Ocean Life Gummy Kabob

Love kebabs? I do – nice and juicy, tender chunks of meat on a skewer, where each bite bursts with flavor. Well, the Ocean Life Gummy Kabob is technically not a gadget per se, but for $2.99, you will be able to enjoy a Surf and Turf experience unlike any other. Coming with a dolphin, […]


Roboto USB Hub

A USB hub is a USB hub, right? Wrong! It seems that life is not that simple, and some folks prefer something “louder” so to speak, which is why the next time you are shopping for a USB hub, don’t just settle for any model – but rather, there is the $24 Roboto USB Hub. […]


Pocket Chainsaw

Just in case you are one of the rare few who believe that we will soon be undone by a zombie invasion, and need some melee weapons in hand to ward off those flesh eating undead, then you surely might want to consider getting the $29.99 Pocket Chainsaw. Yes sir, while it is not powered […]


Switch Salt & Pepper Dispenser

Want to make the switch from salt to pepper the next time you are at your dining table? The answer comes in a rather hilarious salt & pepper set – and boy, have we seen our fair share over the years, but this $11.99 Switch Salt & Pepper Dispenser is definitely a hoot no matter […]


SD Old School Photo Album

Now this is definitely bridging the old and the new – the SD Old School Photo Album. Don’t you think that it explains itself? After all, you will need to print out your digital photos (or develop them if you’re still going analog), and what better way to store them than using a modern looking […]


Moose Head Bottle Opener

You know that the more you drink (booze, not orange juice), the more drunk you’ll become – that is very obvious, unless you’re too inebriated to grasp that concept. Well, for those who need some help in opening up your next bottle of beer without doing it the old school way (with your teeth), there […]


Jingle Bell Ring not the way to win fair lady’s hand

Guys, guys, your lady in waiting might seem to be extremely non-chalant about this thing called marriage and a “wedding”, but deep down inside, there still lies a little princess who does not mind, in fact – she looks forward to, a kind of relationship that will see you, her knight in shining armor, come […]


Constructive Eating Set

Having difficulty in letting the little ones chow down their food, especially when you are trying to build up a good habit of indulging in vegetables and fruit? Perhaps the eating sessions can be made all the more fun and enjoyable with the proper tools – in this case, the £12.99 Constructive Eating Set. Granted, […]


Ew Hand Sanitizer

“Ewwww!” is the common cry from those who feel disgusted at a particular sight, especially when you dangle earthworms in front of a bunch of girls. Well, perhaps there is a remedy to that malady – in the form of the $4.99 Ew Hand Sanitizer. Yes, the aptly named bottle of 2 ounce liquid is […]


Nikodama Sticky Blinking Eyeballs

Do you get the feeling sometimes that someone is watching you, even though you are alone in a room? The movies tend to depict that particular situation often, especially in thrillers as well as the staple horror movie selection. Well, next time around, you might want to go literal with the £24.99 Nikodama Sticky Blinking […]


Finger Soap grosses folks out

If there is anything that I cannot stand, it would be disembodied parts of the human body – and you just know that with Halloween coming up around the corner, there will be plenty of opportunities to get scared with body parts all over the place. Heck, some of them might even give you a […]


Cat play houses comes in pink Cadillac form factor

You might work your whole life and still cannot afford a pink Cadillac for the family, but perhaps you can choose to live out the sight of seeing your dream car at home – by purchasing this £14.95 Cat Play House that has been modeled after what else, but a pink Cadillac. This is a […]


Mega Cockroach Backpack

If you want to build up your reputation as a serious joker (now is that not an ironic statement to make?), then surely the Mega Cockroach Backpack would be part of your arsenal. After all, you might want to be far more original than those other folks who tote around boring old black colored bags, […]


Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

I don’t know what is the world’s obsession with this mouthless feline who looks as pale as death, but somehow or rather, she seems to be hugely popular, especially so in Asia and among the fairer sex. If you want to make your other half happy with her favorite feline, then why not make her […]


Wild West Shooting Set

Feel frustrated at home or at work? Well, there is nothing quite like shooting your mouth off, but plenty of people can get hurt in the process, and to heal emotional wounds, it will take plenty of time to do so. As for those who prefer to learn how to manage their emotions better, there […]


Wilton Dimensions Nonstick 3D Skull Pan

Do you have every intention to throw a Halloween party that is quite unlike any other? If you answered in the affirmative, then you might want to check out just what this $34.99 Wilton Dimensions Nonstick 3D Skull Pan is all about. I believe the name itself explains everything, where you will be able to […]


Backpack Drinks Dispenser

Throwing a party often involves plenty of logistics and planning, ranging from the kind of drinks, the setup of your choice, guests to invite, the works! Well, making sure your guests do not go thirsty is also another important aspect – even Jesus was called upon to do something when a wedding feast he attended […]


Mustache Soap Set

You know something? Most folks won’t give two hoots about the kind of soap you have at home, since most of them come in either a liquid form or a bar. I must say that soap bars aren’t exactly the most inspiring designs out there, so I am quite surprised to see this rather zany […]


Sushi Date Night Cufflinks

Going on a date is definitely something that all singles appreciate, especially when they feel as though it is time to start “settling down” after getting queried by so many family members. For guys, it is to find a “nice girl”, while the ladies get ribbed that they aren’t getting any younger. Well, if you […]


Millennium Falcon Wall Cling

Looking for a quick way to blow a Benjamin? Granted, there are easily many roads that lead to the same conclusion, but how many of those will involve bringing home a vinyl wall decal that depicts the self-proclaimed fastest ship in the galaxy, the majestic Millennium Falcon? I suppose all that money has gone to […]


20 Sided Sucker

Love playing Dungeons & Dragons, not to mention all other kinds of RPGs (Role Playing Games)? Well, your character might have the best statistics on paper (literally), but no matter how powerful he/she is, there are still off days to simulate real life, thanks to the roll of the die in an encounter with a […]


Humunga Tongue Dog Toy

If you already own a goofy looking dog, why not go the extra mile and make sure he/she is goofed up to the max in terms of looks with the Humunga Tongue Dog Toy? Yes sir, this is a unique kind of dog toy that allows your pooch to play fetch all day long, burning […]


Hand hooks would look creepier if it is flesh colored

When you see these hand hooks being screwed into your wall, surely they provide a surreal look that might prove to be rather creepy for some other people. After all, we’re far more used to a regular, curved hook, but to see a hand with an open palm, not to mention being super realistic with […]


Texting Gloves

There is one disadvantage when it comes to touchscreen devices – if you’re wearing gloves, those just don’t jive whenever you want to send a text message or compose and email using a virtual keyboard. You would first need to remove your glove and start tapping away – resulting in a frozen hand during winter. […]

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