Retro Video Game Collectible Enamel Pin Set Series

We humans are nostalgic creatures, otherwise, why is there a reason for us to keep scrapbooks and find it rather difficult at times to throw away our old stuff and junk? Having said that, if you are an avid video game fan, then I am quite sure that you have grown up with fond memories […]


Eat & Brush Spork + Toothbrush

Have you ever made use of the spork before? That happens to be an amalgamation between a spoon and a fork, allowing you to make use of both utensils in a single form factor. Now this is definitely something that is fun, don’t you think so? Well, for those who thought in the first place […]


Horse Hooves

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and I suppose what you see above is pretty much self explanatory. After all, you simply cannot get any zanier when it comes to footwear that with a pair of $39.99 Horse Hooves. Wearing these would definitely do their part to complete your transformation to being […]


R2-D2 Rebel Raspberry Sours

Everyone’s favorite Astromech droid, R2-D2, is back again, although this time around, he will not come with some sort of useful feature to help around the house. Basically, the $3.49 R2-D2 Rebel Raspberry Sours is nothing but an ordinary container for some sour candy, and in order to make sure that we are reminded that […]


Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

Thumb wrestling would most probably be an experience that all of us adults have had back in the day when we were wee kids, not to mention for us men, while having a whole lot more hair on our heads without any kind of beer belly that prevents us from seeing our feet when we […]


Strongman Romper Suit

Not all babies are born super like Kal-El, but this does not mean that parents are unable to dream. Even when fiction cannot be turned into reality, there is always another option – to make use of one’s imagination, that is. Case in point, the £17.99 Strongman Romper Suit. Forget about working out in the […]


Body Doodlers

One of the greatest gifts that humanity has would be the power of one’s imagination. Without imagination, we would not have ended up with such wonderful stories and movies over the past few decades (and books would turn back the clock even more), and if your kid shows a streak of being the next master […]


Jumbo Cutlery Drainer

If your heart is cut because you keep on hearing about how elephants continue to be hunted down in the wild for their tusks, without the poachers giving two hoots on how the earth’s largest land-based mammal is seriously dwindling in its population, then you might want to keep a reminder in your home to […]


Tanooki Suit Mario Limited Edition Statue

If you are a major fan of Mario, then you would surely fall in love with the $199.99 Tanooki Suit Mario Limited Edition Statue. All right, this particular limited edition statue is not going to do anything else other than look good on your desk or on a shelf, since it does not light up […]


Top Cookie Cookie Cutters

The taste of victory is sweet, quite unlike the bitter pill that Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of his Portuguese team mates had to swallow right after the trouncing that the ever efficient Germans dished out yesterday. Well, whenever you have an occasion to celebrate, why not do so with cookies? The $12.99 Top Cookie […]


Mug With A Hoop

Are all mugs created and designed in an equal manner? The answer would be no. After all, while the majority of us out there would prefer to just grab our drinks and sip from it, we do not give too much thought as to the kind of drinking utensil that we use, some others prefer […]


Spray Can Baby Rattle

Babies do need some toys to keep themselves occupied from time to time, and what better way than to rely on the old standby, the rattle? The $8.99 Spray Can Baby Rattle does offer a twist to the traditional rattle design, as it comes in the form of a spray can. Who knows? You might […]


Cool Pop Teether

Babies are extremely cute creatures, and there is nothing quite like a sleeping baby that gives the parents a smile of satisfaction on their respective faces. After all, it does take a fair amount of cajoling to ensure that your little one is able to settle down like, er, well, a baby. When your newborn […]


Hypno Glasses

If there is one super power that you could choose from in the world, which one would it be? Wouldn’t being able to control one’s mind be the ultimate way to get around in life? You can make anyone perform your bidding, and this would mean taking the fall on your behalf in doing something […]


Appeteethers keeps your little one occupied

Babies are cute – way too cute, actually. Although how they grow up depends a whole lot on the parents’ input along the way, they are adorable little creatures when young. However, growing up does have its fair share of teething problems, literally speaking. How about easing those teething issues with the £9.99 Appeteethers? The […]


Sushi Sticky Notes

Everyone loves sushi, am I right? I guess not, some folks out there simply cannot stomach raw, fresh fish dipped in a mixture of soy sauce as well as wasabi. Having said that, I myself cannot get enough of sushi, and it makes perfect sense to check out the $10.99 Sushi Sticky Notes. As its […]


GuitDoorbell alerts you of guests

Ding dong! That would be the normal sound of a doorbell, or some folks might opt for something less traditional and target a more natural sound, maybe that of a bird chirping. However, how about taking a slightly less traveled route with the $129.95 GuitDoorbell? Yes sir, the GuitDoorbell is not exactly the standard issue […]


Eco Melody 3201 Toilet Sound Blocker

Going to the toilet is a very private affair, and if you happen to be in your own home, you do not have to worry too much about making some weird noises especially when your stomach is churning after having way too much curry the night before. In a public setting, if you happen to […]


Hand Carved Ice Cubes Go For $325 A Pop

Ice cubes are just that, ice cubes, right? Apparently not, and if you feel that you would like to be a whole lot extravagant in your next party, you can go nuts with the $325 Ice Cubes. Why are these ice cubes so freaking expensive? Well, that is because each of these ice cubes have […]


Open Here Bottle Opener

Some things in life do not need any kind of coaxing to help it get off the ground. In fact, to have instructions that point out the obvious can be downright insulting, but when it comes to opening beer bottles, don’t laugh at the $7.99 Open Here Bottle Opener. After all, how many of us […]


Squirrel Head Feeder

So, you happen to live in a neighborhood where the occasional squirrel scampers across your lawn once in a while, looking for something to fill up its stomach. Assuming you realized that you could play a role in supporting this squirrel’s family, how about doing so in a fun manner instead of just dropping some […]


Bear Hands Oven Mitts

So, you love spending plenty of time in the kitchen, cooking up stuff as well as baking various delicacies simply because you have a great love for all things gastronomic. Having said that, how about having some fun while you’re spending time in the kitchen? After all, dishes tend to taste a whole lot more […]


Grip Strip

When you travel around in your car, do you find that there is some space on the dashboard that remains underutilized, and so much as you would love to place your smartphone as well as bunch of keys there for easy access, having those slide off whenever you step on the gas or make a […]


Revolver Shot Glasses

More often than not, those of us who love drinking and go pub crawling during the weekends would have our favorite brand of “shots” to knock back, and the local bartender knows our choice of poison without us having to, er, shoot our mouths off. Well, just in case you happen to want to knock […]

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