Domo Pizza Cutter

Food presentation plays an important role at the higher echelons of society, as no matter how tasty a particular dish can be, it would be better if it were to be dished out (pardon the pun) in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. Well, sometimes we just want some comfort food, and that […]


Lighter Candles is full of irony

You know what lighters are for – most of the time, they are used to light up cigarettes, although once in a while, they are summoned to perform a different ritual – that is, to bring life to a candle wick, or perhaps to even burn a piece of paper so that it can light […]


Frozen Peas

There is nothing quite like a refreshing cold drink on a sweltering summer day. An ice cold lemonade sounds just about right, and if you want to bring your drinking experience up to the next level without invoking the use of any spirits or mixers, then the next best thing would be to check out […]


Touch Point Stylus

I am quite sure that we all own at least one touchscreen device, and in the early days of touchscreen devices, they would need the use of a stylus to work well, as one’s fingers will not be able to get the job done effectively. Enter the £5.00 Touch Point Stylus, where it is capable […]


Insect Push Pins

Push pins are pretty normal items at the office, but what happens when you have a creative streak with something as simple as a push pin? Why, you end up with something like the €12.59 Insect Push Pins, of course! It will definitely add a touch of quirkiness to your corkboard thanks to the Insect […]


Animal Masks lets you express yourself differently

Most of the time, we humans would like to think that we are elevated above animals in terms of our culture as well as heritage, but there are dark moments in humanity that make animals seem like angels in comparison. Well, I am quite sure that during one of those days which run you ragged […]


Cork Globe

So, you are a jet setting, well heeled executive who has more or less traveled across all of the continents on God’s green earth? Well, you might have stories to tell through pictures concerning your adventures on Facebook, but what about being in the presence of folks who could not give two hoots about jumping […]


Green 60″ Super ‘Stache

Have you watched The Lorax at the cinema some years back, or do you still have fond memories of the book? Well, if you have always wanted to grow one of those stupendous mustaches, but have never really managed to get about doing so for genetic or personal reasons, here is one way to get […]


Pillow Fight

It is a fight right down to the very end whenever the lights are turned off, as parents expect their little ones to actually go to bed early and retire for the night so that they will be able to rise up early the next morning for a full day over at school. Well, siblings […]


Dr. Clip Pelvis Frame

Want to look at your very best? Well, there is always good old exercise, as well as doing your bit by dressing up and spraying cologne or perfume before you actually head outdoors to a social gathering or setting. Having a good posture would also help, but I am not quite sure whether it is […]


Magic Whisk

They say that the best kind of food which is made is the one that is cooked in love. I suppose that holds true, as how many of us out there actually miss mom’s cooking when she is no longer around here with us? There is something magical about whipping up a storm in the […]


Inflatable Tongue

Ah, the tongue. This is one particular group of muscles that makes life worth living. After all, if you are unable to talk or sing even with a fully functional tongue, life would be a whole lot more bland, wouldn’t it? Not only that, take away your ability to taste, and it might get extremely […]


Drum Machine Wallet

One’s eyes might be the window to one’s soul, but what do you do when you want to court someone who does not seem to have the same kind of interest as you do, requiring you to enlist some outside help along the way? Music has been known to be able to help move the […]


War on Errors Rubber

I know that our brave men and women continue to ply the war on terror every single day across various fronts, be it in front of the computer or on a peacekeeping mission at countries where a US passport is looked upon with disdain. Well, school going kids too, have their own wars to wage, […]


Minecraft: Enderman Box Head Mask

Yes, we do know that Warner Bros. intends to turn the hugely popular game known as Minecraft into a movie. I do wonder whether the movie will be able to rake in the many millions along the way after it is released, but one thing’s for sure – if they were to create some sort […]


Cat Video Clapperboard

I suppose you can say that the Internet is full of cat videos, as though there is some sort of strange pulling power when it comes to seeing cute felines and their antics. Well, these cat videos will definitely not pop out of nowhere, do they? Someone out there would have to do the “dirty […]


Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

Are you a huge Star Wars fanboy? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would certainly be interested in this particular pair of Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs which will retail for £19.99 per pair. After all, saving the galaxy from the tyranny of an evil Emperor will also require for you to […]


Half-Life Headcrab Hat

The famous Headcrab from Half-Life is almost as scary as the Facehugger from the Alien franchise, but it does not seem to be as deadly since there is no acid blood to worry about. Still, you might want to relive the good old days with the introduction of the $29.99 Half-Life Headcrab Hat. Forget about […]


Googly Eyes Bag Clip

How many of you actually have snacks that you know require an airtight container in order to have it remain as fresh as possible, but somehow or rather, prefer to just tie up the plastic or roll it up due to laziness? Perhaps it would be better to get a clip while you are at […]


Fire Ants Candy

I suppose kids who love playing outdoors when they were young would have formed plenty of fond memories over the years, but there are also dangers out there which need to be looked into lest something untoward happens along the way. Poisonous snakes abound, not to mention the fact that kids might slide their hands […]


Dumb-Bell Cutlery

Now the $145 Dumb-Bell Cutlery is a good place as any to start going nuts in the dining room. After all, who would have thought that their meal would end up helping them build muscles, or at least get a bit of exercise into the mix instead of just gaining on the pounds? With the […]


Doctor Who Extra Squishy Stress Toys

In this day and age, we do live in an extremely stressful world. In fact, stress can be said to be one of the main causes of poor health as other kinds of sicknesses tend to follow afterwards, ranging from falling hair, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and even a paralyzing stroke. Having said that, […]


Squirrel Nut Grinder

Squirrels absolutely love their nuts, there are no two ways about it for sur. Since that is the case, why not use the squirrel if you are going to roll out any particular device or object that has to do with the subject matter of nuts? The £24.99 Squirrel Nut Grinder does not only look […]


Whale Tissue Box Holder

When it comes to decorating a house, the possibilities are basically endless. After all, each and every single one of us has his or her set of preferences, ranging from color to textile use as well as the furniture arrangement sequence. Having said that, what about the tiny little trinkets as well as accessories that […]

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