Anatomical Brain Pendant

Wearing a brain is not exactly the most fashionable thing to do, but the $39.99 Anatomical Brain Pendant might be something that medical students as well as cannibals are interested in. After all, it does not hurt to carry around a spare brain, does it? Boasting a 24″ long, black leather cord, it will ship […]


Blood Towel might shock the faint hearted

Not everyone can stomach the sight of blood – which is why the Blood Towel that you see here might not be the wisest choice of drying implements to have in your home if you happen to host plenty of guests over throughout the year. Available only in February this year (which is not that […]


Shoe Tree Tulips

This is one nutty shoe rack – after all, if something costs you a whopping €199 when a simple shoe rack from IKEA costs a fraction of that price, why would you go for the former? I guess if you are rich enough to own multiple pairs of Manolos and Jimmy Choos, then an extravagant […]


Tipsy drink glasses are totally unique

No, it is not your imagination going wild after you have had your 10th shot of vodka in 10 minutes, and neither is it the after effects of a Flaming Lamborghini. These uniquely fashioned tipsy drink glasses will retail for £65 for a pack of half dozen, and since all of them rely on gravity […]


Red Heart Mouse

With Valentine’s Day rolling around the corner, there is one gift that I would recommend you not to get (enter reverse psychology) – the £9.99 Red Heart Mouse. This particular computer peripheral surely looks better than it works, after all, the shape of it makes me wonder just how ergonomic it is for one to […]


Vulgar Pen Package

Vulgarities have certainly “progressed” to more creative methods of description compared to the days of our grandparents, be it on print or in other forms of media. Well, for those who feel that they should not utter such vulgarities from their mouths whenever they feel frustrated can “outsource” the job to the $19.98 Vulgar Pen […]


Voodoo Ex-lover Dolls

Watched the latest instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean? Captain Jack Sparrow left another broken heart marooned on an island, but there is room for a fifth outing down the road as Jack’s voodoo doll washes up ashore, and as we all know, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The £7.99 Voodoo Ex-lover […]


Lip Lolly

Those who troll 9gag will be able to identify with one of the more famous rage faces, Forever Alone, and if you happen to know anyone who falls under that category in real life, perhaps the $2.50 Lip Lolly might help lighten up the mood during those lonely Saturday nights. After all, with Valentine’s Day […]


Talking Mustache Keyring

Most mustaches “talk”, simply because there is a human mouth located right under it, controlled by the brain of a man (and in extremely rare cases, that of a woman). Well, you need not have to be the right gender or own the correct amount of hormones to get a mustache growing, as the $3.99 […]


Strong Arm Hooks

If you are going to decorate your home and make sure it is nice and ready to cater to guests as well as family, then make sure it is well equipped at all times – including hooks behind the door that make it far more convenient to make sure the floor is not littered with […]


Hole In One Doormat

Love playing golf, that your wife laments she is a golf widow? Well, the $34.99 Hole In One Doormat is not going to change that status of hers anytime soon, but rather, it will bring home even more symbols and objects of golf. After all, don’t you think that this doormat says “Welcome” while being […]


Reflective Cycling Socks

Do you think that there is such a thing as being too safe? I guess so, and if you happen to be one who cycles to work and back, as well as to run errands, then perhaps the £14.99 Reflective Cycling Socks might be worth looking into. It obviously looks and works like a regular […]


Heart Gelatin Mold

You must either be a cannibal or have an unconventional appetite for strangely shaped and decorated food to like the $5.95 Heart Gelatin Mold. It makes perfect sense really when Halloween comes around, as you can always potter around in the kitchen with this, ensuring that kids are grossed out with the well done hearts. […]


Chocolate Light Switch

Talk about bringing new meaning to the phrase “You turn me on” with the $9.95 Chocolate Light Switch. This unique 4.5 oz, gourmet, solid milk chocolate is definitely a play on that particular phrase, and if it does not melt any woman’s heart, I have no idea what would. All right, I jest, a 2-carat […]


World of Warcraft Giant Foam Doomhammer Replica

Are you a huge World of Warcraft fan? Well, the MMORPG might have been riding into the sunset for quite some time now, but the number of lives it has influenced has certainly been more than what your two hands and two feet are able to count, even if you grew seven toes and fingers […]


His and Hers Tongue Scrapers

They say that a married couple should learn to share everything, and while some spouses do not mind sharing a toothbrush, there are others who think that such a personal item should, at least, remain personal – you can have your toothbrush, while I will keep mine, thank you very much. I guess when you […]


Fruit Ninja Plush

Have you had your fair share of Fruit Ninja on your smartphone? Of course, there is always an opportunity to make more money outside of the game itself, and this is the case with Fruit Ninja. “I know kung-fruit!” can be your battle cry, as you pick up the £8.99 Fruit Ninja Plush, where it […]


Batman Night Light

Have you ever wondered just what Batman does when dusk falls in Gotham City? Does he wait for the Batsignal to be shone across the skies, which means his “existence” hinges more on our needs than him having a life? Well, kids who adore this masked crusader can always pick up the $9.99 (or rather, […]


Ninja Sticky Notes

Ninjas come and ninjas go, and most of the time, you are not able to see them. In fact, to be able to catch a ninja in action would spell certain doom for you, as they are not meant to be seen, only to have their actions reverberate to indicate their presence in this corporeal […]


Magical Unicorn Mask

Halloween’s a really long way off, considering how we have just concluded Christmas celebrations nearly one month ago, and here we are with a mask that will definitely suit those who want to horse around – the $29.95 Magical Unicorn Mask. Just make sure that no one out there would want to de-horn you for […]


Superman Logo Silicone Ice Tray

You know for sure that Superman is one of the classic all-American superhero, and while he has the strength to stop a speeding locomotive (and more, depending on who the writer for the comic is at the moment) and being faster than a speeding bullet, we also know that he holds a pretty mean breath. […]


Stache Straws

I would say that females would probably find the $8.99 Stache Straws to be far more interesting to use when sipping on their favorite ice-cold beverage during those sweltering summer days, simply because a woman with a moustache is definitely a sight to behold – out of novelty or curiosity, it does not really matter. […]


Farting Fun Package

The $32.98 Farting Fun Package is something that you might want to take a gander at if pranks and crazy jokes are your cup of tea. While farting is not exactly the best way to impress a date, deep down inside, we all find it funny – especially if it is not you who just […]


Designer Keyboard Brush

Check out this rather cute anthropomorphic brush that was specially designed to clean your keyboard’s hard to reach nooks and crannies – it is really a win on so many levels. Known as the “Okite” brush, it hails from Japanese design house and specialty retailer DECOLE, and has proven to be one of the popular […]

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