Angry Birds appear as USB flash drives now

I guess nothing is sacred where Angry Birds is concerned, and the travesty of hearing the top layer of Rovio’s management comparing the Angry Birds franchise with that of Mario. The rotund Italian plumber had a universal appeal, and you didn’t see Nintendo exploit every possible avenue of revenue through licensed merchandise. Too bad the […]


Lung and Liver Head Flash Drives

Cancer seems to be getting more and more common these days, and we believe that such a scenario has plenty to do with our present lifestyles that seem to be a whole lot less healthy compared to what our ancestors used to exercise. Not only that, our diet too, has been affected, with plenty of […]

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USB Wrench Flash Drive

You know what’s heart wrenching? Losing all of your precious data when you need it the most. Why not remain prepared at all times to tote around a USB flash drive so that whatever documents which you need to carry around can be done so in a jiffy? The USB Wrench Flash Drive is the […]


USB Flash Drive with Voice Recording

This USB flash drive goes one up on the rest of its brethren, where it boasts the ability to record conversations as well. Unfortunately, it will do so in the WAV format which is much more inefficient compared to MP3, considering the size it requires to store a minute’s worth of conversation taking up a […]


USB Bottle Opener Flash Drive

The USB Bottle Opener Flash Drive seems to be a pretty dangerous combination device – after all, you wouldn’t want to be dead drunk while transferring sensitive data into a USB flash drive, only to leave it in a pub for someone else to discover, eh? Not to mention this one doesn’t come with any […]


16GB USB flash drive in C3PO form factor

Here’s an enterprising that is spotted on Etsy – a Lego-based C3PO of Star Wars fame being modified to hold 16GB of storage space inside, lighting up in a soft glow as well when plugged in to give it that “enlightened” look just like the Buddha. Here’s food for thought – being a protocol droid, […]


USB Bus flash drive

This is definitely the wrong kind of bus to take if you’re about to embark on a journey on the information superhighway – aftetr all, it comes with a paltry 128MB of storage space within which isn’t even enough for an interested 5-year old to store all his/her cartoons in there. After all, isn’t 128MB […]


Darth Vader Jr. Flash Drive

If you ever wanted your Grandmother’s spin on Darth Vader, I imagine it would look something like this.  This sweet little Darth Vader with a flash drive in the middle makes Vader look like the sweet old Grandpa you always wanted.  The drive costs $45 for a 2GB drive through Etsy.  You can also get […]


Vulcan Flash Drive

For those of you that don’t want something as obvious as a flash drive with the usual Star Trek symbol, here’s a different Star Trek themed USB drive.  This one is showing off the well known  Vulcan symbol.  Now if you can’t manage to make your own fingers move in the proper way, you can […]


IMM Barber USB 2GB Flash Drive

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes a USB flash drive that you definitely don’t want to hand over to a balding friend – especially when it comes in the form factor of a comb! Known as the IMM Barber USB 2GB Flash Drive, this 2GB device will retail for $35.99 and […]


Penguin USB flash drives

Penguins might be bird brains by nature, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t smart when their lookalike is used as a USB flash drive in this case! Available in 2GB and 4GB capacities that retail for £14.99 and £19.99, respectively, these Penguin USB Flash Drives are impossibly cute and might just make those more eccentric […]


USB Pencil Flash Drive

Now here’s one corny USB flash drive that you wouldn’t want to be caught carrying to the office, although those who are heading back to school might find this interesting. The USB Pencil Flash Drive will come with 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities, retailing for $19, $21 and $30, respectively. Baffles the mind how small […]


UFO Flash Drive

If aliens are your thing then here’s a handmade drive to use with your computer.  This hand carved UFO will hold onto 4GB of data.  The UFO, although looks a little heavy, is said to be very lightweight.  Oddly I’m surprised I haven’t seen more alien themed flash drives than I have.  You can find […]


Bento Box USB flash drive

USB flash drives come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and today we have a look at yet another offering from the crazy land of Japan, as the USB flash drive comes in the form of a delicious-looking bento box. Too bad the storage space is nothing much to shout about at a mere […]


Elephant USB flash drive

They say that elephants never forget, and we guess this is the inspiration behind the Elephant USB flash drive where it complements its cuteness with practicality, by being encased in a water-resistant silicone. Blue in color, it holds up to 4GB of storage space, all for $30 a pop. What are some of the zanier […]


Cereal and Spoon USB flash drive

Here’s yet another whacked out USB flash drive for the masses – it comes in the form of a Cereal and Spoon, and was surprisingly glued together lovingly by the creator. While we won’t recommend chewing on whatever few flakes there are available, this artistic project of sorts is not something you would want to […]


The USB Jewel Bug Necklace Flash Drive

I think I’m much like most people in saying that I’m not too fond of bugs.  However, if you’re the polar opposite, now you can own a jeweled cockroach shaped USB drive.  So now thanks to the always charming Brando, you can wear a jewel covered cockroach around your neck.  The bug comes with a […]


The Sheep Flash Drive for sheep fanatics

I’m sure everyone is just dying to own a sheep flash drive.  Especially one with bright pink bows and a large pink heart on her chest.  Actually, I’m sure you were just pondering to yourself that a sheep flash drive is exactly what you were missing from your collection of USB drives.  Even more exciting […]


Airplane USB Flash Drive

Bringing this to the office will surely see you get some ribbing from your colleagues at just how infantile you are – imagine a high powered executive whipping out an Airplane USB Flash Drive? They’d probably think you mistook your child’s toy for work, but will be surprised to see the cockpit part extend out […]


SpongeBob Squarepants 64GB USB flash drive

I personally think that it is a waste to cram in 64GB worth of storage space into a SpongeBob Squarepants avatar – after all, how many adults actually enjoy that cartoon to form a critical mass market? Kids definitely won’t need that amount of storage space (unless they’ve discovered the forbidden fruit of downloading unauthorized […]


Wooden USB flash drive dispenses Post Its

While tech gadgets made out of wood are normally environmentally friendly (as they use sustainable material like bamboo), this USB flash drive seems to contradict itself. On one hand it holds 2GB of data within a wooden enclosure, but on the other you have a Post It dispenser – which means polluting the world with […]


Creepy little USB Kiss Flash Drive

This is now, in my opinion, the creepiest flash drive out there. It’s supposed to be a kissing flash drive, but it just looks like two fire hydrants that somehow got attached on accident. Since when do flash drives need to be turned into odd abstract art? You can pick one of them up in […]


USB Skeleton Necklace Flash Drive eats brains

If you have ever wanted a USB drive that looks like it’s going to sneak up in the night and snatch your head off of your shoulders then you’ll love this thing.  It looks truly sinister and would likely scare most small children.  What’s worse is it attaches to a chain so you can slip […]


USB Handbag Flash Drive

There are USB flash drives, and then there are USB flash drives. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the USB Handbag Flash Drive you see here is neither, as it comes in a garish form factor of a handbag. Although $36 can net you 8GB of portable storage space (pretty good value for money), you […]

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