ANTS Watch takes a code to decipher

If you don’t like people being able to read your watch, then this is the watch for you.  Even you will take a few minutes to read it since you’ll have to count out the ants in a particular way to discover the time.  The trick to this watch, is the red ants indicate the […]


Glue & Toothpaste Toilet Paper Dispensers

Forget about the regular toilet roll holder in your home – with the Glue & Toothpaste Toilet Paper Dispensers, you can be sure of extracting a smile from your guests even when they’re battling with the mother of all constipations in the toilet at that point in time. A suction cup is used to hold […]


These ants just won’t go away!

While many people would want to look for a lovely set of china and cutlery for their homes, the more mischievous among you might want to be more adventurous by picking up this cup and saucer combo that features imprints of black ants swarming across it? This will definitely put off anyone who is averse […]


Classroom Chaos Shooting Gallery

I have fond memories of slingshot wars back in school, at least until the part where the discipline master hauled me over to the principal’s office where I received a tongue lashing and a hiding, followed up by dad’s heavy hand back home. Well, perhaps if I had the luxury of this $33 Classroom Chaos […]


Anti-pee pill for the ladies

I didn’t know something like this exists, but only in Japan, eh? Dubbed the Lady Guard, this is the first over the counter pee reliever from Kowa Company Ltd., where this pill will help women hold their pee in longer so that they won’t need to rush to the toilet often. Perfect for those who […]


Black 2 in 1 Metal Clip Desk Ashtray

At times smoking accessories seem to be as bad as the goofball USB accessories that are around.  Well this ashtray is no exception.  It clips onto your desk, just case you don’t have any room to place an ashtray on the surface.  I love that the photo has it clipped just above the keyboard.  Keyboards […]


The You-Record Talking TP Roll

Have something important to say, but keep losing your nerve?  Well here’s one product to make sure they’ll never forget the words you said.  After all, who can forget a recorded message that was played to them while they were on the toilet?  The toilet paper holder even comes with suggestions as to what you […]


Retro 1970s Style Desktop Telephone

No idea why anyone would want to settle for something cumbersome and hard-to-use instead of a modern and simple system, but apparently there is a market – otherwise, the Retro 1970s Style Desktop Telephone from Brando would not have been put up for sale. Made from stainless steel, this standard house phone (if you’re still […]


Laser Toothbrush zaps germs

Most of us think that you can’t have it any better than an electronic toothbrush – after all, you no longer need to move your hand as vigorously as before to get rid of those bits and pieces of food between your teeth, right? Wrong – not if the Laser Toothbrush has its way. This […]


The Frog Ion Purifier

If you’re overly anal about making sure that your air is pure, you’ll love this little frog.  He not only could make your office pure, but your car as well.  He comes equipped with a USB connector and an adapter so that he can plug into the cigarette lighter in your car.  He uses very […]


The ridiculous Socket-Deer

Yes, these do offer a convenient solution to hold your gadgets in place while they charge.  However, there are plenty of other devices that don’t make your home look quite so ridiculous.  I’m sure the designer was going for something chic and different.  However, even if you make them a bright white color, they still […]


Family Heirloom Fruitcake

The holiday season is upon us yet again, and it is no surprise to see fruitcakes being given and accepted as a delicious gift. Now here’s the Family Heirloom Fruitcake that is able to last for generations without expiring – after all, it is made out of foam. Guaranteed to elicit laughs, although we’re not […]


The lo-tech Wooden Block of Matches

I’m fairly sure we can all agree that matches are a fairly primitive technology.  Even if you put them on a wooden block in a fairly attractive positioning, they’re still outdated.  Yes, they do have their occasional uses, but not enough to constitute spending $48.  Yes that’s right, spend almost $50 on 100 matches.  Sure, […]


Pre-chewed pencils supposed to help students concentrate

Remember the good old days in school?  Attempting to concentrate and as you’re doing so, practically chewing a hole in your pencil.  Well now one company has decided to create pencils that look as if they’ve already been chewed on.  They think it will discourage youngsters from gnawing on the pencils.  What is the point […]


Hitman Electronic Attack

Want to be the bane of your office? Well, with the Hitman Electronic Attack, you’re free to make a nuinsance of yourself (as though you weren’t doing so already), guaranteeing your exclusion from this year’s round of increment and bonus. This electronic hitman figure is known as Hal, and all you need to do is […]


Tootin’ Tush Angel

Angels are supposed to be innocent and all that, right? Not so with the Tootin’ Tush Angel. This bad girl seems to have eaten way too much beans for her dinner, resulting in her suffering from a rather serious gas problem. Turn her on (in the right way, what were you thinking?) and let her […]


The Givori Nefertiti might be molding

I would be terrified to touch this phone, not because it’s so expensive (which it is).  No, I don’t want to touch it, because I’m afraid whatever plague it caught that made it that ugly might be contagious.  Although it may appear as if it has some strange fungus, it is actually covered in 24 […]


The Posture Improving Exercise Ball Chair

This is one of those products that I really find to be complete bull.  It’s supposed to be an exercise ball chair.  If you’ve ever had to use an exercise ball, you probably know why I think it’s bull.  Well that is, if you’ve ever been told what exercises to do on an exercise ball.  […]


Talking Remotes get the message across

Have you watched Adam Sandler’s antics in Click? I admit that the end was pretty touching, and sometimes do wish that such a remote came into my life. After all, why bother going through the nuances of a marriage course only to find out that theory isn’t so easily applied in real life? With the […]


Bomb Tissue Roll Cover

Now here’s an interesting tissue roll cover – it comes in the shape of a typical cartoon bomb. Needless to say, there aren’t any red or colored wires for you to cut under high pressure circumstances to save the day, but all you need to do to stop the “bomb” in your nose from flying […]


Pooping Santa dispenses candy

It must be pretty nauseous going around the whole world in just one night, coming down dirty chimneys and breathing in all that soot without falling sick there and then. Guess the Pooping Santa reflects reality more than what our Christmas cards do, cause when he needs to go, there’s no stopping him. Since Santa […]


The Don’t Pee Me Off Toilet Roll Puzzle

If  you’re feeling a bit vindictive and want to play a cruel joke on a roommate, then you should definitely check out this puzzle.  This Toilet Roll Puzzle makes it impossible to use the toilet paper until you solve the puzzle.  Once the puzzle is solved then you’re free to wipe.  Just be sure you […]


The Owl USB Drive sparkles more than a disco ball

Who on earth really looked at an owl and thought that they should create a shiny USB drive shaped like it?!  Even more puzzling is wondering who would actually want to purchase one for their own.  I have openly admitted when a USB drive actually pulls off being attractive enough to be worn around someone’s […]


The I Crapped my Pants Doll

Some days, this world truly scares me and today would be one of those days.  I would love to know why it is exactly that someone decided it was necessary to make a I Crapped my Pants Doll.  Don’t worry, they have suggestions where exactly this doll is perfect for, and that’s your office of […]

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