No Prob-llama Stacking Bowl Set

Moving into your very own home is something to be proud of, as it shows to the rest of the world just what kind of person you are — responsible and financially capable of providing a roof above your head under your very own name. At least, if you pay off the monthly mortgage to […]


Yard Goods Fact-O-Meter Thermometer

Do you hate small talk? What happens when people whom you do not know really well pay you a courtesy visit, and you sit on the patio or verandah Well, talking about the weather might be a good idea, just in case you run out of topics, as you do not want to step on […]


Taco Tuesday Fiesta Sunglasses

Do you enjoy Taco Tuesdays? If you do, you might want to get the $4.99 Taco Tuesday Fiesta Sunglasses to go along with it. How about choosing to satisfy your craving for good times by getting your friends in the mood for a Mexican Fiesta using the Taco Tuesday Fiesta Sunglasses? Opt to wear a […]


We Can’t Believe It’s Not-epad of Butter

How many of us out there are actually make use of notepads these days? I am not referring to the app in Windows, and neither am I talking about the countless clone apps available across mobile devices. What I am talking about is the regular paper-sourced notepad where you use a pen or pencil to […]


Paper Sumo Battle

Have you ever participated in a sumo wrestling match? While that might not be the cup of tea for everyone due to the kind of body size in which one should have, how about viewing a sumo battle that is taking place halfway? Perhaps you might not have the chance to do either, but this […]


Glow-In-The-Dark Pool Float Inner Tube

What happens when you have had your fair share of fun under the sun by the sea? Well, perhaps it is time to chill out and relax by the poolside instead at night, and apart from showing off your bronzed body to everyone by parading yourself in this season’s hottest bikini, you might want to […]


Milkshake Sharpener + Pencil

There comes a time when you need to make a decision — and a rather serious one at that, too. I am referring to the tools of your trade if you are sitting behind an office desk all day long. Surely your choice of stationery should befit the status of your position, and if you […]


Handicat Kitty Finger Puppet

There are times in life when you need to keep your little ones entertained, and throwing a smartphone or tablet in their direction is not the way to go about doing so. How about some interaction and clever use of imagination — both yours and the child’s, with the $7.99 Handicat Kitty Finger Puppet? This […]


When Pigs Fly Salt & Pepper Shakers

Whenever the phrase “When pigs fly…” is used, it is meant to denote a situation which is impossible. After all, pigs do not have wings that allow them to take to the skies, and if that ever happens, it would be a horrible day to be out on the streets with all of their free-falling […]


Wad of Cash Bank Roll Illusion Notebook

While many of us more often than not take down notes with our smartphones or tablets, there is still room for the traditional pen (or pencil) and paper combination, and that comes in the form of a notebook. Well, if you would like the world to think that you are flush with cash even though […]


Office Party Paper Clip Opener

Working at the office can be a joy for some, although for many of us out there, it is more out of a chore and a necessity than anything else. Well, office workers need to be able to de-stress as well in order to operate at peak efficiency, which is why it is not surprising […]


Earaser Pencil Eraser

Geniuses are said to be tortured souls as well, and I am quite sure that many of us already know about Vincent Van Gogh and his famous ear. Well, if you are a budding artist yourself, or are someone who has an interest in all things Van Gogh, perhaps you might be interested in the […]


Cactus Oven Mitt

Having an oven at home is something that should be considered to be an essential tool. After all, there are many different kinds of dishes in which one will be able to whip up for lunch or dinner with the oven, and who can forget delicious cake recipes that whet the appetite during tea? Since […]


Cat Butts Coin Purse

Now here is a coin purse that is definitely out of the ordinary in terms of design. Why do we say so? For the very simple fact that it could prove to be offensive to some, taking into account that you see nothing but the rear end of cats. I know that cats do lick […]


Fridge Lunch Box

Life must have been pretty bland for those who lived in the days when there were no refrigerators, or fridges in short, around. While that meant always having to make sure that you do not waste food, it also meant eating healthily since everything was fresh. Well, there are always two sides to a coin, […]


Kissing Valentine Pens

I know, I know, February 14th is already history for the year, but hey, does this mean that all semblance of romance should be thrown out of the window? Far from it, and you can of course, also prepare yourself for next year’s Valentine’s Day. What better way to show off to the world just […]


Head Light Hat

Sure, the $14.99 Head Light Hat might not be the kind of prank device or toy that would elicit a laugh from the masses, but it would come in handy during an emergency, especially when the power trips, and the ilk. Do take note that if you were to pick it up, you might want […]


World’s Smallest Voice Changer

If you are not the kind who likes to play pranks on others, perhaps it is time that you actually take stock of the situation and make some character changes. After all, there are moments in life when one needs to absolutely lighten up, and having a few laughs is always good for one’s health. […]


Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion

Do you love to play pranks on others, including those people whom you do not know of? Well, if that is the case, then surely part of your “arsenal” would be the whoopee cushion, and if you do not have one of those in your possession, you are not much of a prankster at all. […]


Pixel Heart Glasses

Emoticons are the way to go when it comes to sharing your feelings and thoughts to one another in a virtual manner, especially via instant messaging programs such as WhatsApp. Having said that, how about having a real life version of an emoticon – or somewhere along a similar line, with the $6.99 Pixel Heart […]


Fake Eyebrow Set

So you have been invited to yet another party this coming summer, and the theme requires you to wear something outrageous, which means having you to rummage your collection of fancy clothes and accessories. You might think that you have the perfect setup, but are somehow missing out on a really, really thick pair of […]


Cheering Basketball Set

Assuming you are having a really, really bad day at work, and are would like to have someone to cheer you up, what are you supposed to do? Surely the HR manager is not going to give you a pat on your back and a kick to the butt as a pick-me-up, and sometimes, your […]


Cheering Soccer Set

Right now in France, it is the thick of the summer soccer fest known as the Euros, where European nations that qualified for the tournament vie for the top prize of being the best team on the continent. Hey, champions do make their own luck too, you know, so do not ever downplay the achievements […]


Sun Glasses Chip Clip

It does not really matter just which particular time or season is at the moment, as a bag of chips is always more than welcome to be opened up and have its contents munched upon. The thing is, there are times when one bag of chips might prove to be too much for your appetite, […]

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