Noted Graph Paper Cocktail Napkins

Having some finger food while enjoying a movie is always a nice thing, especially when the movie is exceedingly good, and the finger food is gloriously tasty. The thing is, you might also want to have the right amount of cocktail napkins ready since you can never quite tell just when you need to make […]


Laughing Crying Emoji Necklace

There are times when one does not know whether to laugh or to cry, and these are moments when you might as well do both. In fact, there is a very well known emoji that we have all come to know and love by now, and it would be the one that is laughing and […]


Glamour Us Vial of Blood Halloween Necklace

I am quite sure that there will be a number of Halloween parties which are you clearly looking forward to attending at the end of this month. You would also not want to wear the same outfit that you did as in the last few years, right? Well, if you would want to dress up […]


Egg Monster Toast Cutter

Feeding your children can be quite a challenge — especially when you are in a hurry every morning, trying to get to work with many things on your mind. They might not want to feast on those vitamin-laden greens and salad that you have prepared for them, and even a regular toast might not be […]


Instant Hillary Button

Which side are you on when it comes to the upcoming presidential election? The quality of the candidates might be found wanting, but then again, that’s life, right? If you end up with lemons, you might as well make some lemonade while you’re al it. Assuming you do not like Hillary but dislike Trump even […]


Instant Trump Button

Let the rest of the world know of your political affiliation with the $9.99 Instant Trump Button. This is a no-brainer, and you can tell that pressing it should play back some real gems. To cap it all off, the six funny phrases are spoken with a realistic Trump voice, where these phrases will include […]


Big Mama Undies

When a lady ages, she will not look as hot anymore, that is for sure. This is where the “true love” part shines through, for better or for worse. Well, when one is younger, the pair of undies tend to be a whole lot more lacy and having less cloth, but as one gets older, […]


Farting Cat Button

Do cats fart? This is one question that will certainly leave you scratching your head. After all, you do know that your little feline friend does poop, pee, and do all of the other things that we normally do, eating and drinking included. Well, I know that my dogs fart, but cats? Here’s news for […]


Large Skeleton Dog

This Halloween, you might have run out of ideas on how to decorate your home. Perhaps it is time to take a second look at your available options, and one of them would definitely be the $69.99 Large Skeleton Dog. One thing is for sure — the Large Skeleton Dog lives up to its name! […]


Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Maker

When it comes to the best loved droid in the world of Star Wars, there are two different camps ever since The Force Awakens was shown. One one side would be the loyalists to R2-D2, while in the other corner lies BB-8, the roly-poly droid. Both do get along pretty well, but if you would […]


Better TV Viewing Beer Mug

There is nothing quite like kicking back your legs in order to enjoy a nice, cold beer while you have your favorite sports event on, or perhaps TV show. Either way, spending time in front of the telly does not feel the same without your favorite brew, and even better is, if that particular mug […]


Instant Coffee Button

Some of us are able to greet the brand new morning regardless of how the weather is like outside, and even if we do not have our favorite hot beverage served, we are still up and raring to go. Others are not so fortunate, so to speak, as they need their daily boost of caffeine […]


Paper Tantrum Notepad

There are times in life when it is a whole lot easier to scream at the top of your lungs in order to get something off your chest. Of course, for those of us who prefer to be more melancholy or phlegmatic in our approach, we might put pen to paper in working out our […]



Getting married is a joyous affair for most couples, especially for those who have found their other half and have the full support of both family and friends in their union. The thing is, there are plenty of things to look out for in a marriage, especially in preparing for the big day. Apart from […]


Giant Pufferfish Slippers

A pair of slippers around the home is more than a welcome addition in any case, especially more so when the mercury drops and you would like to enjoy walking around the home without feet and toes that are cold and numb. No ordinary pair of slippers is going to do for you then, if […]


Magneticats Fridge Magnets

Magnificent! These $9.99 Magneticats Fridge Magnets are truly the epitome of what our feline friends are all about — stretched out, ready to pounce on anything that moves, and it does give the illusion that their claws are digged right through whatever paper you have placed under them into the fridge’s door itself, keeping them […]


Darth Vader Lightsaber Spatula

Darth Vader might be the Dark Lord of the Sith, but this does not mean that he does not have some mad skills in the kitchen, be it on a planet or on one of the Empire’s flagship carriers. With the Force in his command, you can be sure that he is able to whip […]


Star Wars The Force Awakens Playing Cards

When you are part of a powerful organization such as the Galactic Empire, with the Sith helming it, you know that you are in safe hands. Basically, you are in the majority, and the pension isn’t too bad either, not to mention the perks that come with the job. However, being in a position of […]


Cozy Cup Mittens Tea Infuser

Ah, to relax on a Sunday afternoon with a pot of boiling water and of course, your favourite brew of tea. Well, if you feel like you need a slight change in how your tea is infused, then you might want to check out the $9.99 Cozy Cup Mittens Tea Infuser. It will certainly add […]


When Pigs Fly Salt & Pepper Shakers

Whenever the phrase “When pigs fly…” is used, it is meant to denote a situation which is impossible. After all, pigs do not have wings that allow them to take to the skies, and if that ever happens, it would be a horrible day to be out on the streets with all of their free-falling […]


Fridge Lunch Box

Life must have been pretty bland for those who lived in the days when there were no refrigerators, or fridges in short, around. While that meant always having to make sure that you do not waste food, it also meant eating healthily since everything was fresh. Well, there are always two sides to a coin, […]


Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion

Do you love to play pranks on others, including those people whom you do not know of? Well, if that is the case, then surely part of your “arsenal” would be the whoopee cushion, and if you do not have one of those in your possession, you are not much of a prankster at all. […]


Fake Beard Set

So, you have been watching movies such as 300 and its sequel, where bearded men do seem to have some sort of strange lull on you, as though having a longer or bushier beard means that you are more ‘manly’. What if you are not genetically disposed in the same direction, what are you supposed […]


Macho Man Pool Float

Summer’s right about happening now for those of us who are living in the northern hemisphere, and this means breaking out the beach or poolside items and accessories, not to mention looking your very best in your bikini or swimsuit. Having said that, if you are going to bring a pool float with you, no […]

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