Mug Muscles

If I am not mistaken, one who tends to drink a whole lot of alcohol, especially when it comes to ales and beer, would most probably end up with a beer belly of sorts in due time, assuming food intake remains the same as before, and yet having said person live an extremely sedentary lifestyle. […]


iCup concept

I know that the late Steve Jobs has proven himself to be an inspiration to many, although there is also a darker side to him that only those who have worked alongside him know. Still, the man’s achievements in the world of tech cannot be denied, not to mention how he more or less single-handedly […]


Shark Bowl

For those of you who grew up watching the movie “Jaws”, the iconic tune that played in the background as the great white shark prepared to pounce on its unsuspecting victim would surely ring a bell in many people’s memories. While we know for a fact that humans kill sharks needlessly far more than sharks […]


Star Trek Captain’s Chair Pet Bed

Everyone loves to be the captain of his or her own soul, but when it comes to animals, some animals think that they’re king of your domain (cats!), while others (such as dogs) would follow your every command. Still, prince or pauper, your pet deserves a nice and comfortable place to sleep on at night […]


Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

When you were a kid, did you have sessions of thumb wrestling “matches” with your siblings and friends? Those were really frantic moments, and it just goes to prove yet again how one’s ingenuity is able to help pass time in a fun manner. Some folks even dress up their thumbs by drawing a smiley […]


Fly Sword Swatter

Mosquitoes are extremely annoying creatures and potentially dangerous, too, especially when you take into consideration that it does carry around parasites and other kinds of diseases which could even kill given the right circumstances. Other than the mosquito, another irritating insect that should not have gotten on board Noah’s Ark would have been the fly. […]


Das Horn, Drinking Horn

So you like to have some friends over from time to time as you engage in some tipple as well as banter about the past, present, as well as future. Normal beer mugs do not quite make the cut actually, no matter how frosted and cool they have been. If you are looking for something […]

enterprise-floating pen

Star Trek Floating Enterprise Pen

In the world of Star Trek, there are just so many different kinds of technology that we have yet to see make an appearance in the real world – and one of them would include an anti-gravity environment. Sure, magnetically levitated train tracks are already operational, but this is not a wholesome anti-gravity environment. Why […]


Broccoli Bites Appeteether

Being a new parent is no easy task. Not only do you have to deal with the lack of sleep, no thanks to late night feedings, there are also up-the-back blowouts, plenty of unsolicited advice from well wishers as well as going to work like a zombie. Ah yes, teething issues too, could make your […]


Crossbow 3D mug

Not all mugs are created equal, that is for sure. What then are you to do if you would want to own something which is out of the ordinary instead of a normal mug? Boys like toys, and big boys have their fair share of toys as well. Exploding weapons and other kinds of items […]


Four Seasons Spice Shakers

A salt and pepper shaker set would be a pretty ordinary fixture in any home’s kitchen or dining table, so how the heck do you spice things up? Why, with the $36.76 Four Seasons Spice Shakers, of course! After all, isn’t variety the spice of life? The Four Seasons Spice Shakers will be dining accessories […]


Pay To Snooze Alarm Clock

I have learned the hard way that the snooze function on the alarm clock is not something which should be depended upon all the time, as there will always been moments when you over-snooze, so to speak, and miss that all important appointment or date. Well, the $41.99 Pay To Snooze Alarm Clock might be […]


Storm Trooper Backpack

Storm Trooper are supposed to be the backbone of the Imperial Army, where Emperor Palpatine controls many star systems and planets with platoons of Storm Troopers acting as his extended “hand”. The thing is, we do wonder how did the galaxy fall under the rule of Palpatine when Storm Trooper is unable to shoot a […]


Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Piggy Bank

One of the more memorable ghosts that the Ghostbusters team had to store would be the Marshmallow Man – he looks harmless enough, but he is one huge mother that can wreak havoc across an entire city. Well, you might as well put his size to good use then, considering how this could be the […]


Robocup makes short work of criminal Mondays

Ahoy there, you working crowd! How many of you think that a two day weekend is way too short for your own comfort, and figure out that it is almost criminal to go to work on a Monday morning? If you have answered in the affirmative to that question, perhaps there are some “tools” that […]


Whale Flower Vase

Ah, the whale – the world’s largest mammal, and yet it does not even have any legs. This is fine and dandy since it needs the ocean in order to support its massive size, and I am quite sure that all of us have heard of the story of Moby Dick, the white whale that […]


Leaning Tower of Pasta

When you think of Italian food, I am quite sure that pizza and pasta would have crossed your mind. These happen to be perennial favorites of many, and just about every country would have an Italian restaurant, going to show how famous their cuisine is. Here is the cute little £29.99 Leaning Tower of Pasta […]


Photobox Retro Camera Shaped Tin

Now here is a retro camera shaped tin that will be able to help stash away anything, including your old school photographs. With the $14.29 Photobox Retro Camera Shaped Tin, you will be able celebrate the era where there are 8-bit video games, vinyl LP cover art and instant Polaroid cameras which dot our everyday […]


Minecraft: Steve Box Head Mask

Halloween might still be a long way off, but this does not mean that you cannot be prepared for the future. In fact, being prepared is always a good thing to do, and so Minecraft fans can always give the $21.99 Minecraft: Steve Box Head Mask a go. While wearing the Minecraft: Steve Box Head […]


Chobi Cam Cheese Mini Digital Toy Camera

“Say cheese!” is something that we used to hear for the longest time, as the photographer lines up his or her subject(s) accordingly before pressing the shutter button. Well, I have always wondered just where the cajoling hailed from, and why not “fleece” or something else that would help carve a smile on our faces? […]


Gingerbread Action Man Cookie Cutter

I am quite sure that many of us have fond memories of a gingerbread cookie, and the image of the gingerbread man will remain ingrained in many a brain for the years to come. After all, gingerbread men do seem to be extremely cute all the time, and if you are an experienced hand in […]


Star Trek Enterprise Plush Dog Chew Toy

Have you ever wondered how come you never saw any dogs on board the USS Enterprise at all? Well, if you feel that you want to let your canine friend let out a little steam since it discovered that dogs in space within the science fiction realm are generally non-existent – or very rare, then […]


Giant Inflatable Rubber Duck

The rubber duck can be said to be a staple fixture in many a bathroom that has a bathtub in it, although it would make for an interesting study if one were to try to figure out the origins of the yellow rubber duckie. Other than the fact that it is cute, aren’t there so […]


Toilet paper made out of gold

There are times in life when I really do question the sanity of mankind. On one hand, we have many parts of the world starving, where having three square meals in a single day is considered a luxury, while the rich and famous blow their cash away on something else altogether. Australia, the famous country […]

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