Kill Time Gun Mug

Want to find a way to kill time around the office water cooler literally? Get the Kill Time Gun Mug then, as this £7.95 purchase will let you have your finger wrapped around the trigger at all times while you’re holding it, and it will send a signal to the upper echelons of the establishment […]


Stapler Skull looks hilarious

Skulls are supposed to be scary stuff, but check out this Stapler Skull that seems to come painted in a myriad of colors, complete with an ever happy grin. Good thing this one won’t go chattering away at night when there is only one person left in the office, since the hollow in the brain […]


Squirt Gun Pen

Want to spruce up office meetings with a little fanfare? The Squirt Gun Pen will come in handy, although do play with it only if you are the boss, or the boss isnt’ around. After all, you wouldn’t want to get all of those fancy looking official documents wet just before some corporate bigwig comes […]


Powerbooks turned into snowboard

We know that Apple PowerBooks weren’t exactly the cheapest notebooks all those years ago, but then again they could be much more affordable than purchasing a whole new snowboard. Which is where this seemingly brilliant idea came about – merging two PowerBooks into a single snowboard. Of course, Apple lovers will probably cringe to see […]


360° Pen to irritate those around you

We’re pretty sure that some of you out there have twirled pens and books in class before, much to the chagrin of your teacher or lecturer. However, there are some of us who have failed to master that art, which is where the 360° Pen comes in. It comes with a hole where you can […]


Washboard necktie set to annoy

Love making a nuisance of yourself at company meetings in order to live up to your reputation of being the resident office clown? You won’t go wrong with the Washboard Tie from Urban Outfitters, where it merges the best (or should we say, most foolish) of formal wear alongside a musical instrument. Made from stainless […]


Cross-shaped USB 2.0 Laptop PC Desktop 4 Port Hub Red

How many USB ports can a geek have? The right answer would be, never! After all, a USB port is to a geek what handbags and shoes are to most women, you never know when you might just need one. This USB hub takes a very different approach from normal ones by coming in the […]


Vomit Station

Show your superiors just how displeased you are at that day simply because you got up on the wrong side of the bed, using the Vomit Station to convey your feelings without the use of words. This person is currently paying homage to the porcelain throne, puking out whatever leftover fire curry he had for […]


Building Block Calculator

Remmeber back in your younger days when you wish you grew up as an architect? The Building Clock Calculator might be just the thing to rekindle that ambition when you’re balding and 40, shacking it up in a dead end job at the local hypermarket, using it to calculate the daily sales figures. This Building […]


Star Wars Lightsaber Laser Pointer

If you’re one who does plenty of presentations on the go, then chances are pretty good that you will find the Star Wars Lightsaber Laser Pointer to be well worth the purchase by impressing the numerous Star Wars fans in your audience. A subtle use of the Jedi Mind Trick, if you will, to listen […]


Evel Knievel Rip Pull

Evel Knievel is one of the first and foremost names that flashes across your mind when it comes to stuntmen, and now Firebox is offering the £9.99 Evel Knievel Rip Pull that measures 10cm x 7cm, providing (almost) as much thrills and spills as the real person, although you won’t need to be saddled with […]


Mini Shopping Trolley Desk Tidy

Looking for something cute and yet not really functional for your desk? The Mini Shopping Trolley Desk Tidy fits the bill perfectly – after all, it comes in the form of a shopping trolley that even has its own wheels, where it can hold a handful of stationery equipment that doesn’t really look too organized […]


Sovereign Mug

Don’t you just hate the guy who tends to show off his collection of rocks (and by that we mean diamonds, not clumps of dirt you pick out from the backyard) to everyone and anyone at the office? Why not show off your contempt by giving him the Sovereign Mug? This £5.99 drinking contraption will […]


Toilet mug

You know the stuff that you drink everyday at the office? You’re definitely not there for the taste, as you are more concerned about getting a caffeine shot so that you can stay awake through the executive board meeting later on. Why not “voice out” your opinion about office coffee with the Toilet mug? This […]


Whack A Mouse

Remember those good old whack a mole games at fun fairs? While you can always have a go at the Nintendo version in selected Mario games on the DS Lite platform, here’s one that ought to help you wind down after a particularly tough meeting – the Whack A Mouse. Each $29.90 purchase comes with […]


Finger Flick Punchbag

Love to see world class boxers prancing about the ring, pummeling the punchbag at blinding speed? The Finger Flick Punchbag allows you to do somewhat the same, although you probably won’t be able to break even a bead of sweat with this. After all, this device is able to “test your strength” with a flick […]


MouseBlister is a hoot

If there ever was a way to deface your mouse while paying good money for it, then the MouseBlister ought to win hands down. It looks as though some juvenile kid decided to play a prank on your pointing device by plastering these unsightly bumps all over your precious mouse, but in reality the MouseBlister […]


Flip & Stack Tiki Island

Are you stuck in a deadpan office environment with very little signs of life within, apart from the lunch hour where everyone looks forward to since that is the only time where all of you can smile, joke and laugh due to being away from that energy-sapping blackhole? The Flip & Stack Tiki Island might […]


What’s For Lunch Spin Wheel

For folks who think that variety is the spice of life, they’ll probably need to work at a place where plenty of gastronomic options are within easy reach, otherwise they might go nuts from eating the same thing over and over again, day in, day out. Well, instead of letting fate dictate what you can […]


Remote Controlled Fart Machine #2

Love playing gags and pranks on others? Perhaps you might be interested in checking out the Remote Controlled Fart Machine #2 – a sequel to the highly successful Remote Control Fart Machine, where you can always stuff the tiny 3″ battery-powered speaker somewhere near the chair, and pressing a remote button whenever someone sits there […]


Fingers of Steel Coin Bending Trick

Love showing off to your mates? Then perhaps it is time to pick up the Fingers of Steel coin bending trick from ThinkGeek. This illusion requires little to no practice at all, placing it lower than sleight of hand while being far superior to pulling rabbits out of hats as well as goofy card tricks. […]


Sushi Mini Stapler

Love being the resident office joker? Well, the Sushi Mini Stapler is perfect to keep your workspace zany at all times, since it adds a dash of oriental without compromising on its functionality. This tiny stapler comes with an exterior design of a sushi, where you can choose from tuna, salmon or shrimp designs (the […]


Pink Balls help keep notebook cool

You want to look cool, or do you prefer for your notebook to remain cool when running? If you fall under the latter category, then it would be prudent for you to consider these foolish looking pink balls that are stuck right at the bottom of your notebook’s undercarriage in order to provide sufficient space […]


Tengu Allstars make an appearance

Remember the Tengu desktop toy? Well, it is now back in a different form factor albeit bearing similar functionality – the Tengu Allstars will still require you to plug into an available USB port, where he will start to sing according to the type of music you’re currently playing over your computer’s MP3 player of […]

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