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Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker

Love having a Blizzard, but do not want to be subject to its availability outside all the time? You can always consider picking up the Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker which can be used at home. This comes with packets of mix and Pop Rocks, where once it is exhausted, you can always use the machine […]


Thick Slice of Postcard Cake

Sometimes you need a little something extra to let someone know you’re thinking of them.  Be it because you just forgot to send a card on their birthday or that you just want to give them something that really stands out.  This postcard is definitely the way to be unique.  It’s shaped like a slice […]


Pancake-Flavored Milkshake in a can

If you should find yourself in Japan after September 8th and need some refreshment you will be able to get yourself a very odd milkshake to quench your thirst.  Instead of going for the usual vanilla or chocolate shake, just grab yourself a can of Hotcake Milkshake.  It definitely sounds bizarre, but then again I […]


Choco-Mouse wireless USB mouse

Take a bite out of the Choco-Mouse wireless USB mouse, as this unique looking piece of computer peripheral will definitely remind you that there is still a bar of Macadamian nut chocolate in the fridge, waiting for you to sink your teeth into it since this plastic device is certainly not too conducive for your […]


Toilet Mug

If you have a taste for the strange and weird, then you might want to check out the Toilet Mug – afte all, this porcelain throne has been miniaturized to be able to hold your favorite chocolatey beverage as well as other chocolate-covered items to give it that authentic toilet look, although you’re more than […]


Even Robots Get Romantic Sometimes

Now you can show off the more sentimental side of robots with this pillowcase set.  Sure, it’s geeky, but the pillowcases are romantic geeky.  Which means even non-geeks might find it cute.  The set has a cute saying on each side.  One for one case and another for the other side.  These hand screen pillowcases […]


Barb Wire Toilet Paper

Here’s something that is visually torturous – the Barb Wire Toilet Paper that won’t tear you a second hole in the rear end, although it might look threatening enough. Each roll comes with 360 high quality sheets of twin-ply toilet paper to make sure that all the mess you created can be wiped up in […]


Melty cellphones attracts no ants

How would you like your cellphone to resemble something that looks like a melted bar of chocolate? Well, the Japanese certainly aren’t complaining with the Melty Chocolate Phones from Japanese designer Q-Pot, where it will come in Melty Bitter (brown) and Melty Strawberry (pink) colors that feature a 3D effect chocolate case, chocolate themed menus […]


The Double Slanket

Those who have been following gadget blogs for quite some time would have stumbled upon the Slanket – but this time round, we would classify the Slanket as something foolish since doesn’t really add that much value to everyday life any more than an ordinary blanket. The Double Slanket can only mean one thing – […]


Pooping Penguin

The Pooping Penguin is one daft looking toy that will definitely have you in stitches. This windup candy dispenser will let loose tasty pellets (use small chocolate bits for the full effect) from his butt, even when he walks! We’re sure kids will love him to bits due to the small presents dropped everywhere he […]


Executive Elite Marshmallow Blaster

We all know that we are not supposed to play with our food, but somehow with the Executive Elite Marshmallow Blaster, it ought to help you lose some calories from all those marshmallows dipped in hot chocolate as you run around the room like a giggling 5-year old, using office furniture as a sort of […]


The Wafer iPod Shuffle Case

Anyone else tired of these electronic accessories that if used on a regular basis, would constantly make you crave sweets?  It’s not that I’m all that worried about my calories, it’s more that it’d make me really angry if I couldn’t get my hands on the sugary treats when the mood strikes me.  Which with […]


The S’more Keyboard

Here’s a s’more for those that can’t be associated with anything but geek foods.  It takes all of the proper ingredients and puts them in the form of a keyboard.  Of course it’s all a little bit in the improper spot to really eat it as a s’more.  Plus there’s the issue of not knowing […]


The USB 3-Port Grape Shaped Hub

I’m guessing this will probably appeal to those that have a bowl of fake fruit lying around their house.  Either way though, a grape shaped USB hub is definitely an odd choice.  It features 3 different hubs for your various USB powered gadgets.  The seller says that the hub is “mainly made of Ceramic like […]


Sweet Tooth Candy Holder

How ironic, storing all of your favorite candy (any leftover chocolate bunnies from Easter?) inside a candy holder shaped to look like a giant molar. Well, we suppose that it is a strong reminder for us to maintain a strict regime of oral hygiene once we’re done with our favorite jelly beans and the ilk. […]


Yummy Pockets could fool some

For those who prefer to store their dollar bills in a place other than a wallet, there is always the Yummy Pockets which were specially created for such a crowd. Available in Taco and Chocolate Chip Cookie versions (where you can see the latter on the right), these Yummy Pockets actually look pretty realistic, and […]


Disappearing Dinosaurs Mug

You know what really wiped out the mighty dinosaurs from the planet? It wasn’t a meteorite, but hot water that scalded them to death. To prove this theory correct, why not pick up the Disappearing Dinosaurs Mug and pour some boiling hot water inside when you’re going to enjoy some powdered chocolate? Once the hot […]


Chalk Mug helps you leave notes

Do you tend to leave Post-Its on your coffee mug every morning to remind you to carry out important tasks for the day? I think that is certainly a much better idea compared to the Chalk Mug that you see here – apparently it comes glazed with a chalk board surface that lets you leave […]


The Refrigerator Lock Up keeps out mooches

We’ve all at some point had that friend that tends to clean out our fridge every single time they stop by.  If you’re quick enough, you can get them to eat the leftovers you don’t want.  However, every so often they make off with your stash of favorite foods.  Which is where this lock comes […]


Funny yet overpriced scales

First there is the Bun in Oven Scale, which if given by a guy would be grounds to take of their head. Sure, women might be able to get away with offering it up as a humorous gift, but men should steer clear. The bun in the oven scale starts off at 120lbs and shows […]

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