Full Bottle Wine Glass

Had a great night out with the boys, but would not wish to lie to your spouse about how much you have drank? Well, with the Full Bottle Wine Glass, you can make sure your integrity remains intact even when you’re less than sober. After all, this huge seamless mouth-blown wine glass from Italy is […]


Water Sprayed Closestool

The porcelain throne is definitely something most of us use every single day, and toilet humor is juvenile at best. Well, just to prove to the rest of the world that despite being in a high flying corporate position, you still have not forgotten your Jackass-like days at college with the Water Sprayed Closetool. I […]


The Rubik’s Cube Handbag

There are times that I come across certain fashion items on the internet that render only one thought.  Please, please don’t let this become mainstream fashion.  At this point, nothing would surprise me when it comes to fashion.  Well this Rubik’s Cube Handbag is one of those things.  This terrifying bag makes an attempt to […]


Kami Kami Sensor allows you to micromanage your kids

If you’re worried that your kids are basically swallowing their food whole, with this gadget you can confirm your suspicions.  Just attach it to their jaw and it will let you know how how much your child chews their food.  It even encourages them by making sounds after every 30 and 1,000 bites.  They offer […]


Double Toilet Paper Holder

I don’t know about you, but one of the more irritating things one can experience sharing a home with others is the fact that nobody else seems to care that the toilet paper is all out, leaving you to replenish the empty rolls each time round. Makes you wonder what do they use to wipe […]


Duck and Dive for water-based fun

Your kids might have fun with these, but as an adult, surely you’ll want to spend less time in the bathroom doing unnecessary stuff like shooting ducks! The Duck and Dive game allows you to hone your water pistol skills, and it is best to play this with up to three other friends in the […]


Coffee Cup Rubbish Bin

If you’re a serious Starbucks addict you’ll love this recycling bin.  Designed after the famous Starbucks coffee cups, it’s meant to remind you to recycle on a regular basis.  You could also carry this around with you and pretend that Starbucks has just gotten a much larger sized cup.   This goofy trash can is 30cm […]


Flair Hair Visor for balding men

You should always make sure to protect your skin from the sun.  After all, sun burns do go away but there are long term issues if you get a lot of them over the years.  Which means sun block, hats and being more careful overall with your skin.  However, there are some things that are […]


Darth Vader snow globe

Darth Vader has been rated as one of the top 10 movie villains of all time in film history, but does that mean he is totally ruthless with nary a soft spot to him? Well, maybe not in the Star Wars universe, but we could afford the Dark Lord of the Sith some level of […]


Santa Snow Globe acts as wine stopper

What’s Christmas without some wine to suit the occasion? Well, most of us would prefer to finish the entire bottle of wine there and then, but there are times where constraint proves to be the better virtue, and hence the need to plug the bottle with a wine stopper. Why not celebrate this upcoming Christmas […]


The LED Motherboard Menorah

Holidays should always be celebrated in your own way.  It’s no fun to deal with the holidays in the average cookie cutter way.  Well now you can have a geeky LED motherboard menorah.  Just plug it in and the LED lights will blink and flash.  Each light has a switch so that you can switch […]


The high class Novelty Shotgun Cartridge Knife

If your idea of fine furnishings is a bear skin rug and Bambi hanging from the wall then you’ll love this knife.  This humorous little knife is made in the shape of a shotgun shell.  Although considering the price and the fact that it’s a novelty knife I have my doubts that it will be […]


Shrilling Chicken

Annoy everyone around you with this Shrilling Chicken from Brando. This is one of the most foolish gadgets I’ve ever come across, and boy have I seen some weird ones during my day. It looks and feels like an ordinary rubber chicken, deflated body, flexible long neck and all, but when you start to let […]


Rock Paper Scissors Dice

I’m pretty sure that all of us have had a game of Rock, Paper and Scissors sometime during our childhood, be it for fun or to settle a conflict. More often than not, closely contested “events”, so to speak, end up in playground brawls as one party deemed the other to have cheated by changing […]


Creepy little USB Kiss Flash Drive

This is now, in my opinion, the creepiest flash drive out there. It’s supposed to be a kissing flash drive, but it just looks like two fire hydrants that somehow got attached on accident. Since when do flash drives need to be turned into odd abstract art? You can pick one of them up in […]


The overly shiny Superman watch

I’m a major Superman dork, so I enjoy the t-shirts and oddball accessories that go with it, we at least most of the time.  However, this gender confused watch is not one of them.  First of all it has enough shiny stones to blind any passer byers should the sun hit it just right.  Then […]


The Hand remote control window sign

The Hand is one interesting contraption to own if you’re a huge fan of hand signs, and wish you can share your sentiments with the driver behind you. All you need to do is place it in the rear windscreen, press one of the buttons and a corresponding hand sign will show up. You will […]


Cleavage Control Clip

We’ve seen how the Air Pump Bra Pad helps you increase your bust size without going under the knife or wearing a Wonderbra, and here’s another method to do so that won’t cost more than a meal at a restaurant. The Cleavage Control Clip does away with falling bra straps as it will tighten up […]


Bring home your own airplane window

Taking a flight is fun, especially on long haul trips, but only if you’re sitting pretty in Business or First Class. For most of us, however, being stuck in Economy Class is a preview of hell, since you’re faced with extremely cramped seats, crying babies (never knew those little critters had such lung power that […]


Gold doorstop adds a touch of luxury

Gold is often a safe haven for investors during times of economic trouble and turmoil, so why not bring home this “gold bullion”? Known as the Gold Doorstop, this $81 piece is obviously not made of the real stuff that King Midas used to hoard, although it is pretty pricey since it is made out […]


USB Skeleton Necklace Flash Drive eats brains

If you have ever wanted a USB drive that looks like it’s going to sneak up in the night and snatch your head off of your shoulders then you’ll love this thing.  It looks truly sinister and would likely scare most small children.  What’s worse is it attaches to a chain so you can slip […]


The Arm Carpal Massager

I swear I’ve seen this “massager” on some kind of top ten list for the most painful medieval torture devices.  It in no way looks like it’d be something you’d glance at and think, “Ooh I bet that’ll make my wrists feel better.”  If a friend saw this in your house they’d likely start looking […]


Recycled gaming boxes become clocks

Alright I’m all for recycling items and giving them a whole new function. However, no one wants their home looking like an arts and crafts fair. Well, no one besides grandmothers and the crazy cat lady down the street. Now although these clocks have some serious geek appeal, they still are clocks made out of […]

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