UFO Panda Stand Up Sticky Notes

Just when you thought that aliens in their comfortable looking UFOs do beam folks up, here comes the $4.99 UFO Panda Stand Up Sticky Notes that throws all conventional wisdom out of the window. It seems that humans are not the only ones who will be subjected to grisly experiments as well as anal probes, […]


UFO Cookie Jar

Do you love the Internet meme of the guy who has this wry smile on his face and goes, “Aliens”? Well, one thing is for sure – you do not, I repeat, do not mess around with aliens. Why, you ask? Well, meet up with a Facehugger or an evolved alien, and you’re screwed. You […]


Mini UFO USB Rechargeable Speaker

Here’s another UFO gadget to go with all the rest of your alien themed gadgetry and there’s plenty of it out there.  This 5V speaker has a 3.5mm audio plug that will work with your MP3 or MP4 player as well as CD players and even cellphones.  The speaker itself measures 2.87 in x 2.87 […]


UFO Flash Drive

If aliens are your thing then here’s a handmade drive to use with your computer.  This hand carved UFO will hold onto 4GB of data.  The UFO, although looks a little heavy, is said to be very lightweight.  Oddly I’m surprised I haven’t seen more alien themed flash drives than I have.  You can find […]


UFO Juicer does no probes

The only probe that’ll be happening with this UFO Juicer would be done on fruits, so don’t worry about your tender rear end being investigated and medically tested by aliens from outer space. This cute UFO Juicer will come in a trio of colors – pink, lime green and navy blue, where individual colors will […]


Dehydrated Alien Hand

So, you are still a strong believer that Area 51 holds plenty of promise of alien life, not to mention a crashed UFO lying around somewhere, waiting to be studied even further? Perhaps if someone actually bought you this $3.29 Dehydrated Alien Hand for Christmas, you might be even stronger in your conviction about Area […]


Alien Autopsy Tissue Box Cover

Here is something funny for you to have on your living room coffee table – the Alien Autopsy Tissue Box Cover. The name of this particular decoration says it all, the tables have turned (not flipping tables, mind you) on the aliens, and you have managed to salvage one of those dead bodies from the […]


The Alien Mug and Saucer

If you think that your other half makes a drink that is totally out of this world each morning as you wake up to greet a brand new day, here is the $14.99 Alien Mug and Saucer which would suit the occasion just fine. Don’t you want to believe that you are not alone in […]


Alien Abduction Cow Earrings

Poor cows, they’re always getting sucked up into big glowing orbs up in the sky, only to be faced by strange green creatures.  Well now you can have a pair of earrings that show the hard life of a cow as it’s being pulled yet again into a UFO.  These particular cows are sold, but […]


Alien Cup and Saucer Mug

Whenever you see an alien, chances are an anal probe and a UFO will go along with it. Well, this time round you will get just two out of three, and thankfull, the anal probe is not an option. We’re talking about the $14.95 Alien Cup and Saucer Mug – while it might sound rather […]


Alien Abduction Lamp looks plain weird

This is meant for those who have a penchant for the supernatural – the Alien Abduction Lamp. Regardless of whether you think we’re alone in this universe or not, this light fixture will definitely wag tongues in your home each time you invite guests over. The antenna on top of the UFO is used to […]


The Alien Doorbell

Why keep all of your geeky gadgets indoors?  You might as well show your geek pride outdoors as well.  With this alien doorbell, there will be no mistaking just what kind of person resides within the house.  When you press on the alien it will interchange between a few different sounds that play through the […]