Donut You Know It They Float! Beverage Boats

by edwin - on March 24th, 2016

donut-beverage-floatsHaving a beverage is always nice and cool, especially when it is filled with ice, and the weather is sweltering hot. Well, coasters are not all that important for the normal person, but if you have some sort of special teak wood table that you would like to keep nice and free from stains, then the $12.99 Donut You Know It They Float! Beverage Boats would certainly make plenty of sense. They are also pretty useful when it comes to parties and other social situations, since it help you recognize just which is your drink. Each purchase will come in a 3-pack, where each package contains a trio of frosted + sprinkled donuts; strapless strawberry, chug chug chug chocolate and better believe it berry.

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