Wordless Wrap wrapping paper

Now the ironic bit about this particular Wordless Wrap wrapping paper would be if you were to gift a word search book to the recipient – don’t you think that the wrapping paper itself gives the game away? This universal wrapping paper is printed on 100g natural uncoated premium paper on 50 X 70cm sheets, […]


Bite Me Vampire Bottle Opener

You know how all the tough guys are able to open up a beer bottle using nothing but their teeth? The $9.99 Bite Me Vampire Bottle Opener will certainly up the ante, especially for vampires, as losing their fangs would translate to being unable to feed on other humans, so why not send in a […]


Star Trek Enterprise Plush

Trekkies, you might have no fear facing the Borg on your own with your trusted Phaser, but what happens when it starts to rain heavily outside, and the storm shows no signs of abating? This is where a plush toy would come in handy to provide some form of comfort, and instead of relying on […]


Heart Shaped Spatula

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, or so the old saying goes. You might want to get the message across in a more brazen manner if the bloke you are going out with seems to be oblivious to all casual hints and clues, and what better way to say “I […]


Screaming Panic Button

You know, most of us know that when horror or panic strikes, screaming is a natural act that we do – to gain attention from any living survivors around us (if you are in a zombie apocalypse), or just to release some stress. Sometimes, the sheer fear and panic of it all grips us in […]


I Love You Sith Much Bobble-Head

Darth Vader had never really been that much of a dad, but I supposed when he was united with the Force, he did look after Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in his own special way. Well, assuming Vader was still alive after he returned to the Light Side of the Force, his children might have […]


Talking Pig Speakerphone Toy

Here is one zany speakerphone that is kosher, considering how it is not made out of an actual pig, despite resembling a porker. Retailing for just $17.49, the Talking Pig Speakerphone Toy will let you channel your partner’s voice and movements over the phone, where all you need to do is make sure he does […]


Crocheted Spock Ears

Live long and prosper, and if you want to live out the former, then make sure you keep yourself nice, warm and toasty whenever the mercury drops. The Crocheted Spock Ears from Shove Mink of Croshame are easy-to-make, and can be slipped on in a jiffy. Not only that, they require a pattern that takes […]


Cahones The Big Ball Chihuahua Dog

Here is something that you might want to check out if you want a fake dog – the $29.95 Cahones The Big Ball Chihuahua Dog. The name itself gives the game away, as this Singing Dog is extremely well-endowed, and I guess he cannot wait to start having little chihuahuas (wait a minute, should it […]


Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle

Do you think that your little one could be the next Stallone or Hulk Hogan? If so, you might want to let the young ‘un start off young – as long as he is able to lift up the $7.99 Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle, that is. This unique rattle will be able to turn junior […]


Smiley Face Ear Muffs

It might be freezing out there, but that does not mean there is only one way to keep yourself warm. Let’s see now, you have that beanie to make sure no cold wind freezes your top and messes up your hair at the same time, while a nice, thick coat and a pair of gloves […]


Emergency Toilet Roll

There are just a few sinking feelings in this world that can match that of running out of toilet paper just after a particularly messy session – so I guess this is where the £3.99 Emergency Toilet Roll comes in handy. After all, even though you might have mastered the art of folding a square […]


Kilt Bath Towel

Watched Braveheart and feel as though you want to trace your ancestry to see whether there is any Scottish blood in you, especially being part of the Wallace family? You might be one skinny guy, but that does not mean your imagination has to be that slim. I suppose wrapping the $29.99 Kilt Bath Towel […]


Social Shower Curtain

If you cannot get enough of your shower curtain, or are thinking of introducing a change because the current one you have is ridden with fungi (a sign of bachelorhood), then here is one alternative which will definitely introduce laughs to whoever walks into your shower. After all, hitting the market this February for $23 […]


Angry Birds Fuzzy Slippers

Who doesn’t like Angry Birds? All right, I am quite sure that there are pockets of resistance out there, but generally speaking, these avian friends of ours who should attend an anger management course have a worldwide fan base that is worthy of being envied by many. You can now wear the iconic red bird […]


Beard Beanie Knit Cap

You might want to get out from the cold and receive some warmth considering how the weather is like out there, and here is the rather hilarious looking $24.95 Beard Beanie Knit Cap to help you stay nice and toasty. After all, some of us do not want to go through the hassle (nor have […]


Squirrel Coffee Cup

Remember the story yesterday about the World’s Largest Coffee Cup? Well, as we know, life does comprise of opposite extremes, and here we are today with the $3 Squirrel Coffee Cup. All you need to do to get just a whiff of caffeine would be through this Squirrel Coffee Cup. It is so tiny, that […]


World’s Largest Coffee Cup

If you absolutely need your shot of coffee each morning before you are able to deliver a decent day of work, then chances are the pantry is your favorite place to hang out. Of course, the water cooler is another alternative, but who would want to drink a tasteless (albeit far more important, I admit) […]


Listen to what Obama says

Hear ye, hear ye! Obama might be America’s first black president, but that does not detract anything from the man who is doing his utmost best to run the world’s most powerful country. Whatever he says does not go all the time though, unlike pariah state North Korea, but surely his words have some weight. […]


Superman Caped Pint Glass

Superman might be faster than a speeding bullet and stronger than a fast moving locomotive, but one thing that still makes him somewhat “human” would be his basic needs in life like the requirement for food and water, or perhaps we have been led to believe that. After all, why else would there be the […]


Eat Fit Cutlery Set

If you happen to have the penchant for wolfing down all sorts of culinary delights, and yet are loathe to sweat it out at the gym later on, you might want to check out the Eat Fit Cutlery Set. It will come in two different variants – the Knife & Fork that retails for £69.99, […]


Whoopee Key Chain

Surely as an adult, you would know better than to pull a prank amongst your equally adult-minded friends. Of course, sometimes in life, you will just need to let your hair down and have fun, reliving those moments as a kid when everything was carefree, and you had so much potential for the future. I […]


100 Kisses Tickets

Here is a mini add-on you can pick up for your Valentine’s Day present this February, but to just have the $4.99 100 Kisses Tickets as the primary present would be a pure disaster. This is the gift that keeps on giving, coming in a retro print style that lets the recipient redeem each ticket […]


Women’s Fortune Cookies

Most of the time when you head out to a Chinese restaurant, you are served with fortune cookies at the end of a meal. Certainly far clearer than gazing into a crystal ball, that does not mean whatever is printed on it is more accurate. Who would have thought that someone might have actually come […]

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