All About The Benjamins Bank

The habit of saving money for a rainy day should be cultivated when your kids are still young, as they learn that both mom and dad are not bottomless pits of money, and that there is this thing called “work” which one indulges in in order to earn a living and help support the family. […]


Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets

Some of us hardly pay any attention to the fridge throughout the week, which means that we would have missed whatever important memo that has been put up there thanks to a fridge magnet. Others, however, tend to open up the fridge each time we go to the kitchen, as though magically expecting the fridge […]


Samurice Ninja Ice Pops

Summer is upon us, so it makes perfect sense to want to suck on an ice cold lolly at the end of a sweltering day. After all, cooling down and remaining hydrated is important in the sweltering heat, and what better way to do so than with an ice pop? Moms who want to save […]


Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps

When it comes to gamers, the most dedicated of them might not necessarily be the most hygienic of the lot. After all, a gamer’s dedication knows no boundaries, having spent hour after hour in front of the TV while hoping to hit the perfect score or execute a move that is deemed as impossible by […]


Farfalloni Pot Grips

How many people do you know who absolutely love pasta? After all, there is something about this form of carbohydrates that is absolutely delicious, especially when you take into consideration the kind of condiments and fillings that it comes with in the hands of a master chef. Most folks would bring their favorite pasta to […]


Lemon Tea Infuser

It is said that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade out of it. However, you might want to change your mind and not follow conventional wisdom, thanks to the $9.99 Lemon Tea Infuser. The name of this particular device itself gives the game away – this is an actual tea infuser, except that […]


Man Hands

Hmmm, so you are a lady who takes real good care of your skin, making sure that it remains as flawless as the day that you married? Well, doing the house chores might mean being cause for wrinkles on your skin, but there is always this thing called rubber gloves to protect your sensitive skin […]


Sparrow Key Holder

Sparrows are cute little creatures, don’t you think so? They flit and fly around without a care in the world, and yet do belt out some of the more inspirational tunes during the mornings. Well, with the $14.49 Sparrow Key Holder, this is an adorable key ring that sports a wall-mountable birdhouse which will ensure […]


Drink Guard Drink Rafts

Since the summer is about to happen for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, it can only mean one thing – it is time to break out the swimsuit and suntan lotion, as you book your annual holiday to your favorite sun-washed haunt. Well, most hotels would come with a decent swimming pool, […]


Golfer’s Grill Clubs

So you love golf so much, that you do not want to find a way to “escape” from the spectre of golf even when you have donned the chef’s hat and apron for a BBQ session in your backyard? I would suppose then that this is where the $39.95 Golfer’s Grill Clubs play a role. […]


Biodegradable Pet Urn Tree

While some of us would prefer to bury our four legged friend in our backyard, or at least have a proper send off at a pet sematary, but there are others out there who have a more practical outlook of things – and prefer to take the cremation route. Of course, choosing an urn afterwards […]


Campfire Trivet

Now this is something interesting, it is a trivet that is quite unlike any other, since it resembles that of a campfire. Yes sir, the $13.49 Campfire Trivet is an unnaturally cool looking thing to carry around, as while it resembles that of a pile of kindling, it is different from actual campfire. The whole […]


Dinner Winner Plate

One task that some parents find it difficult to actually get a hold of would be to feed their kids during meal times, or rather, to have their kids finish up their meals willingly and voluntarily. Well, perhaps there are other ways to make such a thing happen, and with the $18.99 Dinner Winner Plate, […]


Doctor Who Cookie Cutters

It does not matter just how old or young you are, there is one particular snack that I am quite sure no one will be able to resist, and that would be cookies with milk. Having said that, what better way is there to celebrate with your entire family of Doctor Who fans than with […]


Monkey Brains Bowl

Some of the things in life do come with the automatic question mark of “Why?”. After all, here is a perfect example – the £34.99 Monkey Brains Bowl. I know that I have read about folks living in the East before who actually did consume monkey brains while the monkey is still alive, and to […]


Infinite Dungeon Corridor

So the upcoming and latest revision for Dungeons & Dragons are about to hit the market, and I am quite sure that dungeon masters as well as RPG buffs everywhere would be more than pleased to pick it up when it arrives, bringing them through a second childhood in the process. For those who love […]


Security Camera Birdfeeder

They say that prevention is better than cure, and if you happen to live in a crime ridden neighborhood, perhaps it is time to make sure that anyone with nefarious intentions would know that you happen to have a security camera system set up around the perimeter of your home. Of course, if you are […]


Money Napkins

You might not have the kind money that rappers have, being obscenely rich and basically throwing them Benjamins all over a music video, but this does not mean you cannot live out that dream. Instead of taking the long and hard route of printing your own money using an inkjet system, you might want to […]


Palm Tree Drink Rafts

So, you have had just about paid your dues when it comes to the amount of work that is done at the office, so much so that you would like nothing better than a holiday on a tropical island somewhere. Unfortunately, your work schedule does not permit you to do so, which is why you […]


Oppo Dog Muzzle Quack

Not all dogs are friendly, as they all come with varying temperaments. Some breeds, however, are naturally more friendly than others, but if you know that your pooch is not all that sociable with other dogs and people, then it would be best to muzzle him or her. However, before you slip on a standard […]


Assault and Battery salt & pepper shakers

If there ever was a funnier batch of salt and pepper shakers that we have come across in the market, it would be this – the $9.95 Assault and Battery salt & pepper shakers. They both basically live up to their literal name, with one of them being a terrified looking battery, while the other […]


Banana Split Boat

One of the better childhood memories that one can have would be that of having ice cream as part of a celebration, or simply because you fell down and hurt yourself earlier in the day, and your parents want you to get over the pain by bringing you to the local ice cream parlor for […]


The Fart Clock

Every home as well as office needs some way of telling the time, and while most of us do so these days by glancing at the corner of our computer screen or to take a quick look at our smartphones or tablets, there will still be those who would prefer nothing quite like a good, […]


Executive Decision Maker Mug

In the Peter Principle, it seems that someone will be promoted all the way to a person’s level of incompetence, before growth stops there. Well, have you ever wondered just how the executives in a particular company arrive at a decision, let alone an important one which will affect the lives of the thousands of […]

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