White Castle now serves hamburger scented candle

I don’t know about you, but isn’t the temptation of a White Castle hamburger scented candle too much for those who are trying to maintain a steady diet so that they will not pile on the pounds? The famous hamburger chain which I will always remember as a kid, offering unlimited refills of fizzy drinks, […]


Urine Sample Candy is a real hoot

We know that Halloween has past, but don’t you think that this Urine Sample Candy you see here is definitely something worth dishing out to pesky kids at this time of the year? Of course, you can also opt to just eat them in your cubicle to gross out your other colleagues, but it does […]


Krypton Glow In The Dark Thinking Putty

Superman who? The Krypton Glow In The Dark Thinking Putty is definitely something that will challenge his brains as well as his might, more or less reducing him to a crumpled heap on the floor since he isn’t exactly the brainiest superhero around, and we all know what kryptonite does to him. This unique putty […]


Santa Drinking Hat

We do wonder since when did Christmas become a rather solemn affair, remembering the birth of Lord Jesus on this earth around two thousand years ago, to the party filled, booze-flowing nights of today. Well, for those who think that Christmas is another opportunity to excuse yourself from the home and head out with your […]


Minor Miracle Mug

For the quasi-religious, here is something that you might want to own in the office to be different from everyone else out there. For some, drinking coffee can be a rather religious experience, as there are customs to adhere to (2 lumps of sugar and no more) which cannot be broken, but why not fascinate […]


Pillow Tie targets sleepyheads

If you happen to suffer from post-lunch coma daily, and need a less conspicuous method of catching forty winks without having the keyboard’s keys leave marks all over your forehead, then the Pillow Tie might be just the thing for you. It kills two birds with one stone – helping you look like you are […]


Hand-Painted Silk Bacon Scarf

Everyone loves bacon, don’t you think so? Of course, omitting those who are vegans as well as skipping bacon due to religious obligations, who else can resist such delicious meat? To show off your avid love for bacon to the world, why not drop $56.99 for the Hand-Painted Silk Bacon Scarf? This is one special […]


Jelly Belly Money Box

If you love counting beans of the sweet and edible kind, then the Jelly Belly Money Box might be suitable for you. After all, with an initial investment of £14.99 in green, pink and red colors, you can start saving up dough to purchase your next raid at the Jelly Bellies store. This is an […]

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Pop’s Stache for a fun party time

Throwing a party? Well, if there is going to be plenty of booze flowing all around, then you might be interested to pick up the Pop’s Stache – at least a bunch of them. Why do we say so? Well, it will certainly make you have a fun moustache without having to have the ability […]


Hooked unusual coin and key holder

Now here’s a rather cute and unconventional method of making sure your coins and keys remains in the same place, or rather, in line (pun intended) – with the Hooked unusual coin and key holder. No longer do you need to go fishing for change, since all your coins are already stashed within the belly […]


The Firebox Stocking for a quirky Christmas

Want to have a very different Christmas? Check out the Firebox Stocking which is available for different classes of people such as for her and for kids, retailing for £24.99 regardless of the size. These high quality, fur-trimmed stockings can be stuffed with a stunning selection of tinsel-quiveringly original gifts without relying on Santa since […]


Tuna Fish Sleeping Bag

Remember the computer game Quake that truly revolutionized the full 3D FPS gaming experience over a LAN as well as the Internet? Well, we certainly haven’t forgotten about the game, where the obituaries are peppered with a sense of humor depending on the method you kick the bucket. Some get electrocuted while others are nailed, […]


Game Over Dish Sponge Set

You know it is game over for dirt with the Game Over Dish Sponge Set – as it comes in the familiar yellow and red shapes of Pac Man as well as one of his nemesis. These retro designs are shaped to look like two of video game’s popular characters, and are more than ready […]

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Angry Birds costume for Halloween?

We do know that Halloween is the time where those who love costumes get all dressed up in fancy suits, and it really depends on how creative you are. How about this pair of Angry Birds costumes? The good people over at the Clock Blog came up with two for themselves as you see above, […]


Thanko Ribbon Hair Band Earphones

Trust the Japanese to come up with something zany from time to time – this time around, we have the Thanko Ribbon Hair Band Earphones. Looking like some kind of Jane Bond configuration, the Thanko Ribbon Hair Band Earphones will be worn just like any other ordinary hair band, although this one comes with the […]


Pen holder looks like gun barrel

Shooting a gun is somewhat similar to talking before thinking about what you want to say. Once the word is out, even the fastest horses on earth cannot catch up with what was said. Guess this is where “shooting your mouth off” comes in, eh? Check out this interesting pen holder that might just serve […]

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Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker

Love having a Blizzard, but do not want to be subject to its availability outside all the time? You can always consider picking up the Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker which can be used at home. This comes with packets of mix and Pop Rocks, where once it is exhausted, you can always use the machine […]


Charging cables get all artsy fartsy

Who would have thought that charging cables could be works of art? Well, we have absolutely no idea why this is called The World of Alice, where this tiny wire world will see a somewhat self sufficient city lined up along the, well, power line. You get stuff like trees, vehicles and even church steeples, […]


Bell Drinking Mug rings up one for the road

The Bell Drinking Mug is one interesting drinking mug that can be held in just one hand (like any other mugs), but it comes with one advantage over the rest – if you’re too sloshed, you can always just ring the bell on your mug to order the next round. Not only that, you can […]

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Hotdog Yummy Pocket attracts no ants

Everyone loves hotdogs. If you don’t like this delicious snack, then there either you are not a true blue American, or you have just gone down a totally diet path. Well, this time around, you need not decide on what you want in your hotdog in terms of condiments, but rather, what essential items that […]


Betty Boop Celebriduck

Forget about the regular yellow rubber duckies – here is the Betty Boop Celebriduck, where she intends to float in your tub with a whole lot of cleavage for your own fantasies. Of course, any Betty Boop Fan worth his or her salt will definitely want to pick this puppy up for $11.95 to add […]


Hamburger speaker for delicious sounds

While this might be one of the more delicious looking speakers out there on the market, where the Hamburger speaker will definitely turn heads – but don’t think that is because it is worth a look for its intrinsic value, but more of because it is weird and they will be snickering at you shortly […]


iPhone Horn Stand Acoustic Amplifier

If you think that your iPhone’s built-in speaker isn’t good enough for sharing your favorite tunes with someone else, then might we suggest you look into this rather Shrek-looking iPhone Horn Stand Acoustic Amplifier? After all, it will acoustically amplify the volume that comes straight from your phone by more than double without having to […]


Tape Measure Mat

Fancy getting a house mat that is different from the rest? You might want to check out the woven Tape Measure Mat, where purchasing one for $35 will also help you do your bit in keeping the earth green. Why do we say so? This woven mat is made out of recycled tape measures, that’s […]

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