Kawaii I Love Milk Bottle Erasers

Japan does churn out all things nice and cute, despite being technologically advanced at the same time. It looks like mistakes are your friend if you happen to fall in love with the aptly named $4.99 Kawaii I Love Milk Bottle Erasers. After all, only when a mistake is made, can you pull out the […]


Cotton Wife and Husband Hug Pillows

It is always nice to get enough sleep – the thing is, the quality of sleep will vary, depending on the kind of bed that you are resting on, in addition to the temperature of the room. Of course, if you’re married, then having someone else beside you is always a great comfort as you […]


Koshi Iyashix Waist Massager

Getting fit and all trim is not such an easy thing to achieve, especially when you live in a place or area where there is plenty of good food available, not to mention the munchies are extremely affordable to boot. Having said that, one would also need to have the discipline to exercise, and if […]


Sumo Wrestler Notepad

When it comes to all things Japan, you can be sure that many aspects of the culture are extremely cute and refined. After all, where else can you find notepads that come in the design of a sumo wrestler? The $18 Sumo Wrestler Notepad might be a whole lot more expensive than what you are […]


Norimaki Sushi Roll Towel Gift Set

Fancy a gift for someone whom you know and love dearly, but do not really know what there is you can purchase? Take the road less traveled with something that is really, really creative – and this is where the $44 Norimaki Sushi Roll Towel Gift Set comes in extremely handy. This unique gift set […]


Iyashi Octopus Sucker Massager

Mankind has a love hate relationship for octopi – some of us love eating it in the various kinds of preparation beforehand, others prefer to avoid octopuses at all costs, simply because of the rubbery texture, not to mention how slimy and yucky they look in the first place. If you fall into the latter […]


Photo Props Disguise Pen

If you happen to attend weddings these days, you would more or less know that there is this particular area at the wedding venue which will be known as the “photo booth”, and it is a place where you can snap zany looking photos, thanks to the presence of props. Well, you do not need […]


Elecom Quill Stylus Pen

In this day and age where you make use of touchscreen devices, especially tablets, there are moments when a stylus would come in more handy compared to that of a finger – no matter how thin the tip of your pinky is. Well, if you have a little bit of extra money to burn and […]


Labonetz Pelvic Roller Tollne 8

There is no short cut at all when it comes to good health – long term results and benefits happen only when you do things the old fashioned way, and that would mean good ol’ exercise. If you have been wanting to tone up your hips and waist all this while, but never really managed […]


Snow Peak Titanium Sake Bottle

Ask any person who has a penchant for drinking spirits and hard liquor, and they are sure to tell you of their personal favorites, as well as the way in which you should consume the drink in order to best enjoy its complex aromas and flavors. Well, if you have way too much money to […]


Igloo Dome Pillow

Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important for just about all of us, as it would allow us to function at our optimal level the next day. If it is a weekend or a holiday, all the better, since you get to sleep in late and really maximize every single second of shuteye. What […]


Neck Wrinkle Iron

Up until now, there is no way that one is able to escape the scourge of time, no two ways about it. The elusive search for the fountain of youth will remain just as that – since it does not really exist anyway, and the best that one can do would be to laugh a […]


Sailor Moon Prism Pointer Ballpoint Pen Uranus & Neptune Set

Sailor Moon, the anime from Japan that caused quite the fair amount of craze back in the day when it was released, does still have pockets of fans here and there. Otherwise, there would be no need at all to release the rather insanely priced $139 Sailor Moon Prism Pointer Ballpoint Pen Uranus & Neptune […]


Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder

Just like how water and oil do not mix, so to, the same applies to majority of the electronics out there alongside water. There is no fun in short-circuiting your smartphone for sure, but then again, there are some moments in life when you absolutely need your smartphone or tablet to be with you during […]


Eucalyptus Aroma Anti-Mosquito Shoelaces

Do you think that you somehow seem to be a magnet for mosquitoes no matter where you go? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would surely love to check out something that can help you out – or so it claims, whenever you are outdoors. I am referring to this $19 Eucalyptus […]


Genki-kun Toe Stretcher

Getting enough sleep, eating the right kind of food, as well as exercising in the correct manner are all stuff that we should do to make sure that we do our level best when it comes to being healthy – anything else that comes after that is purely out of our hands. Having said that, […]


Let your cat wait on you instead

Cat owners will tell you – their pets answer to no one, except maybe to the call of a tin of tuna and mackerel opening up. Well, it is more often than not said that humans are the slaves to cats, while dogs are our subordinates. Perhaps it is time to show your feline friend […]


Space Invaders Tatami Rug

Are you a huge fan of retro games, such as Space Invaders? If that is the case with a resounding “Yes!” from you, then you might want to spare a couple of Benjamins, and then some, for the $201 Space Invaders Tatami Rug .This Taito-inspired video game floor mat will feature a slew of attention […]


Stress Mushrooms

Let’s face it – we live in an extremely stressful world these days, what with endless traffic jams, the continued rising cost of living, it does feel as though the end times are about to arrive. How one deals with such stress, is another matter altogether, and here we are with the £5.99 Stress Mushrooms […]


KFC offers fried chicken iPhone case

So you are in love with your brand new iPhone, and are looking for a case to ensure that its pristine exterior does not end up scratched or dented in any way, or even bent when you place it in your pocket. KFC Japan has a novel gift that they intend to give away – […]


KFC Japan offers fried chicken pillow

Do you still remember the odd looking Ostrich Pillow? Well, I don’t suppose that that particular pillow has proven itself to be quite the inspiration for KFC to come up with this unique looking Fried Chicken Pillow, where it resembles that of a plush drumstick, albeit being a whole lot less greasy compared to the […]


Cuvilady Bath Slimming Seat

Who would have thought that while you are taking a bath, you would also be able to get involved in a little bit of calorie burning activity which might just help you shed off some weight around the waist! The $70 Cuvilady Bath Slimming Seat, as its name suggests, is some sort of device that […]


Tako Phone Stand

The Japanese are an admirable people group, what with their resilience to adversity, not to mention their legendary cleanliness as well as punctuality. Another aspect of them would be the obsession with all things cute – you get to see plastic versions of a particular food or dish in front of food stalls, so that […]


Full Act Safety Helmet Hood

It is said that when crunch time comes, one would find it pretty easy to forgo everything and attempt to achieve a particular goal. After all, it is great to just forge forward without giving too much thought about one’s well being, or even if you look silly, simply because you believe in a particular […]

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