Violin USB Drive

Here’s a fancy USB flash drive that will definitely have your colleagues laughing and sniggering behind your back – the Violin USB Drive. It will plod along (relatively speaking, of course) at USB 2.0 speeds, coming in a durable silicone casing where the only music it will play would be MP3 files stored on it. […]


Limited Edition Stealth Robot 2GB USB Drive

Check out the $39.99 Limited Edition Stealth Robot 2GB USB Drive from ThinkGeek – why do we think it is foolish? For starters, who forks out nearly $50 for a 2GB flash drive anymore these days? The only consolation would be this USB flash drive caters for lovers of Japanese robots, where it is constructed […]


Hot Dog USB Drive

Food lovers or to be specific hot dog lovers can now get a drive that lets them think of their favorite treat all day long.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.  Then other hot dog lovers can see your USB drive and you’ll have an instant bond between you and them.  These hot […]


USB Surgeon Drive

Very rarely do you get to turn the tables on those in the medical line, but this time round you can exact revenge on all surgeons thanks to the USB Surgeon Drive. Why do we say so? The USB connector is revealed only when you remove the surgeon’s head from his body, only to reattach […]


Lady LUCK 4GB Portable Thumbdrive

Do you think that you’ve seen your fair share of USB flash drives that nothing ought to get you hot and bothered any more? Maybe the Lady LUCK 4GB Portable Thumbdrive on Etsy might change that perspective, although we don’t think the $45 asking price for 4GB of storage space is going to endear itself […]


The Snowman USB Drive

Weather is getting much colder these days, it’s not quite to the point that it’s snowing, but it’s getting to the point where snow is just around the corner.  To look forward to all those ice cold nights you can now pick yourself up a snowman flash drive.  The drive comes in a sweet cuddly […]


The horrifyingly ugly Jewel Piggy Necklace USB Drive

This concoction is one of the ugliest flash drives I’ve seen so far.  I like pigs and all, but I don’t exactly want one draped around my neck all day either.  It also looks like someone grabbed a handful of multicolored rhinestones and hot glued them on.  I suspect that a grown adult didn’t design […]


Hamburger USB Drive – girl USB port not included

Hilariously enough, that’s a photo from the actual product site.  I will probably never know why they decided to jam a USB port inside this girl’s mouth, but it just doesn’t seem right.  The USB drive comes with 8GB of internal memory.  You can pick it up through Chinavasion for about $28.  Of course, you […]


USB Drive created to look like Ned Kelly

This is probably one of the most bizarre USB drives I’ve seen.  It’s based off of an Australian bushranger, Ned Kelly, that lived in the 1800s.  It’s just so incredibly random to base a drive off of the man.  Ned Kelly is not only known as a criminal, but to some a folk hero.  He […]


Star Trek Pez Dispensers converted to USB drives

We’ve all seen the random Star Trek items that people seal away, never to be touched or opened.  I’m not sure if Star Trek fans will be excited over these USB Pez Dispensers or if they’ll cringe knowing someone cut through a dispenser that was still in prime condition to be stashed away.  It does […]


Seabol the DataSquid 4GB USB Drive

I have yet to really understand the fascination with making gadgets cuddly, but this squid is cute.  It will hold all of 4GB of your data.  He may seem squishy, but apparently he’s made of some serious stuff.  Otherwise they clearly wouldn’t have priced it at $89 per drive.  Well they must have some kind […]


The Big Ben USB Drive

If you have a love for cheesy novelty electronics, here’s another flash drive for you.  The drive is shaped of course like Big Ben.  If you have a thing for architecture or just for the largest four-facing chiming clock, this could be an interesting drive to carry around.  The drive is encased in rubber and […]


Cartoon Snoop USB Drive

The pink trend keeps taking a step just a bit too far, now they’ve painted poor Snoopy pink, or rather “Snoop” as he’s called here.  The poor bright pink Snoopy is only a 1GB drive, so therefore extremely cheap.  In this case to pick yourself up another pink gadget it will only cost you $6.50 […]


Kissing Octopus Couple Drive

Here’s another kissing USB drive to make you nauseous and it’s worse than the last one I wrote up.  I’m still completely baffled as to why USB drives need to kiss, but either way, here’s a new one.  This one comes in the form of a kissing octopus.  They are sold with either 2GB, 4GB […]


A random gallery of incredibly foolish USB drives

Flash drives have been made to look like all kinds of things. Some of them are very cool and even a little cryptic, which is always fun. Then other times it just blows my mind that someone found these to be a good idea. Well since it’s Friday and no one likes to actually do […]


8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug

Mugs are dime a dozen out there – the thing is, just which particular model should you gun for if you are looking for one? After all, it can be pretty easy to pick up a mug – all that you need to do is to go to any roadshow or conference showfloor, and you […]


Nekobot figurines come in Voltron form factor

Incubot have come up with yet another Nekobot figurine, this time round a Voltron: Defender of the Universe Nekobot that is actually a hidden 2GB USB Flash drive when you think about it. He comes equipped with a laser sword that is sure to cut down all your work in size, as long as they […]


10-Port USB Hub Bar

They say that you can never have enough USB ports to go around, just like how a lady should always look for newer handbags and shoes, but sometimes, too much can just be overwhelming. Case in point, this 10-Port USB Hub Bar that allows you to hook up to 10 USB 2.0 devices. I’m guessing […]


USB Panda Hub

Another day, another USB hub. This time round, we have the USB Panda Hub that is rather creepy when you come to think about it – sure, the product description did mention a “cutie panda design”, boasting four USB ports for you to plug in your various USB devices, but he’ll look more like a […]


49-port USB hub

Now here’s an accessory that you probably won’t need – the 49-port USB hub. This device should be able to cater for just about the next 100 years, assuming the USB standard remains well into the next century. After all, what the heck are you going to do with so many ports, unless you’re running […]


Neko Mimi Memory looks ghastly on your desktop

Want to make yourself the social pariah at the office? That’s not too hard to do when you sieve through our growing database on really foolish stuff that ends up rolling off the manufacturing lines in some remote factory somewhere in the world. We suppose the same idiotic process was applied to the Neko Mimi […]


USB Rubber Chicken is a hoot

If you’re the resident joker at your office, then might we suggest you continue to live up to your name with the USB Rubber Chicken? This is a tiny USB flash drive that has been stuffed up a rubber chicken’s rear end, remaining there securely thanks to some effort with a screwdriver and a screw. […]


USB Happy-Kid 4-Port Hub and Memo Clip

We all know that USB hubs work best if they’re designed with the bare minimum requirements in mind, without any need to look fancy, light up the entire place or even provide some sort of LCD display for you to view images of your family as you plug in your USB flash drive. Brando thinks […]


Miss Army Knife

So, there is the Swiss Army Knife for the men, but how about the ladies – what kind of utilitarian tool do they get to carry around in their handbag? Perhaps they might want to take their chances with the $19.99 Miss Army Knife, where it holds all of the tools required by ladies, and […]

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