Magic Hat Mug

There is this staple act on any decent magician’s (although certain quarters would prefer to use the word “illusionist”) list of acts, which would include pulling a rabbit out of the magician’s hat. Well, you might want to shrink things down by a few sizes with the mesmerizing $14.99 Magic Hat Mug. Yes sir, the […]


Butter Sucker

Do you love sucking on a piece of butter? I do know that there is nothing better each morning for breakfast other than to have a plate of omelettes (well done, with plenty of mushrooms and Parmesan cheese), as well as another plate of croissants – and plenty of butter on the side to go […]


Wind-Up Obama poops candy

Election fever is upon the US, never mind that Hurricane Sandy is out to cause troubles on the East Coast, botching Google’s event in New York City this morning. Well, for those who feel that they just want nothing better than to wind up the current president of the US, Obama, here is something wacky […]


Ice Cream Sandwich wallet

I know that many of us who own Android-powered devices would know what an Ice Cream Sandwich is, having seen its iteration across numerous devices (with folks making the jump to Jelly Bean now when possible), but how about the rest of the world who have no clue what an Ice Cream Sandwich looks like? […]


Cake Divider ensures that all dessert spoils are even

There is one classic scenario at the family dinner table after a particularly satisfying meal – when the cake is brought out, most folks would want to do their best and try to fight for the largest slice if that is their favorite chocolate cake. Well, this is where a kitchen item like the $13.99 […]


Warm Shoestring concept sounds electrifying

The bitter cold of winter has its pros and cons – those who hate taking baths will have an excuse not to take one as it is so cold, there is no need to wet yourself down. There is also the feeling of having a piping mug of hot chocolate and some toasted marshmallows to […]


Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray

If you are one social butterfly who loves nothing better than throw parties that everyone continues talking about it many years down the road, then you might be interested to hear what Thinkgeek has just released. After all, good parties would mean having drinks – and hot drinks just do not cut the mustard, leaving […]


Cupcake Measuring Cups

Now here is the irony of the situation – you want to make cupcakes, and so to get the mix of ingredients right, measuring cups are required. What better way than to use the $19.99 Cupcake Measuring Cups to get the job done? It will always let you enjoy the charm of a cupcake, never […]


Mustache Ice Cube Tray

Some of us would like to wear a mustache, while others prefer to be clean shaven, and more often than not, it is those who cannot grow a stubble to save their lives who want a mustache, while the more hirsute among men tend to be one of the biggest consumers of shavers. Here’s a […]


Sauced Measuring Wine Glass

A wine glass is a wine glass, is it not? Apparently, the answer is simply not quite that straightforward, as in the case of the $14.95 Sauced Measuring Wine Glass. After all, with this unique glass, it allows you to get as sauced as your sauce, where it is marked on one side in 1/4 […]


Ray Gun Mug

“Bring me to your leader,” said the alien to you. Well, you might not be able to gain access to the President at your beck and call, but at least you can show whatever intelligent alien lifeform that shows up at your front door some good old fashioned hospitality by offering it a drink. Chocolate, […]


Alien Head Ice Cube Tray

Remember the Alien Egg Ice Cube Tray that we talked about yesterday? Just in case you felt that having that in your kitchen is not enough to induce some screaming good times for your dinner guests in the future, how about the $9.99 Alien Head Ice Cube Tray that would be the perfect complement? After […]


Alien Egg Ice Cube Tray

Who can forget the terror of a Facehugger when we first watched the movie, “Alien”? Well, you know the drill – get them before they hatch, which means decimate all eggs in the vicinity (and risk the wrath of the Alien Queen going nuts over the destruction of her brood). Well, you can now play […]


I Spat In This Mug

When it comes to sharing saliva, we only do it with our partner or when our kids cannot finish up their half eaten food. Other than that, the saliva of another is often considered as anathema. Well, if you want to play a prank on your friends the next time around, why not offer to […]


Edible Easter Grass

When it comes to the Easter season, what goes across your mind? Apart from chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs, surely a lovely hi-tea buffet with your loved ones would also make for a memorable Easter. Well, for folks who love packing in their own hampers, here is a piece of decoration that you might want […]


Giant Easter Egg

Easter is coming – in fact it is just less than a couple of weeks away, and for those who are not Christians, you would most probably associate it with chocolate eggs and bunnies. Well, with the Giant Easter Egg, you can usher in this celebration, where it stands proud at 40cm in height, and […]


Skyrim Valentine’s Day Cards

Nothing says love quite like flowers, chocolates and a card – while the first two are pretty easy to find, selecting the right kind of card could prove to be more of a challenge than you originally thought. Fret not – video game fanatics who are caught up in the entire Skyrim business will have […]


World’s Largest Coffee Cup

If you absolutely need your shot of coffee each morning before you are able to deliver a decent day of work, then chances are the pantry is your favorite place to hang out. Of course, the water cooler is another alternative, but who would want to drink a tasteless (albeit far more important, I admit) […]


Octopus Porcelain Mug

Now here is a mug that does not require you to plumb the very depths of the ocean to find out whether there is a tentacled beast living down there or not – all you need to do is finish some of your drink, and this cephalopod will make itself visible. An ever present fixture […]


USB Chocolight is a hoot

Here is definitely an exercise in optical illusion that is sure to cause puzzled looks at first glance – after all, don’t you think that this desk lamp looks totally rad? It basically involves a cup that has 8 LED lights within, and whenever it is plugged in to your computer via USB (you can […]


Donut Coffee Mug

If you know someone who is a cop, why not get him/her the Donut Coffee Mug? Not too sure what is it about cops and donuts, but here you go – the best of both worlds. Why is it called the Donut Coffee Mug? For starters, the handle of this mug resembles a chocolate coated […]


Bouncing Bunny Balls Candy

You know that rabbits tend to reproduce like there is no tomorrow, so it does make one wonder just how productive the male rabbit is? Well, you can now have a good laugh with the edible Bouncing Bunny Balls Candy – making it a sweet gag gift (no pun intended). Of course, there is also […]


Cookie Cake Tin

The Cookie Cake Tin is pretty self-explanatory – it retails for £24.99 which can buy a whole lot of cakes when you think about it, but this time around, it will do something different. In fact, it will help you bake some really huge cakes to share with others while looking as though it is […]


The Firebox Stocking for a quirky Christmas

Want to have a very different Christmas? Check out the Firebox Stocking which is available for different classes of people such as for her and for kids, retailing for £24.99 regardless of the size. These high quality, fur-trimmed stockings can be stuffed with a stunning selection of tinsel-quiveringly original gifts without relying on Santa since […]

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