The Secret Mark Throwing Star Magnets

There are some things I come across that although I do love them, admittedly they are still foolish.  These ninja throwing stars that have been turned into magnets, and they indeed fall under that category.  I know, we all love ninjas, but unless those magnets are powerful, they’re going to end up being obnoxious.  They […]


Shots Gun Drink Dispenser

Cowboys and Indians are a popular game, just like Cops and Robbers in other parts of the world. Guess there is just something about holding a gun in your hand with all the power vested in it. Well, when you’re all grown up, why not settle for the Shots Gun Drink Dispenser as well? It […]


Monkey Pen Holder Cam

Some gadgets just don’t seem well thought out and this would be one of them.  This soft and squishy webcam would be great as long as you never move.  Hopefully you can find a way to sit it at the right height, because there is zero room for adjustment.  If you do try to angle […]


20 Year Warranty Calendar

How many things you purchase these days come with a 20 year warranty anyways? Still, at least this nifty calendar is able to help you keep track of just how many more years remain on your home mortgage – a depressing thought knowing that it takes around half the repayment period simply to settle your […]


Condom Paper Clips

If you have a friend you enjoy messing with that’s easily embarrassed, then you might want to pick up a pack of these paper clips.  Of course you could always use these yourself and state loud and clear that you have absolutely no shame, even at work.  If you do use these for work it’d […]


Illuminated Aquarium USB Hub Cellphone Holder

It’s not everyday you come across a combination of an aquarium, a USB hub and a cellphone holder, but apparently someone decided it was necessary to create.  Of course the aquarium is artificial, no actual fish are meant to go inside.  However, it gives an aquarium feel either way.  The USB hub portion of the […]


USB Heating Slippers warmer than a hot glass of milk

Want to get all lovey dovey with your other half this Christmas? Why not purchase a couple gift for her? Case in point, this pair of USB Heating Slippers that come in the form of a cow’s head (both male and female, complete with a smile). All you need to do to keep your feet […]


Gmail stickers add some glitter to snail mail

Surprisingly after being so long in the market, Gmail is still in beta version. Still, that has not stopped millions of people jumping onto the Gmail bandwagon with its unique user interface that relies more on labels instead of folders to organize your daily deluge of mail. What happens when you take something from Web […]


Hammerhead Shower Radio

If you’re in dire need of music in the shower, here’s another odd shower ready radio.  This one in the shape of a hammer head shark.  It’s not advised that you actually submerge it though, since this is only splash-proof as opposed to being completely water-proof.  The radio doesn’t have anything special, just a simple […]


The Applause Machine

If your adult life isn’t making you feel nearly fulfilled enough, perhaps you could use a little applause.  When you have a brilliant idea just push the button and it will clap for you.  So even when someone else finds your idea ridiculous, you’ve already gained your confidence from this odd little gadget.  However, with […]


Humping Dog gets amorous

You gotta love the silly frustrated look on this Humping Dog, which is in reality, an extremely sexually frustrated Chihuahua. Named Humphry, he gets way too frisky for his own good, and just like any other normal hot-blooded make, he will go around trying to hump everything in sight. Just insert a couple of AA […]


White Bread Wrist Rest

Just when you thought that wrist rests could not get any weirder, along comes the White Bread Wrist Rest from Brando. These look as though they were dipped in bromate for hours on end, hence the super white color that you see in commercials, and look good enough to eat (with some jam and butter […]


Decorate your Christmas tree with Yoda String Lights

While you’re shopping for Christmas decorations, you’ve likely noticed that there’s an overabundance of the average boring type.  However, it’s so hard to come by true geeky decorations.  Well now your tree can be lit with the tiny green Jedi Master.  Who knew Yoda could be so bright and shiny?  Each tiny Yoda is 3 […]


Gutted Calculator turned into trinket box

If you’re looking for a geeky container to hide things within, then this calculator is definitely right up your alley.  They’ve gutted a calculator so that it can hold various items.  I’m not sure what you’d want to store in a hollowed out calculator, but now you can nonetheless.  Likely it’d be cheaper to gut […]


Whack-A-Butt for juveniles

Ah, to be young again and laugh at crude jokes, discovering your dad’s stash of magazines for the first time and basically being involved in ‘Jackass-style’ stunts. Well, if you want to revisit those moments, why not give the Whack-A-Butt a go? Surely everyone knows that whacking moles over their head is (mildly) amusing, but […]


Hello Kitty horror wrist rest

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much allergic to all things Hello Kitty. Take this wrist rest for example – who would want something so unsightly on their desk? Not to mention, it even comes with its own mousepad for you to (presumably) use your Hello Kitty mouse, coupled with a Hello Kitty […]


SnorePro SP600 claims to stop snoring

Are you, as a wife, sick and tired of your man’s snoring even after trying a whole range of solutions to no avail? Perhaps those who are at their wits’ end might want to give the SnorePro SP600 a go, but seriously speaking, if you have already spent a fortune on other more expensive products, […]


The Post-A-Note Pen

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the highlighters that have the little sticky tabs stored within it.  Well this pen isn’t much different, it instead stores an actual sticky note.  Which would make it so that you could leave quick notes wherever you want.  The bad thing is that you have to use specific cartridges […]


Drumstick Pencil for impromptu drum solos

First of all, what’s all this nonsense about a wooden pencil you have to sharpen?!  I don’t care if it does look like a drumstick on one end, it’s still a wooden pencil.  I don’t even own a pencil sharpener anymore.  Plus combined with the fact that this pencil is ridiculously long to be able […]


The Universal Christmas Jacket Mobile Phone Holder

Christmas always comes accompanied with overly cheesy products and none are quite as cheesy as the ones created for cellphones. Well this strange little jacket sticks with the ridiculous theme. I’m not sure why your cellphone needs a Santa jacket, but at least it’s festive. The jacket will fit most cellphones, which is a relief, […]


The Animated Singing Turtle is money well spent

This Christmas buy the gift that everyone needs, an Animated Singing Turtle. After all, you know they don’t have one yet. This strange little turtle crawls all over your desk and floor. All the while he sings things like “Slow down, you move too fast.” He also bobs his head and moves his mouth in […]


Mini Camcorder heats things up

Take a look at this – the world’s smallest camcorder. Of course, we won’t take into consideration spy camcorders that come in a myriad of sizes and form factors if you want to get technical. This palm sized camcorder will definitely fool many into thinking that they are being captured on video, but upon closer […]


Guinness Bottle Opener Baseball Cap

Now this is one bottle opener that you can literally wear proudly, especially if you’re a huge fan of the frothy Guinness. I myself like a half-inch head to go along with my pint, but during those moments in life when a pub is nowhere within the vicinity, I will have to make do with […]


Alien Invasion Shootout Game

If you think you’re going to need some practice killing aliens before they invade the earth, you might want to pick up this game.  It comes complete with three menacing looking aliens and one gun for you.  Just before they attempt to shoot and kill you they shout.  So if you’re fast enough you can […]

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