Retro Fridge Bento Box

A fridge is supposed to keep your food nice and cool, so that whenever the temperature rises such as during the sweltering summers, or should you happen to live in a tropical country where it is basically summer all year round, but this particular $11.09 Retro Fridge Bento Box takes on a different approach, as […]


3D Unicorn Mug

Unicorns are supposed to be mythical and of course, magical creatures. After all, only a virgin is supposedly able to ride one, and it is a heinous crime to murder a unicorn, and what’s worse, to drink its blood. Well, with the $12.99 3D Unicorn Mug, you need not fret about drinking its blood, but […]


Chill Baby Volume Pacifier

Babies can get loud. Very loud! So much so that you might have a difficult time trying to keep them quiet, no matter what you do. After all, dogs walk, fish swim, birds fly, babies…well, babies cry. Here is a humorous take on a crying infant with the $9.99 Chill Baby Volume Pacifier, where this […]


Toilet Screamer

Having shocks is not a good thing at all, and I am not even referring to electric shocks. Nobody likes a shocking moment, especially when all you want is some peace and quiet in the toilet as you do your business there, but when face to face with the $8.99 Toilet Screamer without knowing any […]


PixelGlitch Accent Pillow

Have you watched the Matrix? Sure you did, just about everyone and their donkey have. The thing is, there are many memorable moments from this particular movie (as well as the rest of its sequels), and I clearly remember one of those explanations about deja vu, as a glitch in the matrix showed off a […]


Rhythm & Booze Stirrers

After a particularly long and difficult day at work, one would more often than not need to find a way to sit back and relax. The $10.49 Rhythm & Booze Stirrers might be the perfect purchase for those who often knock back a few drinks on their own once office hours are over, and why […]


Tea For Two

Fancy some afternoon tea? That is exactly what the British love to do, or at least, this is the kind of impression that I have from watching the movies as well as checking out colonial-style hotels. Well, having afternoon tea all by yourself can be a rather sad affair, so inviting someone over makes a […]


Superman Caped Plastic Stein

Ever wish that you were a superhero? If you have answered in the affirmative, and figured out that you were going to save the world, then you might as well play the role of the quintessential superhero that many Americans grew up with – Superman. So, you might not have his X-ray or heat vision, […]


Star Wars: Storm Trooper Business Card Holder

There comes a point in a man’s life where one would see one’s identity being defined by what one does for a living, that is, a job. The higher up you climb the corporate ladder, the more perks and with it, perhaps additional respect from those around you. Still, we are all but mortals, and […]


Fake Sunscreen Flask

Ever the prankster, here is another device that you can add to your burgeoning collection in the form of the $9.95 Fake Sunscreen Flask. This particular purchase is interesting simply because it looks like any other tube of sunscreen that you would bring with you to the beach whenever you want to bask under the […]


Ketchup or Mustard Space Gun

Pew! Pew! Pew! There is nothing quite like one’s imagination when it comes to playing games, and here is one that lets you have some fun as a space soldier who is exploring far off worlds, having come across the likes of extra terrestrial life whose weakness is ketchup or mustard. Hence, the $10.49 Ketchup […]


Batman Grow Toy

I am quite sure that many of us kids out there did wish we were Batman at one point in time of our lives or another. You know, bring a brooding multi-billionaire who has yet to come to grips with his parents’ death, and yet has the ability to rival Sherlock Holmes in terms of […]


Pig in the clouds Mug & Spoon set

What is it about our porcine friend that makes it extremely adorable to the masses? I don’t know as I cannot quite put my finger on it, but one thing I do know is this – they’re round, pink when clean, and extremely cute. You know the saying “when pigs fly”? Bring that to reality […]


Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

How many of us are extremely efficient when it comes to moving our bowels? That is, we tend to do so in a clockwork manner without having to spend too much time on the porcelain throne to unload the previous day’s food that has been processed and churned by our intestines. Well, some of us […]


Plushtography Camera Lens Pillows

Taking a break is always something nice, especially when you have had a particularly difficult day over at work. Assuming you have a great love for photography and have already amassed a respectable collection of lenses as well as camera bodies, then you would love to sink your head into the Plushtography Camera Lens Pillows. […]


Stepped in Dog Doo Prank

Stepping into a steaming pile of poo is not the best way to start off the day, since it would ruin your day – especially when you are dressed to the nines. With the $3.99 Stepped in Dog Doo Prank, you would be able to play it well with an accompanying stink spray for the […]


Doctor Who Floating Character Pens

Everyone loves Doctor Who. All right, I might be out on a limb here, not everyone, but a fair number of people actually, and we have seen a fair number of doctors go by in the past. There is just something about time travel that makes life a whole lot more interesting, and with the […]


Staple Gun

There are guns, and then there are guns. A staple gun might seem to be something that DIY users love to own, since it offers a various range of possibilities in your DIY projects without too much effort. With the $15.95 Staple Gun, life will be a whole lot more interesting, since it comes with […]


Apocalypse Snow Globe

Many people have cited the end of the world for the longest time, and different dates have come and gone by already, and here we are still plunging headlong into the 21st century without batting an eyelid. New discoveries are being made every day, folks are getting married (and divorced), and not too many people […]


Left Handed Mug

There is nothing quite like stating the obvious, and with the €6.25 Left Handed Mug, you know for sure just who is it for. If you are a southpaw like me, the Left Handed Mug is the perfect mug to drink your morning coffee from. After all, why not do so and let the whole […]


Soccer Finger Tattoos

Soccer (as the Americans call it) is a sport that is full of passion, and any self respecting soccer club fan is going to stick to the club through thick and thin, that is for sure, never mind that it gets relegated down to the nether regions of the league in the country. Well, if […]


Star Wars Endor Speeder Bike Floaty Pen

Who can forget the first time that they saw the Speeder Bike in Star Wars when they were a little kid? The sense of speed as well as awe, and it does lead us to wonder – with such reflexes, surely the Stormtroopers could do better in landing a single laser shot at the rebels […]


Salt and Pepper Wind-Up Robots

I am quite sure that many of us will be able to identify with the classic wind-up robot design – round eyes, square heads and bodies, as well as pincer-like hands that are attached to flexible appendages that make up its arms. Well, how about adding a dining room twist to the entire shebang with […]


USB Buru-Buru Helmet Head Massager

Don’t you think that the Japanese come up with the zaniest ideas? The $30 USB Buru-Buru Helmet Head Massager is definitely one of them for sure thanks to the folks over at Thanko, where it will “vibrate” (buruburu, hence its name) your head, helping give your brain a nice and deserving rest from the accumulated […]

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