Mighty Pint Glasses

by edwin - on April 26th, 2016

mighty-pint-glassesHaving a great night out would more often than not involve a whole lot of drinking with your best mates, and this would also mean learning how to drink responsibly, too. Well, when one gets a little bit more tipsy than usual, one’s tongue might not be all that controlled, and neither will one’s hand-eye coordination work like normal – which means you might run the risk of knocking over your own pint. Why not get the £24.99 Mighty Pint Glasses instead? These will boast of patented ‘Smartgrip Technology’ that knows when to grip and yet allows you to pick it up easily, and hence making sure every single drop of the precious pint ends up down your throat rather than part of it being spilled all over the bar counter.

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