Solar System Erasers

I grew up in a generation where Pluto was one of the mainstays, or unchangeables,of our solar system. It was not until a few years back that Pluto was struck off the list, much to the chagrin of those of us who felt that the smallest planet in our solar system deserved better treatment. Well, […]


Dramatic Paws Kawaii Kitty Sticky Flags

Do you love reading? While I am quite sure that a great deal of us do, how many of us actually take the trouble to use a proper bookmark whenever we are halfway through our tomes? The lazy way out would be to flag the page in which we have stopped with a dog ear […]


Hey Nerd! Retro LED Digital Watch

Do you see yourself to be a nerd? If you have answered in the affirmative, then surely you are a fan of either Star Wars or Star Trek (or both), have plenty of toys and comics in your home, as well as many posters that adorn your walls. Your computer is also most probably a […]


Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup Decoy Safe

Owning a safe is nothing out of the ordinary for many people. After all, there are some stuff that you would prefer to mark as private even in your own home, not wanting any snooping kids to discover it. Imagine the young ones who have no idea what money is and decide to go pyro […]


Cheesy Grin Bread Cutter

Getting your little ones to eat can be quite a task — especially when they find the stock bread and sandwich combination unappealing. Throwing in some vegetables is not the answer, either, although plenty of cheese might just do the trick. Well, if you think that a grilled cheese sandwich is your best bet in […]


Yard Goods Vegas Styled Marquee Garden Markers

So, you have a green thumb and would like to showcase your talent to everyone who drops by your home? Rather than having to reply their questions tirelessly as to what particular plant is that as well as the care instructions as each new group drops by, why not let words do the talking? This […]


The Stink Eye Ring

The ring does carry many symbols — and some of the symbols would be more notable or powerful than others. There have also been many stories about rings of power in the fictional realm, but here is one ring that would definitely go well with whatever Halloween costume that you wear. The $4.99 The Stink […]


Rainbow Rage

Here’s a game that might not catch your fancy at all, especially since it is not of the digital variety. If you are on the lookout for something different to entertain yourself and your mates, then the £14.99 Rainbow Rage might fit the bill. Co-created with Radio 1 DJ & TV presenter, Matt Edmondson, it […]


Movers & Shakers Salt + Pepper Shakers

The dining table is more often than not a place where friends and family gather, catch up with one another over a good meal and some drinks. Of course, the meal would be a whole lot more tasty if it had the right kind of condiments, such as the correct salt and pepper to go […]


Office Party Paper Clip Opener

The office can be quite an unforgiving place if you were to lose your way around, stepping on the wrong toes and basically not being able to identify with the movers and shakers within. Apart from politics, one particular aspect of office culture that should be the same regardless of where you are in the […]


Screaming Banshee Scary Peeper

Halloween’s coming up in slightly more than a month’s time, and if you are wondering whether you should up the ante in terms of the Halloween decorations around the home, then the $59.99 Screaming Banshee Scary Peeper would be perfect. The Screaming Banshee Scary Peeper is a motion-activated prank figure that would work best when […]


Purrs’uasive Black Kitty Heat Sensitive Mug

Not all mugs are created equal, and if you happen to know that your colleague of yours loves cats and would like to collect anything and everything to do with such feline friends, then perhaps you might want to sneak in the $12.99 Purrs’uasive Black Kitty Heat Sensitive Mug as a present in the future […]


Furaser Cat in a Box Eraser

If you are going to go back to school, or would like to make sure that your office desk is properly equipped with the right kind of stationary, then it would be best to ensure that there is an eraser in the vicinity. I know, we do live in a digital age where there are […]


Picnip Vintage Flask

Now this is not a typo in the name of the product itself, as the $19.99 Picnip Vintage Flask will roll back the years on your behalf. It has been handsomely designed to look like a classic, tartan-clad drink bottle, where inside lies a 10-ounce steel flask that is ready to rock and roll. Apart […]


Sandwich Chopping Boards

There is nothing quite like biting into a juicy sandwich that is full of goodness. It is one of the quickest snacks in which you can fix, and not only that, it is also a snap to do so. Best of all is, you should be able to get the proper amount of nutrition with […]


Let’s Do This – Pen-to-Paper Mousepad

How many of us actually go all out to purchase a brand new mousepad to go along with our computer mouse? It is not too common, since most of the surfaces on which we use our mice tend to be enough on its own, and sometimes, we do substitute it with a sheet of paper […]


Out to Lunch Reusable Lunch Bag

Bringing your own lunch to work is definitely one way of saving costs in the long run, and if you would like to make sure that you have a lunch bag ready at the office to bring with you whenever you need to bag some lunch, then the $12.99 Out to Lunch Reusable Lunch Bag […]


Gee Wizz! Emergency Travel Urinal

You know what they say — when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. There are moments in life when we absolutely suffer from a bladder bursting experience, and this could potentially end up in an embarrassing situation. If you need any kind of assistance for those quiet moments when you are stuck in […]


Five Nights at Freddy’s Flashlight

Halloween is close to two months away, but this does not mean that there is no reason whatsoever to not prepare in advance. If you already have your costumes and decorations in mind, or have your fair share of items all prepared, then perhaps it is time you look forward to the kind of props […]


Computer Error Sticky Notes

To err is human, and to forgive, divine. Well, since we are all fallen creatures and are far from perfect, there is no reason not to think that there are moments of weakness in our lives that result in us hurting some other person. Of course, there are also other moments when others have made […]


Pusheen has some funny cushion options

Here we are with pussy galore thanks to the £19.99 Pusheen the Cat, Pusheenicorn or the Pusheenosaurus. It does not matter which one you choose, they are all of the same price point. The thing is, regardless of your choice, they will be right smack great to look at wherever you decide to place it […]


Embroidered Bones Scenic Panel

If you are one who loves to get things prepared earlier than normal, you might be interested to know that Halloween itself is not too far away, and what better way to get the home all buttered up for the trick-or-treat season than with some scary stuff? For those who happen to live in houses, […]


Captain America Teapot

While Captain America, well, is a representation of all that is good and even great about America during World War 2, this superhero with a conscience would certainly give Batman a run for his money when it comes to keeping his hands as clean as possible without violating certain principles no matter how much pressure […]


Snoopy + Woodstock Salt & Pepper Set

Whenever you see Snoopy, the beagle from the Peanuts comics, you can be sure that his sidekick, the chirpy little bird known as Woodstock is never too far behind. Sometimes, you even see the yellow colored Woodstock belt out a tune with the rest of his mates, although it can be pretty difficult to decipher […]

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