Recycled gaming boxes become clocks

Alright I’m all for recycling items and giving them a whole new function. However, no one wants their home looking like an arts and crafts fair. Well, no one besides grandmothers and the crazy cat lady down the street. Now although these clocks have some serious geek appeal, they still are clocks made out of […]


Hand Crank Locomotives

Surely you must be nuts to splash $4,100 on this Hand Crank Locomotive just for your kid in these times of economic turmoil, never mind if you’re the richest man on earth or not. That’s still a whole lot of money, and what good will it do to your kid other than build up unnatural […]


Cat Playhouses that are pointless

Dogs walk, fish swim, bird fly, but cats? Well, they just laze around the home, snoozing most of the time while acting as though they’re the boss of the home. For cat lovers who love to placate their favorite feline with nothing but the best now have another way to splash their cash – on […]


Keyboard for blondes

Life as a blonde sure ain’t peachy, especially if you’re not at the top echelon of Hollywood where your sheer amount of money stashed away is enough to make people toe the line unless they want to risk getting sued by a top-notch legal eagle. Of course, for lesser blondes out there who are more […]


Darth Vader Toaster is a hoot

I’m not quite sure what Darth Vader and the Sith loves to eat for breakfast (their answer might be Jedi, but we all know how Vader was pwned by his own son), but at least we do know bread is still around when the Empire was in power, thanks to this relic known as the […]


The Little Whizzer Liquor Dispenser

Why have a boring liquor dispenser when you can have a humorous one?  Besides, nothing shows you love your friends quite as much as passing a glass of liquor that was peed out of a plastic boy.  He stands 12 and 1/2” high and to pee out the liquor he uses two AA batteries.  It […]


The Talking Pet Bowl to confuse your pup

Maybe my dog is just a serious coward, but personally if I bought a dog bowl that had the recording of the sound of my voice that talked when he knew I was gone he’d end up wetting himself.  That or he’d search the entire house trying to find me.  Granted it wouldn’t stop him […]


Naughty Bedtime Talking Teddy

Most of us grew up with a teddy bear regardless of our gender, but as boys turn into men, they tend to ditch this comfort toy and rough it out while the ladies continue to maintain their posse of soft toys along with their beloved teddies. Of course, getting married would mean growing up even […]


Inka the alien press filter coffee maker

In a standard kitchen, the gadgets are functional and most definitely boring.  However, geeks committed to their geek fashion tend to go for the slightly more eccentric kitchen gadgets.  Well this little press filter coffee maker would most definitely blend in well with any geeky kitchens.  Featuring an alien wrapped around it, it’d be fun […]


Kettle that plays tunes

A kettle is a kettle is a kettle, right? Guess not, assuming you’re willing to fork out a whopping $265 for one of the most common kitchen appliances known to mankind – the humble kettle. Alessi has priced this small appliance at such an insane level simply because it whistles with much more panache compared […]


#000000 is the new black t-shirt

If you have a thing for shirts that you know if someone laughs, they are one of your own, then you’ll enjoy this one.  Featuring the web safe color ref for black, if anyone gets a slight giggle out of it, you know they are a fellow geek.  The shirt comes in other colors besides […]


Secret Book Camera not too discreet

This might be called the Secret Book Camera, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it isn’t going to fool most people. After all, how many people are able to get hold of vintage books these days, and it is pretty rare to see one reading a vintage book that looks pristine from the […]


Math lamp makes life harder

Imagine having a late night out with your bunch of mates, only to drink way more than you should. Stumbling home, you fumble with your bunch of keys, looking for the right one to open up the door. After a while, your reduced motor skills managed to pick out the correct key, and as you […]


The Tsé-Tsé Hand Lamp

There is never a shortage of oddball lamps, especially not in neon form.  Well here’s another one and this one could probably top the list of the all time most strange lamps.  It’s just a set of hands, no deeper meaning there, just a pair of hands in neon form.  You can get the Tsé-Tsé […]


Soft and Cuddly Lion & Tiger USB Webcams

If you’ve ever felt the need to snuggle up to your webcam, then USB Geek has the cam for you.  You can choose between a tiger or a lion.  They have the cam itself lodged in their belly buttons.  Which means that this cam is going to be a little difficult to adjust angles, unlike […]


Baby onesie with a geeky message

Show off to the world what a geek you are with this baby onesie that has the words “Diaper Loading…Please Wait” right smack in the middle for all and sundry to see. More technologically inclined folks will find it funny, until they have a kid of their own and realize that changing diapers is no […]


Savant unveils Rosie Contemporary remote

While most of us are used to rectangular remote controls as they’ve served us well throughout our TVs’ lifetimes, along comes Savant who throws a spanner into the works with the new Rosie Contemporary remote. It ditches the traditional remote form factor for an all new dish-shaped design, fitting into the palm of your hand […]


Gnome Trap prevents gnomes from taking over your lawn

We’ve all seen those yards that look like they’ve been invaded by those sneaky little garden gnomes.  Now if they’d have had this, maybe they wouldn’t have had so many of the evil little things sneaking onto their lawn.  It features a miniature watering can as bait.  The trap comes with a gnome to place […]


USB Animal Hand Warmer and Massager

With some offices, they never seem to keep things warm enough.  You could resort to a space heater if they allow it, but there is always the fear that you could leave it on all night.  If it were to happen to cause a fire, it’d probably mean that your job would go down the […]


Light Bulb Candles seem confused about their identity

I don’t think anyone has ever glanced at a light bulb and thought it was such an exquisite and shapely object.  Therefore I can’t really see that many will quite understand the need to design something in the same shape as a light bulb.  Well either way, someone did indeed create a candle in the […]


Hoodie holds your beer bottle

Whenever the weather gets rather chilly, some people carry a flash of whiskey or equally strong stuff to take a swig in order to keep warm. Well, for those who are not into hard liquor, there is always beer, but how do you want to hold your bottle when it is freezing outside, and your […]


R2-D2 Cookie Jar feeds the hungry

I know that good old R2-D2 is one handy astromech droid, but never knew it to be that versatile that it is able to help one fend off hunger by storing cookies within! Enter the R2-D2 inspired cookie jar, where you have to lop off his dome head in order to reveal his cavernous belly […]


The R/C Skunk scent not included

Besides Flower the friendly skunk out of Bambi I don’t really imagine many people finding skunks to be something they would actually desire to have around.  Sure, there have been some cute cartoon skunks, but not so incredibly cute that many kids would jump up and down to get a authentic-looking skunk.  The strange toy […]


Onion Goggles to the rescue

Cutting onions can be quite a challenge for most people, no thanks to gases which waft out, stinging one’s eyes in the process. All part and parcel of learning the ropes around the kitchen, but for overprotective parents as well as those with really, really sensitive eyes, they can always get a pair of Onion […]

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