Atomic Blaster Nose Hair Trimmer

by edwin - on May 12th, 2016

nose-hair-trimmerWhen I was a wee lad before puberty hit, I always wondered as to how the older folks out there, especially both of my grandfathers, had hair growing out from their nose, and one of them even had hair coming out from his ears. Then they had to trim it using one of those small scissors with curved ends, which amused me to no end. Now that I’ve grown up, I fear that I have inherited their genetic traits, and have to deal with such meddlesome growth in my olfactory area. If only there was something that could atomize all of those hairs for good. Coupled with imagination, the $20.99 Atomic Blaster Nose Hair Trimmer fits the bill, as it comes in the form of a retro ray gun and trims away unwanted nose and ear hair.

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