Aphrodite USB Hub

Now here is something that you might want to look into this Valentine’s Day – the $46 Aphrodite USB Hub. Sure, it is definitely over-priced no matter how you look at it, but you know how things are during Valentine’s – a normal stalk of rose which normally costs peanuts actually burns a real hole […]


Crocodile Mouse is not going to eat anyone up

Forget about the dog eating your homework, you can upgrade your “pet” excuse to a crocodile now. Of course, it does not have to be a literal crocodile that prefers to shred paper with its teeth instead of yummy raw meat, but the Crocodile Mouse too, can make short work of your homework when your […]


Shriner Cookie Jar

Just what is a “shriner”? Well, this is a fraternity group based on fun with a purpose, and is always a source of entertainment among the community, so here is something that would appeal to all Shriners. We are talking about the $65.99 Shriner Cookie Jar. Made out of ceramic, it delivers all the fun […]


~/ Sweet ~/ Welcome Mat

There is nothing quite like home sweet home, so you can always say it the geeky way with the $49.99 ~/ Sweet ~/ Welcome Mat. Sure, this is not the cheapest welcome mat in the world, but I suppose that is because it is meant for heavy duty use, suitable for both indoor and outdoor […]


One Word A Day Journal

A picture paints a thousand words, so you might want to fill up your journal with a photo instead of writing everything down. After all, with the advent of computers, we do a whole lot more typing than writing, so much so that wielding a pen these days take plenty of effort. I suppose if […]


Monday Mug

TGIF! Well, that happens tomorrow, but once the weekend euphoria is over, it is back to the daily grind of working at the office when Monday beckons – unless, of course, it is a public holiday. For those of us who need to get our daily dose of caffeine (or a favorite hot beverage), then […]


The Horse Head Mask

Internet memes have a strange way of manifesting themselves, and we all know about Sarah Jessica Parker with the horse face meme. You can now live it out with the $25.99 Horse Head Mask to matched your hidden equine personality. This high quality latex horse head mask is guaranteed to send other people guffawing in […]


Stupid Question Sticky Notes

Teachers tend to encourage the little ones to ask questions in class, claiming that there is no such thing as a stupid question. However, little ones out there claim otherwise (it seems to me anyways), where a question asked by a kid who is not accepted by everyone else in class tends to get teased […]


Finger Sporks for fun eating

Check out the $4.99 Finger Sporks, where it allows you to shovel in four times the amount of food into your mouth while others look on incredulously, wondering whether you just escaped from a place where they starved you to near-death status. Never mind about proper British manners at the table – armed with a […]


BBQ Guitar Spatula

You might be able to rock your family’s world by being one of the better guitarists among your clan, but can you rock out a BBQ fest? With the $19.99 BBQ Guitar Spatula, you can do both! Talk about heavy metal grilling – all you need to do is raise that non-musical axe, flip a […]


Magical Unicorn Mask

Unicorns are magical creatures, and if you want to introduce a little bit of hilarious magic (some might think of it as a heart attack) into the lives of your family, then the $29.95 Magical Unicorn Mask is well placed to get the job done. After all, you can always horse around the home in […]


Beerboot lets you enjoy your drink in style

There is nothing quite like drinking to your health, or when your favorite sporting team wins (like the Giants) or loses (Patriots). If you are going to knock back a fair number of pints, then you can always do so with the Beerboot! It comes in a couple of sizes – 2 pints and 5 […]


Squirrel Coffee Cup

Squirrels are not exactly known for their coffee drinking prowess, but that does not mean they do not down some caffeine goodness when we humans are not looking, right? I am quite sure that somewhere down the rabbit hole, you have a whole coffee shop full of squirrels drinking different kinds of coffee, and just […]


Zombie Skull Decanter

Yes, we looked at the heart shaped carafe the other day, so why not go all the way with a sombre mood by including the $19.95 Zombie Skull Decanter into the mix as well? After all, there is nothing quite like winding down after a hard day of work with some cognac in hand, right? […]


Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape

I recently spotted an image that had the caption (not verbatim) that our generation is far better equipped to face a zombie apocalypse than an hour without power. I wonder just how true such a statement is? Well, assuming the world is going to the dogs in due time simply because there will be a […]


Human Heart Carafe

Have a heart, your wife says, as you continue to struggle in juggling your time between your job and the family. Well, since Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want to be a man of your word, perhaps planning a romantic candlelight dinner for two might be your cup of tea – in addition […]


Bang-Bang Handle

I suppose if you had the persona of Angelina Jolie’s character in the movie “Wanted”, then you would definitely find the Bang-Bang Handle something worth installing in your home. Sure, you can curve bullets and all, but you can always leave reminders all over the place to whoever drops by your home that you are […]


Dictionary Desk Pillow

Students at colleges and universities tend to lack sleep – and a whole lot of it, to boot. After all, there are all those late night parties and gaming sessions that clearly shove sleep down the pecking order of their “to do” list. If you want to catch up on your snoozefest, you might want […]


Chuck Norris Plush talks but won’t save the world

I am quite sure that you have read more than your fair share of Chuck Norris jokes by now, that you think the man is more than legendary. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but he got beat by Bruce Lee in the movies, didn’t he? Still, if you want the all round tough guy […]


Rubik’s Money Box

Saving money for a rainy day is always good advice, but somehow, in this day and age, the rich seem to always get richer, while the poor end up poorer than normal. Most folks out there who do not want to chart their own fortune would instead look out for the big break which rarely […]


Skyrim Valentine’s Day Cards

Nothing says love quite like flowers, chocolates and a card – while the first two are pretty easy to find, selecting the right kind of card could prove to be more of a challenge than you originally thought. Fret not – video game fanatics who are caught up in the entire Skyrim business will have […]


Like Doormat to soften neighbors’ hearts

You know how many companies and organizations out there require you to “Like” them on their Facebook page before special privileges are dished out? Well, here is something that has been translated from the virtual world to the real world – the Like Doormat that asks folks to like you and your family in order […]


Unicorn Corkscrew

Unicorns are magical creatures, and as we all well know, one of the more confounding things in this life would be the stubbornness of a cork that stops you from getting to the innards of a bottle of wine. Well, there is nothing quite like a little bit of magic to get that cork out, […]


Log Pillow Log Pillow

Sleeping on a hard pillow is hardly a comfortable nor welcoming experience, but the Log Pillow that masquerades as something rock solid is certainly far more comfortable than what you would be able to find in the woods. Retailing for £15.99 a pop, the Log Pillow is actually a super soft travel pillow which was […]

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