Sound Wave Rings look uncomfortable

After a wedding there are always a ton of keepsakes.  After a while you have to decide what’s important, otherwise you have a museum of wedding items.  One of the big keepsakes you hold onto are your wedding bands.  Although, what about a wedding band that can only be created after the ceremony?  The Wave […]


R2-D2 Tissue Roll holder

Everyone knows just how versatile R2-D2 is, but have we really exhausted all the ways and means to make full use of this astromech droid? Apparently so, since products such as this R2-D2 tissue roll holder flooding the market. Talk about a downgrade in terms of functionality and dignity – soon, our favorite astromech droid […]


6-foot long rubber band

Rubber bands are pretty useful stuff to have, as they help keep a bunch of pencils and pens together (for adults) while kids love it since it can be used as an impromptu slingshot once they’ve mastered the art of bullet origami from loose, small pieces of paper. It makes me wonder what the whole […]


Leaf-shaped leather key ring

Bird Electron of Japan has released a new leaf-shaped leather key ring, but this one comes with an added feature – a built-in speaker as well as an audio jack, making it compatible with just about any digital audio player as long as they subscribe to the 3.5mm format. I’m not too sure why you […]


The Beer Belly beer dispenser

If you need something to liven up all those boring family functions, like Grandma’s funeral, you might need a stealthier way to sneak in your booze.  After all, Grandma won’t mind, so there’s no harm done in trying to liven an event up a bit.  Well with this you can play it off like you […]


Bath Reader w/ Toilet Paper Holder

For a little in bathroom humor, you can pick up this sculpture that mimics exactly what you’ll be doing in there too.  The odd little sculpture will definitely take any guests by surprise when they go to use your bathroom.  Although I think for most just having a functional toilet paper holder is enough.  The […]


Beauty Waist Cushion shapes you up…or does it?

Just like the Slim-Legs Slippers that I find hard to believe to be of any effect (other than making gadget mavens Brando richer), the Beauty Waist Cushion touts itself to shape you up without breaking a sweat. Seriously, this goes against all conventional medical and scientific wisdom – how the heck is a person supposed […]


Knitted Lightsaber Pattern for the knitting addicted

Alright people this has gone way too far. Not everything needs to be knitted into something to cuddle with. A lightsaber is an instrument of death, not something you knit so that you can lay in bed with your arms curled around it all night. We have to stop the madness, find whatever madman who […]


The 3D Christmas Tree Kit

Decorating for Christmas is always a time consuming, but festive task that can be fun.  It’s especially nice to see the finished product of pretty lights.  Well if you’ve decided to take it easy this year on decorations, you still could have a Christmas tree that you put together all by yourself.  The 3D Christmas […]


Slim-Legs Slippers

I have absolutely no doubt that many people love ladies with endless legs, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. After all, which lady doesn’t want a beautiful pair of legs to strut around town, and which guy won’t be proud that his lady has both inner and outer beauty? Well, achieving that kind of […]


Mario Kart Wiimote Projector Light

The Wiimote is one of the more enduring icons for this generation of home consoles, and the Mario Kart has proved itself yet again on the Wii platform, allowing accessories such as the Mario Kart Wiimote Projector Light to get the green light for production. It doesn’t really serve any purpose other than look cute […]


Break away from prison in a cardboard box

After reading this piece of news, chances are you won’t look at the cardboard box in the same way ever again. Ever played Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation along with its sequels? Just like how you’ll realize the importance of a towel in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so will the importance of […]


Inflatable Fruitcake

OK, I’m pretty sure that we’ve visited houses where the host has a bunch of fruits on the table to your delight, only to tell you that these fruits are fake and made out of plastic, but they’re there just to brighten up the living room. Well, guess fruits aren’t the only fake thing around […]


The Police Siren Digital Alarm Clock

The perfect gift for the ex-convict in your life.  Make sure they wake up every single morning wide awake and gripping their chest attempting to get their heart to slow down.  When this alarm goes off the blue light starts flashing and a siren wails all the while a cop is shouting.  The siren will […]


The Alessi Pig Pencil Sharpener

First of all, who even uses pencils that need sharpened?!  I mean really, the mechanical pencils are way cooler.  Then second of all, if you were going to buy a pencil sharpener for your horribly archaic pencils, wouldn’t you buy one that was far less horrifying and expensive?  I really hope that anyone that buys […]


The Solar Hat

I’ve seen similar versions of this type of thing before, however, I do believe this is the worst.  The combination of the square solar panel stuck at the very top of the hat and then the fan that is shoved through a hole in the cap makes this hat a whole new level of sad.  […]


The Oracle Stress-O-Meter

Want to show your spouse or boss just how much they’re stressing you out?  Well then put two of your fingers onto this oracle and it will display loud and clear just how stressed out you are.  Then of course you can give your coworkers a laugh and let them have a round on the […]


Perfect Profile helps fight against ageing

Or so that’s what the product claims – it is supposed to reduce the “appearance of lines and wrinkles”. How does it perform this miracle? Well, the Perfect Profile facial massager will use its micro-pulsating action that works out those flabby areas in your face for a more taut look without having to go through […]


Stitch USB Desktop Humidifier

Most people who have seen Lilo & Stitch in the cinemas (or home DVD for that matter) will love that cute little alien, so here’s a chance for you to bring him home in the form of a USB desktop humidifier. He sits down there without moving, with his really large mouth opening for steam […]


My Room II makes you a hermit

There aren’t too many places where you can run away and hide for your own space and quiet time these days, but Yamaha has come up with the My Room II. This fully enclosed human-sized vault places you in a soundproof area, and it comes with basic creature comforts such as an air conditioner, reduced […]


Crazy Japanese masks to tighten your pores

Women’s beauty habits have always run a bit on the bizarre side.  Whereas some keep things simple, there will always be those women that take things to the extreme to make sure that they look young and gorgeous.  Well now in Japan women can resort to wearing this face mask that looks about like what […]


The Banana Cell Phone Holder

If you’ve ever felt the need to talk into a banana, now you can.  Just slip your phone into this banana cell phone holder and you can look like  total nut job all day long.  There are two different sizes of bananas, one small (1.75” x 3”) and one large (1.75” x 5”).  The banana […]


The Stickman Action Figure

If you need something to fidget with while you’re thinking at work, this goofy sign is perfect to kill time with.  This is far better than the little stick men used to create different poses for art projects.  The odd little toy is used to create different poses for a warning sign.  The sign itself […]


Crystal Swarvoski Phone Flask is all class

Nothing says class like a Swarvoski crystal covered flask in the shape of a cellphone.  Just the crystals alone make this flask excessively cheesy, but throw in that it’s in the shape of a clunky old cellphone and it becomes horrifyingly awful.  What makes this even more sad is that this product is being sold […]

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