R/C Talking Bowtie for Dogs

Dog lovers might even call their four legged friends as “furkids”, which is a term of endearment to these cute critters who happen to be man’s best friend. Well, while most of us would think that our pooches look regal enough in their respective coat of fur, how about dressing them up with a bowtie […]


Cheep Eats Food Truck Bird Feeder

So you happen to have a yard in your home, whether it is in front or at the back of the house, that does not matter. And in that yard, there is a tree that has stood there for far longer than you can imagine, providing shade for generations as well as the opportunity for […]


Unicorn Squirrel Feeder

There is always something magical about unicorns, especially when you consider how in popular belief, they actually poop out rainbows, now how about that? Well, here we are with something that can “transform” your ordinary squirrel into that of a unicorn – just the head though, it will not be a total transformation. I am […]


Yard Goods Cheep Eats Bird Feeder

So you happen to live on a piece of landed property, and would like to have the garden to arrive teeming with wildlife? While you might not be able to run a zoo at the moment, at the very least, you can have some birds drop by, and while they are being guests at your […]


Unicorn Squirrel Feeder

So you happen to have a garden that is blossoming really well, and other kinds of animal life like to frolic in your beautifully manicured lawn. The squirrel flits around all over the place, as though floating from one blade of grass to another with effortless ease. Since you have already set up a bird […]


Cat Keyboard Scratcher

Dogs fetch, cats…? The verb can be filled by you according to your experience with your feline friends, but you might want to take note that just like how fundamental and impossible to disconnect a dog from waving its tail, so too, are you unable to avoid the very real fact that cats need to […]


Meow Button

I suppose the world is more or less divided into two different kinds of people – one, that loves cats, while the other would obviously prefer canines and would not want to have anything to do with felines. Well, in all fairness, there is also another group that will fall in between the two, but […]


Squirreliest Squirrel Feeder

Squirrels are really cute animals, where they happen to flit around as though they were running on air, really. Not only that, the way that they happen to chew on nuts are also way too cute. Well, some folks might love having a bird feeder around to keep our feathered friends happily well fed, while […]


Shark Cat Bed

Cats are strange creatures, really. They do have the ability to melt your heart at times with their behavior, but on the other hand, they can actually drive you nuts – darting around wildly, without any seeming rhyme or reason. You can also keep them occupied with a laser pointer, of course. Well, since you […]


Let your cat wait on you instead

Cat owners will tell you – their pets answer to no one, except maybe to the call of a tin of tuna and mackerel opening up. Well, it is more often than not said that humans are the slaves to cats, while dogs are our subordinates. Perhaps it is time to show your feline friend […]


Let your cat poop in Middle-earth

So you love your pet cat to bits – so much so that you want nothing but the very best for it. It might have more than one ball of yarn to play with, and it also loves having you around as you flick on that laser pointer, where it chases the point of light […]


Dog Ate My Homework Prank

This is one of the classic excuses that children tell their teachers whenever they forgot to do their homework – blame it on the dog. Could it be because that cats do not have such a voracious appetite that our feline friends are let off the hook all the time, and the canine fraternity is […]


NCAA Stadium Pet Beds

When it comes to loving man’s best friend, there are many ways to do so, and one of the more obvious things to do would be to give your favorite pooch a nice and comfortable place for it to sleep on. After all, dogs that sleep on beds tend to have less calloused “elbows”, so […]


Stop Kitty! Wine Stopper

For those of you who happen to own cats, I am quite sure that you would have experienced your feline friends actually run around the home for no particular reason – as though they were chasing some sort of apparition themselves, making me wonder whether there really is some other ‘being’ from the netherworld that […]


Laser Collar Pet Toy

Pets can be an extremely soothing presence in our lives – especially when we have had a particularly difficult day at the office, and we just want to return home to be loved. Best of all is, pets do not bother about how rich you are, or how you look like, or even your sense […]


Tyre Swing Bird Feeder

So, you have compassion on a family of birds that you saw nesting somewhere in the corner of your roof? Perhaps you might want to encourage more of these feathered fans to take up residence in your home – what are you to do then? Well, take the easy way out by actually purchasing the […]


World’s Best Cat Trophy

You know something? If you were to actually award your feline friend with this particular trophy, it would not care any less. In its own eyes, it is already the world’s best cat, so you doing so would be a redundant act. In fact, it might even look in your direction with disdain, as though […]


Luxury Cat Dish

If there is one thing that we humans ought to know as pet owners, it would be this – cats treat us on a very different plane compared to dogs. Yes sir, this is why dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing, right? However, there is still a fair number of people who […]


Shark Flotation Vest for Dogs

Most dogs that I know of are able to swim naturally, but there are some others out there who would want to avoid the water like the plague, making me wonder whether they have some other feline inclinations or otherwise. I used to have a black Lab who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge (sniff!), […]


Squirrel Head Feeder

So, you happen to live in a neighborhood where the occasional squirrel scampers across your lawn once in a while, looking for something to fill up its stomach. Assuming you realized that you could play a role in supporting this squirrel’s family, how about doing so in a fun manner instead of just dropping some […]


Biodegradable Pet Urn Tree

While some of us would prefer to bury our four legged friend in our backyard, or at least have a proper send off at a pet sematary, but there are others out there who have a more practical outlook of things – and prefer to take the cremation route. Of course, choosing an urn afterwards […]


Security Camera Birdfeeder

They say that prevention is better than cure, and if you happen to live in a crime ridden neighborhood, perhaps it is time to make sure that anyone with nefarious intentions would know that you happen to have a security camera system set up around the perimeter of your home. Of course, if you are […]


Oppo Dog Muzzle Quack

Not all dogs are friendly, as they all come with varying temperaments. Some breeds, however, are naturally more friendly than others, but if you know that your pooch is not all that sociable with other dogs and people, then it would be best to muzzle him or her. However, before you slip on a standard […]

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