Bubble Wrap Costume

Halloween’s come and gone, but this does not mean that you are unable to prepare yourself for any kind of future fancy dress costume party, right? With the $25.95 Bubble Wrap Costume, you can be sure that you will be able to attract the right kind of crowd around you – especially those who simply […]


Magic Dinosaur Volcano

Have you lost the sense of childhood wonder as the rigors and responsibilities of adulthood take over your life? Well, when one was a child, one definitely believed in the power of magic, and there were leprechauns and unicorns hanging around in the universe. Having said that, you might still be able to indulge in […]


Office Commando Blaster

The office can be an extremely stressful place to be in, and even more so if you happen to be placed in a high powered position that carries a whole lot of responsibility along with it. There are many different ways out there for you to de-stress, and if you would like to do so […]


You Rock! Rock

Now here is an interesting purchase that you might want to consider if you would like to lose a good friend, and to do so without having to gossip behind your friend’s back. Just purchase a relatively useless gift, and you are well on your way in that particular direction. Case in point, the $2.99 […]


Runbell is a funny take on a bicycle bell

Do you love pounding the pavement when it comes to shedding off those extra weight around the waist? If you have answered in the affirmative, then I am quite sure that you are well armed with one of those heart rate monitors that will also keep track of your performance, ensuring that you will have […]


Benjamin Franklin Bust Bank

A penny saved, is a penny earned. Well, Benjamin Franklin’s famous face has made it all the way to the $100 bill, which means having an entire stack of Benjamins is always a healthy thing to have in your bank account or wallet, that is for sure. Having said that, the $21.99 Benjamin Franklin Bust […]


Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain

If you were one of Han Solo’s friends, would you have sold him out to Jabba the Hutt in order to obtain the lovely bounty that is placed on his head? I suppose when times are hard, and people are desperate, the once sacred line of loyalty might be crossed. Well, you do not have […]


Cloud Catcher Cotton Swab Holder

Q-Tips happen to be something that everyone could make do with, and it is always nice to have some place where you will be able to stash away all of those in a nice and orderly manner. A simple, transparent cylinder might be the typical method, not why conform to the ordinary when you have […]


Flying Colors Rainbow Tape Dispenser

Let’s face it – the quantum leap that happened when we made the jump from black-and-white TV to full color TVs were mind blowing at the very least. I suppose it was almost the equivalent of being able to hear sound on the TV for the first time after being weaned on silent movies all […]


Doctor Who TARDIS Tablecloth

Are you one who tends to invite people over to your home frequently so that you will be able to throw nice parties, complete with a theme to make things all the more memorable? Why not announce to the whole world that you are a Doctor Who fan with the $29.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Tablecloth? […]


Cheeseburger Mask

Halloween’s already done and dusted with, but does this mean that there is no way for one to put those crazy costumes to good use throughout the rest of the year? Perhaps the end of this year might see you need to take on a different role, and why not go crazy with the $39.99 […]


Captain Jules’s Useless Box

If something is deemed to be useless and yet goes on sale, then it deserves to be part of our hallowed hallways over here on Foolish Gadgets. The $39.99 Captain Jules’s Useless Box certainly lives up to its very own reputation, being a box that turns itself off – when you turn it on. Sort […]


Liberty Bell Bike Bell

So, you happen to have purchased a spanking new bicycle for yourself, and simply cannot wait to show it off to the rest of your neighbors. However, it seems to be missing something important, something that you can’t quite put your finger on, as it was an important part of your childhood bicycle experience. Ah, […]


Abusive Balloons

Balloons are supposed to be fun, where they invoke a sense of happiness, and more often than not, laughter will entail, as a celebration is carried out with your close and loved ones surrounding you. Balloons definitely come in handy during the happier moments in life, such as birthdays and weddings, but if you are […]


Space Sand

Are all sand created equal? Not really, as evident by the $2.99 Space Sand. This is one highly addictive Space Sand that is “totally out of this world”, or so it has been described. While regular sand would be able to get wet should it come into contact with water or other kinds of liquids, […]


Hulk Hands won’t be able to smash anything

“Hulk smash!” is one particular phrase that we are all familiar with, and if you would love to be the Jade Giant (or at least, do your part to get dressed up as one), then you might want to check out this $33.95 Hulk Hands that are cooler than cool. Needless to say, you will […]


Make It Rain Confetti

I am quite sure that we have watched more than our fair share of rap videos, so much so that we do know how these high flying rappers are draped in bling, not to mention the fact that money seems to be no object at all, throwing it away, or in some instances, burning it […]


Balloon Party Picks

Throwing a party is definitely a fun, albeit potentially exhausting thing to do. However, if you are a regular socialite who loves to host parties of your own, perhaps you might want to think about sprucing things up by a fair bit with the $9.99 Balloon Party Picks. After all, balloons are most of the […]


Mitten Flask

When the mercury drops during winter, one ought to take the necessary steps in order to make sure that one remains nice and warm, especially with your fingers since we all more or less use smartphones these days, and not everyone has a pair of gloves that will be able to work with touchscreen displays […]


Mustache Tape Dispenser

Are all tape dispensers created equal? The quick and easy answer would be to reply “No”, since that makes sense. Unfortunately, most of the tape dispensers that we have come across in the market do happen to sport a rather boring form factor or design, but I guess that is because this particular industry is […]


Stormtrooper Cookie Jar

Just in case you were wondering how come the galaxy’s elite fighting force in the Star Wars universe, the Stormtroopers, are unable to actually land a single shot against a rag tag group of rebels, something must be very wrong somewhere. Perhaps there is a flaw in the original clone that made up the early […]


Shark Salt & Pepper Shakers

So, you are looking for a little something to spruce up the dining table, but simply cannot quite decide on what you would like to get? Now here is an idea – the $9.99 Shark Salt & Pepper Shakers which are more or less guaranteed to get a conversation going. After all, there is still […]


Finger Candle Set

I know that Halloween has come and gone, and it will be one long year before the ghoulish celebrations resume, but perhaps you can always get your kicks in throughout the other months of the year, being the prankster that you are, with the $14.95 Finger Candle Set? As the name itself suggests, this is […]


Sushi Socks

To tell you the truth, I have yet to find a pair of shoes, no matter how expensive they are, that go well with a pair of socks. And by that, I certainly do not mean in terms of fashion, but rather, that the pair of socks (and my feet) do not end up smelling […]

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