Baby Goatee Pacifier

A baby for new parents can be rather challenging to take care of – some of the little critters tend to require more care and attention than the rest! Having said that, if you do not have an iPhone or an iPad around in the event where your little one starts throwing a tantrum, perhaps […]


Day in the Park Bird Picks

If you happen to be a social butterfly who hosts plenty of events at your home from time to time, then chances are you would also want to have new stuff presented to your guests. After all, being boring is not your nature, and you would want to spruce up how their food is served, […]


Stress Sausages

Let’s face the facts – we happen to live in an extremely stressful environment these days. The work at the office continues to pile up, as though there is not going to be any kind of stop or end to it, and on the way home you will have to battle with many other cars […]


Chilli Pepper Umbrellas

When it rains, it pours. After all, we are supposed to be well prepared no matter where we go, hence it makes sense that during the dry season, we should continue to tote around an umbrella – you know, just in case the heavens decide to open up and pour down its “blessings” on humanity […]


Seed Money

There are some rather interesting terms in the English language in which we can fall back on, seeing their rather agrarian roots (pardon the pun), and Seed Money happens to be one of them. What if you were to make the term literal? Well, you would have to fork out $8.99 for that to happen, […]


Poop Spare Key Hiding Spot

Nobody likes a piece of turd, let’s face the cold, hard facts. After all, there is nothing quite as disappointing as stepping into some other dog’s poop while you are walking on a nice, grassy knoll, especially when you are dressed to the nines, carrying some flowers in your hand so that you can impress […]


Joker Crazy Foam

Joker is one of Batman’s greatest nemesis to date, where this pale faced killer is devoid of a conscience whatsoever, and would be able to to perform the craziest acts possible even if it means wiping out the entire city – without paying any regard for his own life, too. Well, since he is nuts […]


Dessert Excuses Plate Set

Whenever you are done with a satisfying meal, what do you do? Why, you wait for a little bit of coffee, followed by dessert, of course! Well, having something sweet to end the day is always nice, as with a nightcap of sorts, and perhaps you might want to check out the $24.99 Dessert Excuses […]


Edmond the Solar Waving Pug

When you are on the lookout for something that is not only fun, but will also help set the mood for your ride, then look no further than the conversation starting $7.99 Edmond the Solar Waving Pug. As you can tell by its name, this is one pug that absolutely adores the sun – as […]


Anatomic Heart Specimen Coasters

Taking a drink after a particularly long day at work – or even worse, week, that can be excused. After all, you do need to find an outlet where you will be able to destress yourself. Having said that, how about going back to the comfort of your own home and retreating to your favorite […]


I’d Tap That Beer Goggles

It is said that something magical happens when you start to guzzle down some beer, and that would be the fact that your eyes start to play tricks on you, hence the beer goggles effect. In other words, if you have gotten enough alcohol in your system, then you would definitely be able to feel […]


Peek-A-Boo Guess Who Party Glasses

Halloween is getting nearer and nearer with each passing day, and this can only mean one thing – you should do your bit to ensure that you have all of the right tools and equipment to meet this particular day head on, full of confidence. This means amassing your fair share of party gear and […]


Fairy Door Stop & Bookend

Little ones these days tend to grow up with smartphones and tablets, and their imagination do seem to be dictated by what they see, rather than surfacing from within. This means we might be seeing less and less innovation in due time, but that would be in the distant future. What about books? Perhaps in […]


Squirrel Neck & Travel Pillow

If you have ever traveled for long periods of time in a seated position, where there is very little room to recline, then you can be sure that your neck would have gone through a rather torrid time by the time you arrive at your destination. A neck pillow would definitely be able to do […]


Blue Skies Smiling At Me Umbrella

I would like to think that there are just a couple of times in which one makes use of an umbrella, and that would be to protect oneself from the sun, as well as to prevent oneself from getting wet because of the rain. I would suppose it is no fun at all to be […]


Pixel Loading Martini Shaker

A martini shaker might be something that you might want to pick up since you can never quite tell as to when you are going to host a party, or you have an unexpected guest, so serving him or her a martini might be a good idea. Well, just to make sure that your geek […]


Cocktail Dice

Life is not all about chances, but then again, there are times and moments where you will be able to throw caution to the wind and take whatever lands on your lap. While choosing a life partner is a very different proposition from doing so, having your daily evening drinks is an entire playing field […]


Hard Core Apple Necklace

A necklace is an accessory that is worth checking out, that is for sure, as it enhances how one looks like, not to mention is a pleasant change from the normally bare neck. Having said that, while there is a wide range of trinkets out there with plenty of bauble combinations, how about taking a […]


Be A Deer Ring

I suppose it is the dream of most of the young girls out there to be swept off their feet by a prince charming, all the more better if the man of their dreams happen to be handsome, well built, is a gentleman in all aspects, and of course, rich beyond measure. Now that is […]


Doo Doo Head Mask

You know what they say about the Boy Scouts – to be prepared always. Having said that, you might have run out of ideas for the coming Halloween season, as zombies are way too common, and so too, are all of the rest of the undead repertoire. Which means you will need to look out […]


Finger Hooks

Hooks are extremely useful stuff to have around. You can always hang things on them, and it makes sure that you know where your clothes are, too, if you hang them at the right place, that is. However, most hooks look boring – simply because they are meant to be more functional than aesthetically pleasing, […]


Squirrel Tissue Holder

Most of the time, we would make sure that the big things get done first – followed by the smaller stuff, as priorities will need to be sorted out. The thing is, some of us do happen to get our priorities upside down, so for such a group who feel that the tissue box holder […]


Leaf Pocket Cup

Everyone would love to have a little bit of stuff to drink from time to time, and for those who happen to work in an office, you know for sure that it would be best to ensure that you have a cup or mug that you can call your own. There is something comforting about […]


Bandage Sticky Notes

Leaving a note for a friend or colleague can be something that we do every day, and even more so when you happen to be stationed at a rather frantic office. The thing is, you are unable to capture the attention of the note receiver if all you are going to use is a measly […]

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