Decaf is for Wimps Mug

For those of us who love to drink coffee I am quite sure that we have a favorite mug to drink from. However, there seems to be this abomination known a decaf coffee going around, making it on par with that of non-carbonated Coke as well as low fat milk. It just does not seem […]


Doraemon Kakigori Shaved Ice Maker

Doraemon is a robotic cat who has traveled back in time to live with Nobita, and his magical pocket has more often than not saved the day for Nobita and his friends. I suppose you can more or less call this the Japanese equivalent of Calvin and Hobbes, except that Doraemon is no imaginary stuffed […]


Banana Bookmark Pen

Having a bookmark is not good enough these days, since we all like to have something different. A $3.99 Banana Bookmark Pen, now we’re talking! This is no ordinary bookmark that informs you of where you last left off in your reading adventure, but rather, it also boasts of the capability of a writing instrument […]


Lunch Money Coin Purse

Having enough money is a problem that many of us face, so much so that it is always a good thing to teach our little ones to begin saving for a rainy day from a young age. The thing is, we as adults ourselves might not show off the best example of saving in the […]


Wrinkle Vacuum for Forehead Lines

Growing old is nobody’s idea of fun, that is for sure. However, there are some proactive steps that some of us can take in order to make sure that we age gracefully, and it is always a nice feeling to have whenever someone guesses our age by shaving off half a decade at the very […]


Fizz Ninja

Drinking a glass of Coke that has gone flat is nobody’s idea of fun, that is for sure. However, there are times in life when our bottle of Coca-Cola has been opened, and we are unable to finish it. What then can be done? Pouring it down the drain is a definite waste, and giving […]


UFO Panda Stand Up Sticky Notes

Just when you thought that aliens in their comfortable looking UFOs do beam folks up, here comes the $4.99 UFO Panda Stand Up Sticky Notes that throws all conventional wisdom out of the window. It seems that humans are not the only ones who will be subjected to grisly experiments as well as anal probes, […]


Houreisen Tsumamin Smile Lines Clip

Having a winning smile is definitely part of the arsenal that you can use in order to win over enemies as well as make new friends. After all, it takes a whole lot less muscles to smile than to frown, and it does not cost you a single cent to boot. However, for those who […]


Blades of The Rainbow Ninja

Ninjas are all about stealth and quietness, doing things without you ever knowing that he was there in the first place. This makes them perfect assassins, melting into the shadows and making it look as though they can come and go as they please. If you would want to have all the mad ninja skills […]


Stop Demonizing Men Soap

Ladies, you know that your guy loves you, although there are times when it might look as though this is not the case. He does, he really does. He can be really thick at times though, so we are extremely appreciative of your efforts in understanding him and letting him catch up with your thought […]


Plui Cloud Bath Toy

Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is. After all, they have not quite lost their innocence, and the kind of questions that they ask can be soul searching at times. However, there are moments when it can get extremely difficult in answering the question of the little ones, including those such as “Where does […]


Cat Eyeglass Holder

The eternal debate between which makes a better pet – cats or dogs, rages on, and it does not look as though there will be a winner in sight anytime soon. While we are creatures of habit, those of us wearing eyeglasses, will definitely want to take extra care of it, and to avoid stepping […]


Ride-A-Rocket Pen Holder

Getting organized is definitely a skill that all of us should pick up. After all, the world would be a far more messy place if none of the world’s leaders were organized in their way of doing things, not to mention being organized is well worth the effort if one would like to be efficient […]


Bear Skin Picnic Blanket

There is nothing quite like spending a lovely summer day in the outdoors, with a blanket spread all across the freshly mowed grass while you sip on a flute of bubbly with your beloved, having some strawberries and cream along the way. It is the quintessential picturesque moment in your lives, and so why not […]


Zombie Hand Wine Bottle Stand

Have you watched Stephen King’s “The Shining”? Now that was certainly a movie that scared the heck out of a lot of people, me included. Imagine living in a haunted house – make that an entire haunted resort, and your bartender is not all who he seems to be. Reality, however, can be very stark, […]


Gnome Stylus

What better way is there to make use of your tablet whenever your fingers are greasy than to grab hold of a stylus? After all, a stylus certainly gets the job done when you need to be deadly accurate in your selection, and works great in a moving vehicle as well. If you are one […]


Team Fortress Balloonicorn Vinyl Figure

Team Fortress fans, listen up! This is something that you might seriously want to consider adding to your collection of Team Fortress paraphernalia, where it comes in the form of the $19.99 Team Fortress Balloonicorn Vinyl Figure. In other words, this happens to be a Balloonicorn that is made out of vinyl for your happiness. […]


Red Popsicle Bookmark Pen

Not all pens are created equal, and needless to say, the same can also be applied for bookmarks. While most of us do not give two hoots about the kind of bookmarks that we use to signal the last page that we have read in a particular tome, this $3.99 Red Popsicle Bookmark Pen is […]


Gingerdead Man Cookie Cutter

The Gingerbread Man is one of the more enduring cookie-shaped characters around, and most folk would find the animated version to be super cute. However, delicious pastry is meant to be eaten, there are no two ways about it, and so if you would like to add some variety to your baking skills later this […]


Scented Glitter Hairburush

For those of you who feel that you are actually a diva, but was born into the wrong family and grew up under difficult circumstances without a silver spoon in your mouth, then perhaps the $11.99 Scented Glitter Hairburush might be able to send you into a fantasy world even for a while. This paddle […]


Social Networking Status Update Plaque

I guess that everyone and even their pet has a social network account that they can call their own, with some other folks out there having multiple accounts to boot. Having said that, some of us take our social network accounts a whole lot more seriously than others, and if you are a real hardcore […]


The Snot Sucker

Babies do need a lot of looking after, there are no two ways about it. After all, this is what the job of parents are for – to make sure that the little one grows up to be a responsible adult citizen who is able to contribute back to society, and then some. But the […]


Sushi Luggage Cover

How many of you out there actually take good care of your luggage? You know, you have spent quite a lot on that new piece of luggage to help you get through to upcoming vacation, and would like it to actually last for quite some time. However, with a fair number of luggage covers to […]


Shot Up Bullet Magnets

When it comes to fridge magnets, most of the ones that you see adorn the refrigerators of the homes that you’ve been to, heck perhaps even in your own home, tend to be souvenirs given by friends and family whenever they go on a vacation in a foreign land, not to mention those free magnets […]

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