Pet Tornado

One of the classic excuses that teachers all over the world have heard would be this, “My dog ate my homework.” It is still interesting to know how this excuse got started, and how children still believe that it might work. How about bending the truth a little bit with something more fun – to […]


Painless Piercings

I know that there are some people who take body modification to the extreme, having plenty of piercings in different places of the body, not to mention tattoos in various spots of their skin, but what about those who are extremely averse to pain, and yet intend to be part of the crowd who have […]


Crystal Growing Volcano

Volcanic activity can be an interesting field of study, but it is not so much fun and games if you happen to be the one who is making an attempt to run for your life, away from the hot flowing lava! Well, if you think that your little one has an interest in geology and […]


Deluxe Finger Monster Set

While most children are rather afraid of monsters in the closet as well as those that lurk underneath their beds, there has been attempts to bridge this fear by coming up with cartoons such as Monsters Inc. and its sequel, Monsters University, to show how cute monsters can be. Well, here is another possible manner […]


Hillary Clinton Toilet Paper

If there is one thing that you would need to have to run for office in any capacity within the political hierarchy, it would be thick skin. Really, really thick skin, and have a cause that is worth believing in. Of course, Hillary Clinton would most probably shrug off the presence of the $6.95 Hillary […]


Couch Potato Scratch-O-Matic

There is a limit to the level of laziness in a particular person, and different people do have their personal level of comfort. If you are a classic couch potato person, then I am quite sure that you would have had a slew of devices that make life as convenient as possible for you – […]


Thumb War Mug

I am quite sure that for those of us who grew up thumb wrestling with our siblings, there has been some rather epic matches, so to speak, that will continue to remain within the folklore of the family for generations to come. Now that you are all grown up and are a responsible person, having […]


Writer’s Block & Pencil Sharpener

Those of you out there who happen to be involved in the world of arts will definitely be able to identify with a writer’s block – whether you are a scriptwriter, or are writing a play at the moment, or simply intend to compose the next sonata that will bring the world to adoration at […]


Over the Hill Nose Picker

So, you are starting to get on in your age, and your back is aching all over the place, while your bones creak. Still, there are some personal grooming activities that can only be carried out by you, and one of them would be to pick your nose. Best to do it when no one […]


Retro Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Popping open a bottle after a particularly difficult day at work is something that many people do, although there runs a risk of picking up an alcoholic problem in the process. Well, one need not necessarily pop open alcoholic drinks, right? There are always soda bottles to open, and if you have yet to master […]


Nose Picker 3000

What is it that some of us love to do that others might think of as disgusting? Nose picking is one of them, although cleaning out one’s ear wax might be the other. These self grooming moves would be better done somewhere in private, rather than having to show off to the rest of the […]


Rest Up Pillow Spoon Rest

Life works in cycle – there is a time to play, and there is a time to work. Seasons come and seasons go, but it would not be wise to upset the balance. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While this applies to living things, how about inanimate objects? […]


Giant Lobster Claws

Whenever you head out for a fancy dress party, I am quite sure that there is a very good reason to choose that particular costume, whether from practical reasons, or you are a huge fan of that particular character, or if you would like to keep to the overall theme of that party. Well, one […]


R2-D2 Skirt

R2-D2, you dirty dawg, you! Who would have thought that this vertically challenged droid would actually have a rather naughty side to it? Otherwise, what the heck is it doing hiding under a skirt? Wait a minute, upon closer inspection, it seems that this is one interesting fashion statement which one can make – in […]


Pachi Pachi Clappy

The Japanese certainly know how to package those zany game and variety shows that you see on TV, and this time around, we have the £12.99 Pachi Pachi Clappy that will arrive in a choice of black, blue or red colors. Basically, clapping your hands for a long period of time, especially when you are […]


Monsters Inc.: Sulley Eye-Popping Keychain

The world of Monsters Inc. used to require screams in order to keep it powered, but thankfully, all’s well that ends well, which is why laughter eventually proved to be a better way to energize the monster world compared to screams. Having said that, if you would want to relive all of those cute and […]


KFC Japan offers fried chicken pillow

Do you still remember the odd looking Ostrich Pillow? Well, I don’t suppose that that particular pillow has proven itself to be quite the inspiration for KFC to come up with this unique looking Fried Chicken Pillow, where it resembles that of a plush drumstick, albeit being a whole lot less greasy compared to the […]


Trash ‘Stache Trucker

Now this is one hat that you might think twice about wearing, unless you would want to get laughed at by everyone who crosses your path. Basically, if you have been having issues trying to grow a decent amount of facial hair, but have been unsuccessful in your endeavors, perhaps the $18.95 Trash ‘Stache Trucker […]


French Fries Bed

After all these years, it is rather funny to read about folks fighting for “freedom fries” instead of calling it french fries. Those are certainly some crazy days back then, and if you would want to sleep on a bed that is equally zany without having ants and roaches come crawling in your direction, you […]


Food stickers let you end up with funny characters

I know that many of us were raised up not to play with our food, but there are times when it might help to be a little bit more slack concerning the matter. If you would want your children to help you out in the kitchen, how about letting them participate in the cooking process […]


Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

We all do happen to live in extremely stressful times these days. Just take a look at all of the grumpy faces on the road during rush hour – not to mention having folks keep to themselves most of the time whenever they are on public transport, finding their very own “cozy corner” to “talk” […]


D20 Bowl Set

Avid RPG fans will definitely be able to identify with the many different kinds of dice out there, where certain dice are used for select throws. The almighty D20 is one of the more popular dice out there in the market, and Thinkgeek has come up with something which will literally help you in the […]


Shark Plush Slippers

I do wonder whether Greg Norman would fancy a pair of the $24.99 Shark Plush Slippers, especially when you take into consideration just how cute a couple of them chompers would look on your feet! These will definitely scare all monsters under your bed from ever venturing out at night, since the sharks do look […]


Don’t Say the Word Shit! Matches

I wonder how many people actually still make use of matches these days. Granted, a box of matchsticks would go a long way in making sure that you can start a fire in the wilderness as opposed to rubbing a dry twig into another piece of wood to get a spark going. Alternatively, there are […]

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