Ice Egg Ice Cube Tray

Never mind that Easter is done and over with, this doesn’t mean you still cannot enjoy your ice cold eggs – yes, we did mention ice cold eggs. Now, normally cold eggs would be part of a salad dish, but this time round, the Ice Egg Ice Cube Tray intends to turn your drinks super […]


Lollipop MP3 Speaker

Now here’s a surefire way to have your friends poke fun at you and ridicule you not only for the colorful pair of mismatched sneakers, but the clown pants that you’re wearing as well – in addition, of course, to having the Lollipop MP3 Speaker that is dangling off your iPod nano or shuffle. It […]


Pac Man Cookie Cutter

Love the ancient video game known as Pac Man? You would do well to bring home the Pac Man Cookie Cutter then, as you will be able to cut all of your dough into different sized Pac Mans and ghosts – never mind that there aren’t any small yellow circles left behind for you to […]


Facebook Like tip box

We’ve seen instances of the Facebook “Like” button being used in a myriad of ways, but here’s another method to keep you thinking of the next best one. Assuming you’re in the service industry and would want a tip box that doesn’t look too needy in some way or another, and yet you would want […]


Novelty Pee Pee Bib Gag

No one wants to wear a bib – not when they’re adults, unless they’re forced to. After all, why want to look like you’re still a kid when you’re all grown up? To make matters worse, what happens when your bib looks totally out of place, especially when you wear it in your pants (this […]


Farting Plush Monkey

Want something to liven up the day? How about getting a monkey off your back? Of course, if said monkey was not proverbial but rather, the Farting Plush Monkey, you can be sure that you will be having a rocking good time. Why do we say so? The name should have given the name away, […]


Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve

Security through obscurity – that must be the new motto for those who sport the Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve. This is large enough to store your notebook, and it has been padded with tough foam to make sure it can withstand all sorts of knocks and drops without missing a beat (or rather, causing too […]


Bouncing Magic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball gets more ‘magic’ this time around with the ability to bounce – all for £9.99. Of course, you might just wonder who in their right mind would want to have an 8 Ball that can bounce? After all, it is supposed to help guide your life by taking responsibility for some […]


Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

Gross out your friends and family with the Organ Transport Lunch Cooler – the name itself tells it as it is. Retailing for $19.99, this lunchbox will hold your favorite lunch time snacks or dishes, but for those who can read (and that’s a whole lot of people, mind you), they might just get grossed […]


Ollie Twitter Mascot Collectible

If you’re a huge fan of microblogging site Twitter, then here’s some news for you – the Ollie Twitter Mascot Collectible can now be yours, all for the low, low price of $19.95. Hey, this is a capitalist economy after all, and you do have a choice of not purchasing one of these puppies if […]


Rabbit Ear Salad Servers

Serving up a mean bowl of salad does not only mean having the right kind of ingredients, but the kind of utensils in which it comes in, of course. What better way to laugh about a poorly tossed salad than with the Rabbit Ear Salad Servers? Retailing for $11.99, they certainly reflect the Easter spirit, […]


iPhone Lego case

Now here’s a weird looking iPhone case that would certainly get all of you Lego fans excited – after all, on the back side of it, you can stick your favorite Lego bricks as you please, heck, even fill it up with minifigs if you so desire. This will definitely make you more ridiculous than […]


Plush iPaw’d for your pooch

You know how ridiculous things have gotten when it comes to accessories for pets? Yeah, we’re talking about shoes for your dog, as well as strawberry shaped cushions, as well as other cutesy stuff which makes the dog more human than, well, a human. Which is wrong, since you’re supposed to be the pack leader […]


This Paper Watch does not tear so easily

Mention Paper Watch, and chances are you would think of a cut-out done by a kid, using a pen or pencil to draw the current time, which will be right twice in a day anyways. Well, this Paper Watch is different from what was just described, but that doesn’t mean the £7.49 timepiece on your […]


Graffiti Spray Paint Cocktail Shaker

Now here’s a way for you to go nuts at your next party – after all, with plenty of booze going around, chances are people are going to find the Graffiti Spray Paint Cocktail Shaker all the more funny. We’re talking about a 14 oz cocktail shaker which actually resembles that of a can of […]


Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard

Forget about not touching this – you can’t shoot this! Perhaps rap stars and other famous people who fear for their lives being taken prematurely by an assassin might want to check out the Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard – after all, this is a self-explanatory “device” of sorts. Not only does it let you have […]


LED light up glove

Love all things Michael Jackson? His death anniversary is coming up, so if you want to commemorate the late King of Pop in the comfort of your own home by dancing to his favorite tunes, you would do well to bring home this LED light up glove. Heck, it even comes with sequins for added […]


Chocolate Camera lets you bite into perfect images

Now here’s a sweet gift for your honey – the Chocolate Camera that looks better than it performs. After all, with a 0.3 megapixel CMOS lens, you can’t really shoot anything spectacular (at VGA resolution), and it can even shoot movies – albeit without any audio, of course. Other specifications include a built-in rechargeable battery and […]


Segway jousting!

Just in case you have too much spare time and recently learned of an inheritance from your Uncle Horatio’s death, with his last will and testament endowing you with his multi-million dollar fortune, then you would be pleased to know that there are endless ways to spend your free time being a jackass. Case in […]


LED Sound Sensitive Ice Bucket

If you’re one who throws plenty of parties throughout the year, then you would do well to have some interesting stuff in your house for guests to look at (and touch), since checking out your wedding photos each time they drop by isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to be honest. Here’s the now discounted LED […]


iPhone 4…now in a pillow

The iPhone cow does seem to be one that has unlimited milk, just like how George Lucas is treating his Star Wars franchise that has earned him millions many times over. The iPhone 4, an object of desire for many, already has a very mature third party accessory market, but what makes it all the […]


Illuminated Jetbib Feeding System

Any new parent will tell you (as well as more experienced ones) that getting their little one to eat, no matter which number he/she is at the moment, is not a walk in the park, especially when you’re faced with a rather monstrous personality in such a small package. Good thing there is always technology […]


Screwed by Wall Street

For those of you who have lived through the Great Depression in 1929 as well as other stock market collapses, you would know that bankers are there for your money – fattening their pockets in the process, of course. How else would you explain the golden handshake that bank execs received even after the government […]


8-bit stockings to ravish your geek

There is a geek in every one of us, and here’s a pair of stockings that might just arouse more than a passing interest in your man if he is a geek, and he tends to be glued more to the computer screen than your latest wardrobe change. Of course, it doesn’t seem as though […]

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