetis are also known as the abominable snowman, and as we all know, this mythical creature is able to get around in the cold stark naked – simply because it has a legendary thick coat of fur to protect it from the cold. How about warming up your kitchen a little bit with the Yeti […]


Defrosty the Melted Snowman Ice Cubes

When it comes to ice cubes, there are a few things to take into consideration – the kind of water that you use, the ice cube tray to get the cute looking shapes that are meant to be more aesthetically pleasing than functional, as well as whether the “ice cube” will melt or not. With […]


Gift Alarm

There are some crazy gifts that you might want to check out to go nuts this coming holiday season, and one of them would be the motion-sensing $13.79 Gift Alarm, where it is the ideal method of stopping impatient gift recipients in their tracks. With the Gift Alarm, it will be able to ensure that […]

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