Solid Silver Anus

Giving a gift can be quite a tricky proposition for many – and it can be a difficult choice if you have no idea what your friends like. The £499.99 Solid Silver Anus might sound crazy, but that is the whole purpose of it – to be crazy enough that it might actually sell. Boasting […]


Snow Peak Titanium Sake Bottle

Ask any person who has a penchant for drinking spirits and hard liquor, and they are sure to tell you of their personal favorites, as well as the way in which you should consume the drink in order to best enjoy its complex aromas and flavors. Well, if you have way too much money to […]


Igloo Dome Pillow

Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important for just about all of us, as it would allow us to function at our optimal level the next day. If it is a weekend or a holiday, all the better, since you get to sleep in late and really maximize every single second of shuteye. What […]


Nenrin Mini Healing Speaker

A speaker that heals? This sounds a whole lot like bollocks, although there might be some folks out there who are desperate enough to part with a whopping $1,506 for the Nenrin Mini Healing Speaker. Hey, if it carries even the most remote of possibilities when it comes to bringing healing while one is desperate, […]


Shoe Toss makes your lighting exquisite

Lighting up the home can be quite an adventurous experience and depending on your tastes, doing so can get quite expensive. If you have plenty of money to spare and would like to enhance the lighting in your home, perhaps you might want to check out the Shoe Toss. It is going to cost you […]


Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Helmet

Wearing a helmet can prove to be an extremely stifling experience, just ask any motorcyclist and they will tell you. Of course, the helmet has an extremely important role – that is, to ensure that your head gets protected from falling items, as well as the possibility of you being thrown out of your two-wheeled […]


Golden Pig Bank

I am quite sure that a fair number of us have actually grown up with a piggy bank in our younger years being part of our lives. After all, there is nothing quite like learning how a little bit of patience across a length of time will be able to reap rewards, although the piggy […]


Toilet paper made out of gold

There are times in life when I really do question the sanity of mankind. On one hand, we have many parts of the world starving, where having three square meals in a single day is considered a luxury, while the rich and famous blow their cash away on something else altogether. Australia, the famous country […]


Gold Christmas tree for sale

If you are feeling rather flush around the pockets, and your bank account has never been this full for a long, long time, perhaps it is time you made your way to Tokyo. The reason for this being, a jewelry store in Tokyo, Japan, has put up for sale a Christmas tree that is made […]


Fashionista Christmas Tree

If you are a follower of the PvP comic by Scott Kurtz, you would know that Scratch Fury, the intelligent feline, has the spirit of Kringus upon him each time Christmas rolls around. Something tells me that this is the female version of Kringus if such a storyline were to be fleshed out. The $249.95 […]


Whole Jar of Elvis Presley’s Hair Auctioned Off

I’ve never understood the garbage that people will buy that used to belong to some celebrity.  It gets even more appalling if that celebrity is no longer living.  Well apparently Elvis’ barber hung onto some of Elvis’ hair.  Which is just weird.  It was put up for auction in Memphis along with several other Elvis […]


Jet Black Tissues

Tissues are always so white, which just seems all wrong since most of the time you’re using them due to dark times.  Be it a nasty cold or you’re crying over some misfortune, cheerful white just doesn’t seem like it should be the color to mop up your mess. Thankfully one company has created some […]


The Hogshead Inflatable Pub

If I had to fork out £27,815 for the Hogshead Inflatable Pub, then I’d better be on the receiving end of free delivery. Good thing Drinkstuff does just that, with this unique traditional public house being the first of its kind in the world. It stands at a whopping 8 meters tall and measures 15 […]


Vintage Fan with LED lights and solar power

From what I have gathered, technology being mixed in with fashion isn’t exactly something that is thrilling most people.  However, there are those that keep on attempting to make it the next big thing.  The truth is they might actually succeed yet, although I can’t say that I’m exactly ready to jump on the bandwagon.  […]


Star Trek Vulcan Lute Prop Replica

The fantastic thing about the geek world is that we’re so out of step with everyone else we have our own musical instruments.  The most popular is probably the ocarina, but now you can even own the Star Trek Original Series Vulcan Lute Prop Replica.  Sadly you won’t be able to start up a band […]


Water Wings Stool

Sitting in the middle of your living room can be extremely terrifying.  You never know when someone will leave the bath tub running too long and you’ll need something to keep you floating on the surface.  Sure, some people might find it to be a bit strange, but you never know when these things will […]


Barbie foosball table

Who says Barbie can’t play rough? A collection of Barbies all decked out in their beautous best now comes in the form of a $25,000 foosbal table to cater to guys who are rich and foolish enough to bring one home. How many guys do you know are Barbie collectors anyways? Nice to know that […]


Tokyoflash Kisai Watch

According to the sellers, with this watch around reading time couldn’t possibly be any easier.  Somehow I think a bunch of numbers with a hand that points directly at them could be considered easier, but that’s just crazy talk.  This USB rechargeable watch just requires you to press a simple button that will illuminate the […]


Color Changing Coffee Table

Want to incur the wrath of the missus? The answer can be pretty simple – instead of going through the trouble of having an affair, just splash £999.99 without her permission on the Color Changing Coffee Table, letting her know it is a great way to wow guests who drop by. After all, who would […]


Sasquatch Soccer Ball

We know that the long awaited World Cup that will be happening in South Africa later this summer is looming just across the horizon, so why not let your kids in on the fun by kicking a soccer ball around the garden? After all, they should be all doe-eyed over David Beckham when he lit […]


Porcelain baby heads great for holding candles

Nothing says chic like a burning candle jabbed into a porcelain baby’s head.  After all, only the most chic and modern items merit the massive price tag for the strangest of the products out there.  The line between novelty strange items with small price tags and this is apparently incredibly thin.  You can purchase this […]


Apple iPad blinged out

While the Apple iPad is not released just yet, but that doesn’t mean some enterprising minds won’t take a stab at blinging out the device. Mervis Diamond Importers are first off the blocks with a diamond covered iPad that is also available for pre-order, sporting a whopping 11.43 carats of diamonds. There is no word […]


Jurassic watch blows your bank account away

Do you happen to have a wad of cash which you are not too sure what to do with? Well, you could probably buy a very nice house instead of spending all that dough on the Louis Moinet Jurassic Tourbillon which actually comes with some fragments of dinosaur bones. Of course, the price is sky […]


Mobile Remote Pacifier is clearly art

This is probably the most baffling gadget I’ve come across.  It’s a remote with a pacifier and a set of wheels.  Why?  Well apparently for couch potatoes always on the go.  At least that’s the seller’s reasoning.  If that’s the case then why the pacifier?  I haven’t even mentioned the most puzzling portion of the […]

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