Hand grenade soap busts germs

What an explosive way to get rid of germs, using the Hand Grenade Soap. Well, you can be sure that this is the easy way out for parents to get their reluctant children to soap themselves down to a squeaky clean status. Created by Stinky Bombs, the Hand Grenade soap was actually cast from a […]


The Pramulator stroller

This has got to be the most hilarious yet terrifying stroller ever.  It was made by a designer who used antique stroller parts and hand shaped aluminum panels for the body.  The poor kid looks like the stroller ate the rest of his body.  This is definitely a stroller you don’t leave in direct sunlight […]


The Angel Baby Pinocchio-Witch Look USB WebCam

This creepy little thing has made occasional rounds through the internet, but in the spirit of Halloween I thought he needed to make another appearance.  Not only because he’s part witch, but mostly because he’s more frightening than any Halloween decoration I’ve seen.  His literal name is the one listed above, it took that many […]


The Penguin Electronic Drink Warmer

Although this gadget is highly useful and would be great for any office, it actually scares me a little.  Partially because it’s a penguin that heats your drinks.  Shouldn’t a penguin enjoy making your drinks colder?  However, mostly what terrifies me  is that it almost looks like the penguins mouth is open alarmingly wide and […]


Cat Fishing Rod & Reel

Are cats really that crazy to chase after things? After all, we’ve seen how the Cat DVD is supposed to keep your feline friend occuppied whenever you are not around, but those who want to save on some dollars in these belt tightening times, here is the Cat Fishing Rod & Reel. With this, you […]


Squirt Quarter Prank helps you lose friends

Just in case you’re wondering how come you don’t seem to get invited to parties and other social events any more these days, let me clue you in. It could be due to all the excessive reading on Foolish Gadgets and basically buying up everything featured here thus far, letting your popularity poll plummet even […]


Gear Head Shampoo

Nothing says clean hair quite like a bottle of oil.  This little bottle of oil is actually a bottle of shampoo.  Which if you’re overly groggy and take showers in the morning I’d be very wary about purchasing a bottle.  One good fight with your girlfriend and she might just decide to get even and […]


The Alien Doorbell

Why keep all of your geeky gadgets indoors?  You might as well show your geek pride outdoors as well.  With this alien doorbell, there will be no mistaking just what kind of person resides within the house.  When you press on the alien it will interchange between a few different sounds that play through the […]

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Mickey and Mario bonded together as Akashi

What happens when you bring two cultural icons together? Well, when Mickey and Mario meet up, the amalgamate into this monstrosity known as the Akashi. It does not only look weird, but there is some sort of strange appeal as well. This is the first time I see Mario’s famous mustache appear on Mickey’s face, […]


4occhi glasses for that foolish look

If you have not yet tried looking foolish with your immaculate sense of dressing, now is the time, thanks to the 4occhi glasses. With one pair of these, you don’t need to worry about bringing out your pair of shades during a sunny day since you can simply turn it upside down, and rotate it […]


The Green Beetle RealBug Mouse

Ever open up your science book in school and find a picture of a bug so vivid that you were cautious about touching the page?  Alright, so I’m probably the only one that hates bugs enough to even hate photos of bugs as well.  However, if you ever have had that sort of issue this […]


The Pop-Up Pirate 4-port USB Hub

If your boss has complained about any of your USB office toys, then you might need something that has at least one real function.  That way it at least almost appears as if you care about your job.  Although this appears to just be a small game to distract you from your work, it is […]


Mario cradles your DS lovingly

This is really a pretty redundant gaming accessory to own – a Super Mario Nintendo DS Holder. You will find a rather large Mario figurine beaming proudly with his arms more than willing and ready to accept your Nintendo DS – be it a Phat, Lite or the upcoming DSi into its loving embrace. While […]


USB Santa Hub a foolish prezzie idea

Most of us have more USB devices than available ports on our computer, and this is where accessories such as the USB Santa Hub comes in handy. Unfortunately, it won’t really reflect well on your professional image since you might as well use Terry the Turtle as a greeter instead of a well-mannered receptionist. The […]


Top Ten Costumes for The Wall of Shame

When Halloween rolls around it tends to draw out some bizarre and geeky costumes. As children we could go outside in a sheet with holes for eyes and people would ramble on about how cute we looked. Yet as adults we don’t quite get that luxury. If you wear a Rubiks Cube for a costume, […]


A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Wall Clock

I’m fairly sure I’m the only person on the planet that can’t stand the movie A Christmas Story, in which the infamous leg lamp is featured.  Now although I dislike the movie, I still find the leg lamp funny.  Yet this sad little clock just looks overly cheap and a bit tacky.  I mean seriously, […]


The Ring Thing Bottle Opener for serious drinkers

I’m pretty sure this ring falls in the top ten signs you might be an alcoholic.  Not necessarily just owning it, because it is a cheap novelty ring so owning doesn’t mean much.  Yet wearing a ring on a daily basis just to ensure that you can easily pop your beer open might be a […]


Cat DVD for your pussy

We all know that cats have a mind of their own, and they tend to boss owners around instead of being of any use around the home (since most modern homes do not have an infestation of rats and mice). Why not keep the little critter occupied while you’re trying to get some quiet time […]


Terry the Turtle

Terry the Turtle to me is something like Teletubbies – he is irritating enough for me to throw him against the wall to keep him silent permanently, although that would mean wasting £17.95 in picking it up. This potty-mouthed turtle comes with a built-in infra red sensor and comes pre-loaded with over a quarter century […]


Thanko Gold Ingot USB Hub

If you’ve managed to fill up all of your USB ports it’s probably about time to get a USB hub for all the rest of your USB gadgets.  A USB hub can say a lot about a person, for example that their a Dr Who fan or if they went the plain route that they […]


The Mr. Construction Fan

This apathetic little guy comes with a removable hard hat. I’m guessing he’s supposed to be the boss man, which would explain the glazed look and crooked tie. Once you take off his cap, underneath you’ll find a small fan. He’d make a cute desk accessory, but I would give it a week before I […]


Beerhandle helps prevent spills

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to hold my beers by wrapping my fingers across a can. Of course, if I happen to have a proper mug, then holding it by the handle will suffice. What happens if you have a preference for the latter but have very little choice in how your […]


Bun in the Oven Scale

Everyone knows that a pregnant wife sometimes feels like a whale, and she certainly weighs like one, too! If you and her happen to share the same, twisted sense of humor, then the Bun in the Oven Scale will definitely be something the both of you will laugh over. This scale will help chart the […]


Funny yet overpriced scales

First there is the Bun in Oven Scale, which if given by a guy would be grounds to take of their head. Sure, women might be able to get away with offering it up as a humorous gift, but men should steer clear. The bun in the oven scale starts off at 120lbs and shows […]

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