Hunting alarm lets you wake up to Raccoon Squalls

If you’re the slightest bit obsessed with hunting, you’ll love this morbid light.  You can wake up in the morning to a dog barking up a tree, followed by the sound of a coon screaming.  Yes, they actually added the sounds of a raccoon screaming.  Apparently after you hit the snooze button it ends the […]


Japanese Fast Food Eraser Set

Wait a minute – don’t some of the erasers you see up there resemble McDonalds items? Well, the Japanese might be relatively small in size, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love greasy fast food for a quick burst of energy during the mid-day break. Folks who love collecting quirky erasers (kids qualify, too) will […]


Kleen Stride Personal Debris Removal System Gift Box

With the holiday season upon us yet again, it is time to think of gifts for our close and loved ones. This can be pretty challenging, since there are only so many ties you can give dad, while mom has more than enough hair dryers to last her 10 lifetimes. Why not try something different […]


The Smoker’s Umbrella with Ashtray

It’s a frustrating time for smokers, you’re no longer allowed to smoke in a lot of the places you used to be able to. In some areas you’ve been banned from pretty much everywhere, you might have to walk halfway down the block away from your job before you can light one up. Well for […]


The Prank Golf Ball Set

I seriously doubt I will ever see what’s so fun about golf. Well if you’re like me and find it excessively dull, you might want to find a way to spice up the game a bit. What better way than to offer a golf ball that upon impact just explodes into a cloud of dust?! […]


Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick

I haven’t met a kid who did not like gummy bears, and I myself have brought this habit up from my childhood to my adult days. You will never find my pockets gone for more than a week without these precious candy in tow, although the Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick that we see […]


Rude keychain swears in Spanish

It is always pretty cool to cuss in a foreign language other than English, since it looks way more sophisticated compared to the normal swear words used. If you’re running a little short of your foreign language vocabulary, here’s the Rude Keychain to help you out. It deals with Spanish cuss words mostly, featuring push-button […]


The LumiTable Table Runner

As much as I love tech toys, I truly deeply despise fiber optics.  It seems like they can make any item look incredibly cheap.  Like a table runner for example, toss a little fiber optics into the mix and presto you have a cheesy looking table runner.  The cloth itself on this table runner comes […]


Firebox is now offering Crap Wrap

Firebox is notorious for their goofball gadgets, several have made their way onto this site.  Well now they are offering wrapping paper to go along with their quirky little toys.  They are offering Crap Wrap, which features brown parcel tape instead of clear tape.  Then uneven edges and paper that was cut horribly wrong.  Just […]


BamZ Double Insoles

Want your kid to stand out from the rest of the crowd? With the BamZ Double Insoles, you will be able to let Junior flash messages straight from his feet! Let your walk do the talk with BamZ – interactive insoles that let you flash messages from your feet! BamZ are taking kids’ shoes into […]


Homer Simpson Talking Doorbell

Everyone knows that Homer Simpson does come up with pretty good one liners although he does it unconsciously and lacks brain cells that average people have, so here he is to help greet visitors to your home. The Homer Simpson Talking Doorbell comes with a push-button that features Homer’s face and the words ‘DING DONG!’, […]


The Frying Gun Egg Stencil

Breakfast is never all that interesting or humorous.  Then again for me that’s partially because I’m a bit of a zombie in the morning.  Well if you’d like to spice up your boring eggs, now you can.  You can turn your eggs into the shape of a gun.  Which if you have a son that’s […]


Kinnikuman Warriors Humping USB Drives

I’m afraid it’s become an epidemic.  It couldn’t just end with the USB humping dog, no, we all should have known that it was far from over.  We should have seen the ridiculous products that would follow the humorous gadget.  Now it will end up being that joke that was funny for a few seconds, […]


Shandle for a more hygienic toilet experience

Hate visiting public toilets? Well, if you’re one who carries a tote bag with you wherever you go, perhaps you might find it prudent to slip the Shandle in. The Shandle is a toilet seat handle that easily attaches to the seat of your toilet. It is an innovative bathroom accessory with a patented design […]


Homer Simpson Talking Fridge Guard

Homer Simpson is a man after my own heart as we both love our booze, so woe to anyone who wishes to plunder our beloved stash of beer in the fridge! Good thing there are items like this £19.99 Homer Simpson Talking Fridge Guard that is placed inside the fridge itself. Each time the door […]


Now Clock doesn’t make too much sense

Some of us live in the past, and others for the future. For the most of us, we have missed living in the now. Well, here’s a clock that helps remind us that now is the best time to make a change if you want to, now is the most opportune moment to ask the […]


The USB Duck Speaker

More ducks, just in time for turkey day.  Of course, everyone decorates their house with ducks for Thanksgiving.  It’s tradition, or something like that.  These cuddly little ducks aren’t just stuffed animals like they appear to be.  No, they’re plush little speakers to attach to your laptop, iPhone, iPod or any other random device that […]


The Duck Can Opener that quacks

It’s apparently a duck kind of week, because I keep seeing random bizarre gadgets that involve ducks.  I’m not sure why this can opener needs a duck attached to it, but apparently it does.  Not only does it have a duck perched on top, but the ridiculous thing quacks as well.  Sorry, no sneaking in […]


Thought Screen Helmet to prevent abduction

Many Americans (and other people all over the world) are still convinced that we aren’t the only ones in the universe, with much smarter lifeform out there, waiting to abduct more of us to study our primitive life. Well, if you have the fear of being abducted, chances are you’ll also fall for the Thought […]


Bandai Beer Shampoo

Ever wondered how it felt like taking a bath with beer or alcohol? Well, it is still a far cry from using virgins’ blood as practised by some of the royalty in the past, but the Bandai Beer Shampoo does give you that sense. The bottle was specially designed to look as though you were […]


Darth Vader Helmet Desk Tidy

Normally people try to conserve desk space, not purchase products that are so unnecessarily large that they eat desk space.  Having a cup to toss pens into is always a convenient item to have on your desk, however, this one seems like a bit much.  It stands 17 inches tall and seems far wider than […]


“I Still Have The Receipt” Ribbon

We all have that person that’s a pain to buy for every single year.  Even if you’re the greatest gift giver in the world, it’s still hard.  Well now you can let all your recipients know loud and clear just how they can deal with a gift they don’t enjoy.  Just wrap your gift and […]


HAL 9000 takes on cut and paste route

Are you a big fan of HAL 9000? If the answer is affirmative, then chances are you’ll find the following replica of the HAL 9000 cute. Can’t buy him off the shelf though, but you can always download him off the Internet and make your own papercraft model. Of course, you can always choose to […]


The RC Bathtime Duckie

Kids these days, you know back in my day, rubber duckies didn’t have motors.  You had to move them around in the bath tub all by yourself.  Now they have a remote control for their rubber duck,  actually the thing technically isn’t even rubber anymore.  To work this hi-tech ducky, just pop in two AAA […]

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