Wind Up Racing Meerkats

If you have ever watched the likes of National Geographic or The Animal Channel, I am quite sure that you would have seen an episode or two that touches on the meerkat, a creature that has proven itself to be decent comic fodder in some cartoons. They come with four limbs, but do travel in […]


Segway jousting!

Just in case you have too much spare time and recently learned of an inheritance from your Uncle Horatio’s death, with his last will and testament endowing you with his multi-million dollar fortune, then you would be pleased to know that there are endless ways to spend your free time being a jackass. Case in […]


Yellow school bus gets jet engine

Imagine that you’re late for school, and your typical yellow school bus seems to plod along at its own pace, oblivious to the time. Well, it would be times like these that make you wish the bus you were on was something like this – equipped with a 42,000 horsepower jet engine courtesy of a […]


Desktop Horse Race lets you bet on plastic horses

If you’re often forced to leave the races to go to that real job of yours, now you can waste time away with races even while you’re at work.  This small derby will give you something to do to waste all of your time at work until you get to make it to the next […]


Snow Shorts come with built-in sled

For those of you living in the northern hemisphere and are experiencing winter right now with plenty of snow around, then the Snow Shorts from Orvis could very well be your cup of tea. After all, there is no need to pull any sled up with you uphill since the sled itself has been integrated […]


Wind Up Dueling Bumper Car Kids

Remember those bumper car adventures you had as a kid in carnivals and fun fairs? All those juvenile feelings can now be brought back to the surface with the Wind Up Dueling Bumper Car Kids, where all you need to do is wind them up, release and see the kind of mayhem unleashed in a […]


Slingshot Flying Granny

Granny might seem to amble along too slow for your comfort, but we’re pretty sure when it comes to an emergency, she’ll throw away her knitted shawl and make a break for it, revealing her true colors as the Slingshot Flying Granny. All you need to do is pull her back, using all the tension […]


Wind Up Sumo Wrestlers

Are you bored out of your mind that you have absolutely no casual game worth playing on your desktop to kill time while waiting for the clock to turn 5? The Wind Up Sumo Wrestlers might help – all you need to do is wind them up using the spinner knob located at the top […]


Granny Track Racing Game

Grannies might be senior citizens, but that doesn’t mean they still cannot have a rockin’ good time with their mates along with an adrenaline rush! The Granny Track Racing Game is bundled with everything required to see a pair of plastic grannies (no, they didn’t have boob jobs) zipping around a 26″ oval racetrack, where […]


Desk Top Horse Race

Introduce an element of excitement to your workplace with the Desk Top Horse Race, where it allows you to organize and host your very own derby right in the comfort of your cubicle. You don’t even have to subject yourself to taking long trips worldwide just to catch your favorite horse race as you can […]


Flying Granny to the fore

We’ve seen racing grannies of all sorts and kinds in the past, but a Flying Granny?!? This one takes to the skies, featuring elasticated arms that help to catapult her through the air. An internal sound chip will detect each time she is making an extremely short flight across the room, where she will let […]


Racing Grandads complete with oxygen tanks

If you need something to kill time while you’re supposed to be working, now you can have an afternoon laugh with this pair.  Just set them up and let them race after each other.  Now all arguments can be settled with these guys.  All you have to do is say whose ever Grandad wins, wins […]